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News Archives - December 2006

Two Recorded Games Showing a Revolt by the Opposition

Both Just a Player (aka Walker) and somme (aka Pcfreak8) posted recorded games of them trying to defeat a revolt.

In Walker's game he was the ever hard to play Portuguese facing the fierce French (gazza89). Gazza goes for a musket rush and attempts to take down Walker's second Town Center while it's being built. Meanwhile, Walker tries to FF but the muskets may be too much. The game goes on with plenty of small and large exciting fights showing some Cassador micro by Walker and Falconet killing by gazza.

Of course, as stated above, gazza revolts. Could Walker withstand the enormous amount of troops or does gazza beat him in one swoop?

Second, somme plays omito. Ottomans vs. Portuguese. It was on Painted Desert so somme decides not to rush because of the lack of a Trade Route. Instead, he FI along with Omito's large turtle/boom. The game takes a little to get the action started, but to somme's surprise, omito revolts. He ends up taking down two of somme's Town Centers as somme retreats to a corner attempting to muster up a quick army. But did somme pull off a victory or is this a win for the revolter?

You'll have to watch them both to see.

Here is somme's game, while this is Walker's. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

We at Age of Empires III Heaven (Elpea, NAT, Mokon, Semblance, Stonewall, Qazitory, Argalius, Flammifer, Jax and Kastor) wish you an AMAZING new year!

May 2007 bring us many great gaming sessions on ESO2, much news on Ensemble's projects, and bug fixes. Oh and Happiness.

Happy New Year!

Age of Empires III Macworld Review

MacWorld reviewed the MacSoft port of Age of Empires III to the Mac and gave the game a 4 out of 5. Here's the main pros and cons from the review:
Pros: Cutting edge graphics details; built-in scenario editor; key improvements over previous games in series.

Cons: No cross-platform multiplayer support; heavy system requirements, especially for multiplayer.

From PlanetAOE

Forum Party Wrap-Up - December 30th

Download Recorded Game.

fpThis morning's forum party had a very good 3vs3 game that, even from simply watching the rec, was breathtaking. On team one was JamesLock (blue, Russian), IronClad9 (orange, Ottoman), and Colossus_91 (red, Sioux) and the other was l_CHAOS_l (teal, Iroquois), brandnizzle (green, Portuguese), and finally, Lord_Richjp (yellow, French).

At the start IronClad9 (Ottoman) rushed off to get himself a Trading Post from the middle of the map. JamesLock (blue), for some reason, didn't fish much but fairly well. Collosus had converted two Bears and managed to kill l_CHAOS_l's explorer. Ironclad was the fastest to Colonial Age (4:24) and quickly started building a barracks near his earlier trading post, not far behind him was the other team's Lord_Richjp, the others managed to follow within 40 seconds or so...

Read Full Warstory...

Forum Party - December 30th

Introduction for those of you that haven't played in a forum party: Basically they are when a bunch of people from Aoe3H meet on ESO at a set time to play some games for fun. These games are usually 3v3 or 4v4. Occasionally the parties are themed (ie only water maps, ect).

Place - Age of Empires III Heaven Forum Party Chat Lobby on ESO
Time - 12PM EST/5PM GMT (Check Your Local Time)
Party #2 Time - 7PM EST/12AM GMT (Check Your Local Time) (For those unable to make the first time)
Maps: New Year, new maps. "New" England and the new ones implemented in with TWC.

Please note that all the games will have a password: aoe3hrulz (;)). This password will be required to enter our games, and will also be required to enter the chatroom.

Usually the fun begins when we have enough people, but some stay around to chat and wait for others. We try to get everyone in a game :).

If you have any questions, ask away.

NOTE: If you arrive and no one has created the chatroom, PLEASE make one and call it "Age of Empires III Heaven Forum Party."

Poll Round up

Last time we asked you, "What are your initial reactions to the War Chiefs?" This is how you all voted:
-Amazing, I love it! (1371 votes)
-Enjoyable, it's good fun. (1570 votes)
-Not bad but with some flaws. (548 votes)
-Disappointing, has not lived up to expectations. (496 votes)
-Have not bought it yet. (2162 votes)
Seems most of you need to go out and get TWC! But considering that the poll has been up for a bit, we'll let it slide for now.

Now we wish to know, what is your favorite new feature of The WarChiefs? So hurry up and vote!

Hellblazer's Ultimate Mercenary Guide

Hellblazer packed up all information he could find about every Mercenary unit in the game and made a nice guide that includes background history, which nations and what cards ship them, and more. If you want to find out a little more about mercenaries (if you're one of the CRAZY people like me who currently play Germans and still uses lots of them) then you might want to do some reading. Replays Competition Reminder

Just a reminder that is running their $200 replays competition. The rules are pretty simple, just send them a 1vs1 replay and if they will judge it, if yours is the best you'll get your prize. But hurry, the deadline is December 31st.

