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News Archives - February 2008

RTS-League: New Season!

matt light, one of RTSL moderators, has made a thread in our General Discussion Forum announcing the beginning of a new season for AoE3: The Asian Dynasties! But if you don't know what RTSL is, read this small description written by him:
Basically, RTS-L is a clan league for AoC and AoE3 atm, and hopefully other games in the future. The basic setting is that it's a friendly league for clans to take part in once-a-week matches against other clans. We typically don't offer prizes, but hopefully we will be able to expand our horizons in the future with some great prizes and rewards.
Inetersting, huh? Don't you feel like warning your clanmates and participating? Then learn how by reading this thread, and good luck!

Also, don't forget to check out their website: Click!

Its Forum Party Time!

Getting back to an old tradition - forum parties are making a comeback. Once a month we will be doing a forum party - a time for forumers to get together, play games, and have good time.

Place: Age of Empires III Heaven Forum Party - Chat Lobby on ESO
Date: Saturday, March 1st
1st party: 1PM EST/6PM GMT (check your local time
2nd party: 7PM EST/12AM GMT (check your local time)

The theme for this party is 2v2's on Honshu/Silk Road/Great Plains/Deccan/Patagonia! This should make for some exciting warfare with a lot of possibilities.

Be sure to visit our Forum Party Thread!

Poll: What Should Be Improved?

For the past weeks we have asked What do you consider the most important feature of this site? It wasn't a surprise to see that most remembered about our forums. Coming close in second and third place, we have scenarios/modpacks downloads and strategy articles, respectively. Well, why don't you check the results by yourselves?
* What do you consider the most important feature of this site?
* -News (140)
* -Forums (313)
* -Scenarios/Modpacks downloads (214)
* -Recorded games (33)
* -Strategy articles (208)
* -Game info articles (47)
* -Scenario Design/Modding articles (44)

Now we'd like you to answer the following question: What aspect of this site should be improved upon the most? Remember that your opinion is very important to us!
Vote! Vote! Vote!

Also, the forummer kilmaim has started a discussion about the poll in our General Discussion Forums. Want to give a suggestion, explain your vote or just read what others posted? Then click here!

New Bruce Shelly Blog

Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelly has been blogging again - this time talking about the patch, an AoM AI study, and a day in the life of Greg "Deathshrimp" Street.

By mentioning the coming patch recently we set off a friendly contest for trying to guess when it will actually appear. The truth is we donít know at this point and it depends on what we find that we think needs work, how soon we can get everything we want fixed, and when it can all be tested and cleared for release.

You can find the rest of the blog at Ensemble Studios!

Battle of the Forums - Results!

Yes! We have our winners! Prepare yourselves, mortals, for you are about to know the mighty AoE3H Team that shall face the other Heavens in the deadly... Battle of the Forums!

The AoE3H Team:

Eicho - 18 Votes
Cookiecrisp13 - 16 Votes
GoForGoldenJarls - 9 Votes

Want to congrat our winners? Then you can do so in the thread at General Discussions or at The Saloon

Battle of the Forums - Voting time!

The Nomination part has already ended, and now it is time to select which forummers will be part of the AoE3H Team in the Battle of Forums!

To vote for your chosen candidates, just post in this thread. But pay attention to the rules!
  • The voting round will finish in the midnight of February 16-17th (Forum time). You won't be able to change your votes after that.
  • You write down a maximum of 3 names of the list below, and all 3 will be taken as a vote. In the end, the top 3 will be elected to play.
  • Only 1 moderator will be allowed in the team. If in the end 2 mods are in the top 3, the mod with the least amount of votes will make way for the the first forummer who has most votes. Though the team won't actually need to have a mod in, it can be consisted of 3 forummers without fancy-colored names.
  • You may NOT vote for yourself.
  • You do not have to use all 3 of your votes.
Happy voting!

Outposts - you be the judge!

Resident forumer kilmaim has started a discussion about outposts and their overall effectiveness. It seems a lot of people have differing views on them and when to use them.

Outposts are called outposts for a reason. They arent forts. They arent defensive fortifications. They are outposts!

Add your own input in our forums!

Battle of the Forums

It was a lonely day. Inside the Cherub Wagon, Zen; the divine lord and God of Heavengames turned on his computer. Everything was going fine untill Zen realised something was missing. All the staff, as exemplary and *insert flattery here* as they were, were extremely predictable. This was also the case for the members. Zen then had a great idea to add variety to HG. He organised a giant party for a few members from each heaven, and sent in 3 of his most trusted staff with nice sharp kittens axes.

His plan was to assassinate the members, while he sat back and ate some popcorn. As the members realised this, they quickly gathered up their pointy sticks. The stage was set, and Zen ordered the killing to be conducted in a turn based civilised manner. What forum has the most cunning warriors? We're about to find out...

Read this thread for more info. Please.

You can start nominating forummers for the AoE3H team already! Just Click HERE!

TAD 1.0 Stats

The forummer Garlef has, once again, posted his already known data charts concerning the current win rates in ESO. It's the first time he gathers that information for The Asian Dynasties though, so why not take a look at the performance of the new civilizations?

With a quick look one can tell that the Chinese are always at the top or near in all charts. India is closer to the middle, while Japan shares the bottom with France and Portugal mostly. Well, to check the tables by yourself and leave a comment, visit Garlef's thread at our General Discussions Forum.

3v3 TAD Ladder

The Electronic Sports League is hosting a 3v3 TAD ladder for clans. They support many games with large cash tournaments and ladders, so TAD getting a spot in the league could make for larger events with prizes down the line if this first one proves to be successful.

You can read the rules here . Once you have registered and logged in at the site, you can then sign-up.

Good luck to all clans involved!

Thanks to Viper at Age Sanctuary for the info.

War Stories!

Lord Berminator has started up the stories again, and this time he has a great one to start with.

It was 1v1 on Ozarks, I was Russia opponent was Sioux. We both aged to Colonial around same time. Ironically, we eneded up trying to build fbs int the same spot, and he destroyed mine. Pretty soon he attacked me, the same time I attacked him. I killed of a few villys, but my army was small since my initial fb had been stopped. The Sioux player didn't take down my TC yet. But soon, his next wave took it down. My CM bought me time for my villys to run away.

So I start rebuilding to the south. I get up 3 blockhouses and begin spamming strelets. It was hilarious, you shoulda seen it. This guy goes back to his base after taking my TC. I get strelets coming in at him from all sides, and he never knows where I am going to strike next.

Be sure to visit the War Stories Thread! Feel free to add your own stories and if possible, post the recorded game too!

AOE3 TWC TAD Quick Reference

Cyclohexane has updated his Quick Reference guide to include TAD. This thing is awesome when you want to know the exacts of any particular tech or unit.

I have completed the Quick Reference Guide for TAD. I posted this a few weeks ago for the clan I am in, N3O and made a few changes based on their comments. Originally I made a huge list of changes I made from the TWC to TAD Guide but it is so long I doubt there are many in the ADD age that will read it all. My advice is to look through every sheet as if it is new because I pretty much changed everything a little and some things a lot.

This Guide answers all of the common questions and a few you never thought to ask. In general, I tried to group the worksheet tabs in categories and in alphabetical order. I also started coloring coding the worksheet tabs for easier grouping. I can find anything in the guide within a few seconds, just look for key words.

Be sure to have a look and download the file here!

Also, check out his AOE3 TWC TAD Unit Comparison - here!