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News Archives - January 2008

Poll: Most Important Feature

In our previous poll we asked "What is the next game you would like Ensemble to release?" Some results were pretty close, but most people wanted something new - be it a remake or a continuation to the series - instead of one more expansion pack. Check out the results:
* AOE4, remake of AOE1 (350)
* AOE4, WW1/WW2 (321)
* AOM2 (376)
* Another expansion for AOE3 (107)
* AOE4 or AOM2 and another AOE3 expansion (110)
* I donít care, just release something new soon (70)

But now we're closing this poll so you can tell us what's the most important part of HG or, more specifically, Age of Empires III Heaven, in the new poll: "What do you consider the most important feature of this site?"

Go ahead and vote!

Current Patch Plans

Thanks to Sir Snoopy for this - Wacko has revised his thoughts on the upcoming patch. The update mainly deals with India, but also China and Japan.

India: The concern is they are too slow early game (5 vill start, vills cost 100 wood, 8% XP penalty). There is also a concern that they struggle vs. massed HI late game because Gurkha donít receive the counter-infantry rifling tech that European civs receive. Also, there are concerns about wonders and elephants but I believe those are only issues because of their lack of econ strength early game.

To discuss the changes visit out forum here!
To view the patch plans thread - visit the Age Community Forums.

A New Scenario Editor for AOE3 TWC/TAD has been Released by Reyk

For those of you who donít know Reykís work, Reyk has been working for years on enhancing the Scenario Editor starting with AOMís editor and then moving on to make a new Editor for AOE3.
This latest Editor (version 3) offers several new options and menus in order to make it easier for us to design better custom scenarios.
In this new scenario editor you will find many features and options that the original Editor doesnít have such as Camera Pitch, Buildings Tilting, and Copy/paste Triggers between scenarios.

So if you used the Scenario Editor before you definitely should take a look at Reykís new Editor.
If you havenít made any scenarios before then maybe itís time to a give it a try?

You can download Reykís Editor here, and discuss the new features in this thread.

Guess the date!

babybelugaa has started a small game at our General Discussions Forum: he wants us to guess the release date of the upcoming patch for The Asian Dynasties. All we know is that it's being anticipated for "near the end of this winter season"... pretty vague, but what do you have to lose?

Well, a better question to ask is: what can you win? The answer: MosheLevi is offering a free Company of Heroes game to whoever gets the closest to the actual release date! Haven't you won any of Moshe's free games yet? Then this might be your chance!
Give it a shot: participate!

P.S: If more than one person guesses right then a drawing will be conducted to determine who wins the free game.

About Recorded Games

Just spreading the news that our Recorded Games Downloads Section is already accepting The Asian Dynasties records (age3Yrec). This means that when uploading a Y-Pack game it isn't necessary to ZIP it, unlike other files. Note that this has been an option for Age of Empires III and The Warchiefs games for quite some time.

Have a nice day!

Bruce Shelley's Blog: Upcoming Patch

In this update, Bruce Shelley wrote about the upcoming patch for The Asian Dynasties, which is being anticipated for the end of this winter season. He states that China, the Dutch and the Sioux are the most "popular" civilizations right now, and apparently a China nerf is on its way:
Addressing the balance issues that favor China will be a major focus of a forthcoming TAD patch. At this point we have no critical technical bugs in the game. We anticipate releasing a combination balance and technical patch near the end of this winter season. Thereafter we will split the process into patches for either balance or technical problems, as needed. That will help us get any needed balance patches out faster.
Besides the news on the upcoming patch, Bart Tiongson, one of Ensemble Studios best concept artists, talks about how a typical day of work is like. Also there's a small, yet positive note about the development of Halo Wars.

You can read this update here and comment about it at our General Discussions Forum, in bahari's thread.

Draugur AI: TAD Version

Felix Hermansson, known for his past AoE3 and TWC AI mods, has created a version of his work for The Asian Dynasties! The Draugur AI should make the Single Player mode more challenging and much more interesting for the casual player. Take a look at some of its features:
Supporting units like Japanese Daimyo, Shogun or Indian Mansabdars will start appearing on the battlefield.

The Japanese ship dojos now, and the Indians build sacred fields.

Consulate options are chosen in a more reasonable, but still somewhat randomized manner. The AI will make better use of the available consulate armies and improvements, which are handled properly now. For example, a Japanese allied with Dutch will now ship an arsenal wagon, build the arsenal and research its technologies as appropriate.
To read more about it the Draugur AI mod or comment about it visit its thread in our General Discussions forum. You can also download it right away by clicking in this link!

What do you think about standard maps?

ES wants to know what! Thats right, TheMoonGoat has posted in our forums wanting some help from you!.

What I would like to know, is what maps would you like pulled out of the Standard Map set? What maps would you like put in the list? What maps do you like to play on more often than others? Also include a reason behind your choices.

And as an added bonus... If you could change a few things on the maps to make them better, what would they be and why?

Head over to our forum to add your own input!

AoE3 Modding Contest II

Gibbo1993 took it once again upon him to host a second modding competition for AoE3. Rules are few to guarantee creativity is high. So if youíve only got minor modding skills please come and join us in the competition. If you donít know how to mod, you can always start with our tutorials, wouldnít it be nice to join the community and participate in a competition right away?

Don't hesitate and give us a visit at the modding forum!

More War Stories

Lord Berminator keeps the stories rolling. This time he recounts a FFA played on the scenario map "Earth".

I wasn't attacked for a RLY long time, and built all over South America and got some settlements up in southern North America, and an Outpost to watch over Central America. So I had been hearing from everyone else. Green was pretty much building walls and fbs all over Asia and Eastern Europe, pretty much attempting World Conquest lol. Purple had launched some pretty serious attack on yellow, pushing him into Africa. Purple then established a Mid-Eastern fb.

This is only the beginning of a great war story. Read the rest and add your own stories here! Maybe your story will make front page news next week!