Ensemble to Address the Germany Uhlan Bug

If Germany isn't plagued enough by the huge nerf it got a few patches back, there's also a bug to make the situation even worse. The bug is pretty nasty - everytime you cancel the sending of a German card, the population that the Uhlans that come with the card would've taken will still be taken, for the rest of the game.

Cherub Kastor went on ESO and asked ES_Swinger about the bug, Swinger reported that ES has already found a solution for the bug, but it was too late to include it in the current patch. So expect a solution to this nasty bug on the next patch, meanwhile, try and not to cancel German shipments.

Update: Kastor posted the solution to the bug at AgeCommunity, ES_Yeti and ES_Wibble both confirmed that the solution will be passed on a fixed.

Reviewing The WarChiefs

Now that The WarChiefs has been on the shelves for a couple of months we've compiled a list of all the online reviews that we could find and sorted them by score, for your viewing pleasure.

If you still need to make your mind up about purchasing the game, or are simply interested in how the game was recieved by the online press, check out the page here!

The average score of 83% seems to indicate that it has gone down well on the Internet, congrats ES!

Reyk's Editor on the Mac

With Age of Empires III out for the Mac for some time now, many have attempted to use the in-game editor to make some maps. However, Mac users, due to OS differences and folder structures, were unable to easily install Reyk's Editor Mod, which adds tons of new functionalities to the editor. Forummer jml created a guide for Mac users on how-to install and use the editor mod.

So if you're looking to do some designing on the Mac (what else do people do on those overly-pretty machines?), you can visit jml's guide.

Now Hiring: Graphics Designer

If you love the design of this site you should not be fooled by my own MSPaint skills, it was done by our friend from another heaven Aro. So if you consider yourself a good graphics designer, and wish to join the wonderful team here at AoE3H, please send off an application my way (luciano at elpea dot net, my email isn't working at the moment). This is a volunteer job so you won't be looking at an immense paycheck, but a lot of thanks and other favors provided by Stonewall.

Fort Wars Power Rating

If you play Fort Wars a lot and are wondering how well you are actually doing, you can now check out the Fort Wars Power Rating that pftq updated from Elpea's previous ladder.

You can access the page here and discuss the current ratings and overall power rating ladder here.

Patch 1.02 Notes

ES have just posted up the list of changes made for the upcoming 1.02 patch for The WarChiefs, due to be released in January. The all-important balance changes are:

  • Reduced Rodelero building bonus.
  • Reduced Spanish shipment bonus.
  • Reduced Cetan Bowman hitpoints by 10.
  • Increased Kanya Horsemen hitpoints by 20.

There are also some client-side and ESO fixes, a full list of which can be found at Age Community.

To discuss the changes with fellow players, head over to the forums!

Patch 1.02 - Alters QuickSearch

Not only will patch 1.02 come out in January, but ES has stated that with it, QuickSearch will be different. No longer will players be able to see what civilization the will play versus prior to the game actually begin so they can cancel. Also, they two minute resign window is revoked.

That means, if you are going to play QuickSearch then the game will be rated and even if you resign two minutes it will count as a loss. However, this does not hold true for game browser games.

Like it? Hate it? Discuss the changes here.

Now Hiring: Age of Mythology Heaven Webmaster

Sith has announced his intention to retire from his webmaster position at
Age of Mythology Heaven to focus his energy on his other duties at HeavenGames, and
we would like to thank him for his hard work on the site.

As a result, we are looking for an energetic and enthused avid Age of
Mythology fan and player to serve as the webmaster for Age of Mythology
Heaven. Position responsibilities include posting news on a frequent basis,
moderating the forums, creating and maintaining up-to-date content,
identifying the needs of the existing community and tending to them, serving
as a moderator/community leader of the forums, and managing the downloads.

Interested applicants should have good communication, writing, and "people"
skills, be Internet savvy and fluent with netiquette, know HTML, and most
importantly, be a fan of the game. PHP/Perl/Ruby+Rails programming skills a
plus, but not a requirement.

If you are interested, please submit the following to me at zen at
heavengames dot com:

a.) A short article about yourself, your experience with gaming and Age of
Mythology, and why you're qualified for the post
b.) A resume highlighting your education and prior work experience.

This is a volunteer position.

Patch 1.02 News

Well, it is official, patch 1.02 for TWC will be released in January! MockHamill found this good news on

But there is more. For those without The WarChiefs, they are simultaneously working on patch 1.10 for AoE3.

Here is what they had to say at Age Community:
Why so quiet? No, we aren't all off on holiday just yet, in fact we have been hard at work on two patches. Patch 1.10 for Age of Empires III and Patch 1.02 for The WarChiefs have both been in production here at Ensemble Studios for the last few weeks. We were hoping to be able to release both patches before the holidays, but a couple of bugs have turned up during the testing process that will delay patch release until January. Why January? A lot of people will be off on holiday next week, so if we released patches during this time and something was broken, it would be impossible to fix it in a timely fashion.

These patches are relatively small in scale, and although they are not major balance patches, there are a few balance changes included in them. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming patches in the week ahead.
So all in all, there will be a patch for TWC and AoE3 in January with bug fixes and balance changes. Patch notes will be released later this week.

Downloads Spotlight

by: Big Shot Donkey

A new designer takes a try at making an ambitious project, and comes very close.

What this map lacked in terms of Map Design it compensated with a very very fun gameplay. The quests were pretty creative in terms of storyline, the missions were sorta "cute" and fun. I really enjoyed my first 30 minutes (it's as far as I've played so far, plan on playing more) of this map. I liked the night-day cycle, even if it went through some lightning effects that made my shaders display crazy shadows on the terrain.

Balance wasn't too easy nor too hard. The heroes (or mercenaries) abilities kept the gameplay interesting and combat fairly balanced enemies attacked you in groups, which made it a bit hard.

Although I've seen GTA-style maps before, this is certainly the best and most creative one I've played. There were plenty of quests, the map is gigantic and the towns very well crafted. I wish the quests were optional though, and not thrown on your face as soon as you finish another. More freedom 4tw!

Map design is where the scenario mostly lacked. I thought the towns were very creative and detailed, but the terrain was just horrible. The terrains looked unnatural and some parts just ugly, I wish the author had put a little more time into terrain mixing to make it look more natural.

As far as the story goes, there isn't any really. You're just given mission after mission for not much reason, and there's really no story to it. The instructions however, were easy to follow most times, so no complaints there.

In the end this map is very well done :). This map is inspiring for those out there looking to make your own RPG scenario, and it's really fun too. I had a kick playing this map, I recommend it to everyone.


Guide to herded animals

Cyclohexane, author of the in depth, informative AOE3 TWC Quick Reference Guide, has written up a Guide to Herded Animals.

Cyclohexane clearly lays out how each animal fattens (the math behind it), cards and techs used to fatten, rate the animals decay (surprisingly fast, you can waste a lot of food!), plus when or when not to use it.

It's very simple to understand and a good read. If you never bothered with those sheep from Saguenay or Llamas on Pampas, you may want to think again. You can read the full article on our forums.

A Guide to the French

Forumer xMatt the Greatx (ESO: __Sephiroth__) has written up an extesive guid about the pros and cons on playing as the French.

Matt lays out 5 strategies and tips on defeatting the Russains, Ottoman, and Aztecs. He puts down strats for:
-5 hussar Fast Fortress
-Xbow Rush
-Anti-otto rush
-The Double TP Discovery
-The 2 TP Fast Fortress

Moreover, he gives a brief overview with a couple recs to display some strategies. You can view and comment on his guide in Matt's thread.

Qaz's Mods

Unit Interface mods are the most popular modification download for Age of Empires. Mods like Ekanta's UI mod are so popular that ES themselves saw the success and created what is now known as the Minimized Interface for Age3, an option that comes with the game.

Our staff member, Qazitory has created a series of mods himself. The first, QazUI is based on Ekanta's UI but built with tons of new functionality. Here's the description of this mod by Qaz himself:
QazUI, the largest of these mods, changes the user interface in the game to be more user friendly, emphasizing important figures (such as number of shipments and population/poplimit), making information easy to access and showing useful unit stats. Ever selected a wrong deck because there was chat going on and you couldn't see which deck you're choosing? This mod fixes that as well, making it easy to chat and choose the deck at the same time.

The second mod, the Treasure Mod, is also very useful. This mod changes the text displayed when you hoover your mouse over treasures to more useful information. Here's a description:
Treasure mod modifies how treasures are displayed in the game. Instead of a lengthy treasure description (e.g. "Chili peppers worth 55 gold"), you'll only see the amount of resources and the type of resource as image (e.g. "55 [gold icon]").

The last mod, the Main Menu mod, should be useful for anyone who plays on ESO and like to watch recorded games a lot. It puts these two options in the main part of the menu (instead of the default submenu) and puts all the single player options under a new "Single Player/LAN" option.

You can check all three mods at Qaz's page, or discuss it at his forum thread.

Mod Database

Lord Tahattus , our residential "Supreme Commander" has posted up a thread listing all the present Age of Empires 3 and The WarChiefs mods released or in the works.

The tread outlines whether or not the mod is in the making, already released, who created it, description, and it's rating according to our Downloads Section.

If you are interested in Modding or downloading a mod, visit Tahattus' easy to read thread and check out the rest of our Modding Discussions forum.

Download Spotlight

Cannons In The Carolinas
by twoqtimes2

A fantastic new scenario has arrived in the AoE3 Heaven downloads. the scenario finds the perfect balance with playability and pure eye candy and beautful map desig. You work yourself through this intricate map with numerous little side plots and unexpected events. The map has been in the downloads roughly a week and has already been on the receiving end of two praising reviews, giving a total score of 4.8. Almost perfection ;)

For playability and balance it's truly fantastic and a scenario full of adventure. Twists and turns followed by quests of sorts make the map really stand out. It's a fairly long with numerous challenges but it'd certainly be fun to play it again. I'm fairly sure I'd find slighty different routes full of creative touches that would keep my attention time after time. The balance is good, some parts a little too easy, others much harder. However given the scale of the map with so many aspects to it balancing this was some challenge and it's been done very well.

The map design is superb! It could not feel more real. When playing the map you could not believe the high level of detail that adorns the entire surface. It's a piece of art! Sneak preview for those who those who may doubt my words:

In terms of creativity I have seen no other map have so many intricate challenges backed up by such a thrilling storyline! I have to agree with comments already made in the downloads that this map cuts it above all others in terms of it's creative edge. So many great ideas executed very well here.

The storyline is full and interesting. Lots of great ideas, interesting character and realistic dialogue. The map has a long introduction video setting the scene and other such clips and meetings aid you along your way. Really quite enthralling!


Summed up perfectly by Elpea in his review:
The balance was perfect, combined with an immersive map design and thrilling storyline this scenario gets a perfect 5 in this aspect, this is an Age3 classic.


Halo Wars Heaven Opens!

Ensemble has been busy at work with what you all know as Halo Wars, a Halo based RTS for the Xbox 360. We've opened up a brand new Heaven for the game, Halo Wars Heaven. Here's the official news from Watchwood, the Seraph of the new Heaven:
It's finally here, Halo Wars Heaven is now online, to bring you all your Halo Wars Happiness. Be sure to check out the site, the forums, and the rest of the HG network if you're new, and stop by the forums to say hi and introduce yourself.

Though I believe a short introduction would be appropriate. I am watchwood, the resident Seraph and administrator of Halo Wars Heaven. Also staffing HWH are Elpea, Sith, Shadowflare, and Bendak. All of us are huge fans of the Halo series, and we look forward to a long and happy future for HWH.

Give the new heaven a visit, you might like it there ;). Money Contest!

Want to win 930 dollars (700EUR)?

Who doesn't!

Hard working people of the well known have thought up a CTF AI contest.

What is that? I know you're wondering. They released a map and AI in which who ever can defeat the AI on the hardest difficulty, wins. You must install both of them in order to play. 500 EUR (~$665) will go to the winner and 200EUR (~$265) will go to a random participant. So just entering can get you $265!

Who could say no to that?

For more information go to their Rules Page, and go here to discuss the contest.

Notice Regarding Comments in the Downloads

There is an upcoming downloads update on the way which has one important implication for those wishing to receive new comments on their files:
If you wish to receive new comments after the update goes into effect, you should update your forum profile to turn download notifications on. To do that, you'll need to go to the "my account" link on the forums, login, then check the "Yes, I wish to receive notifications from the downloads system" option underneath your email address, then save the changes. You do not have to do anything if they do not wish to receive notifications.

Quoted from Zen who we owe thanks to for the update.

Downloads Spotlight

The Kharlan Tournament
by Mouse Overlord

Good RPG scenarios for Age of Empires III is a rare breed. Many try, but few hit the sweet spot that was often hit on the days of Age2, Kharlan Tournament gets as close as you'll get to that sweet spot. The scenario features amazing gameplay, a creative theme, and excellent dialogue that is almost non-existant in many scenarios.

The main gameplay of the map is set around a tournament (as you would've guessed), but it doesn't stay at that. The author sends you around story-building tasks and events that certainly adds to the scenario, instead of being a simple tournament scenario, it also has a rich story and enough gameplay variations to keep you interested. You'll not only be fighting in the main tournament, but you'll manage armies, collect gold to buy upgrades, manage mercenaries, and more.

The downside of gameplay comes with this map's difficulty. I have nothing against the map being hard at some spots, but this one is hard too soon. At the beginning you're tasked with killing Thiefs to collect gold to get yourself a Mercenary for the next round. It's all good except you have 2 minutes to do it and no idea where all the thiefs are. This task is when you learn how to purchase Mercenaries, and in no way you should be pushed off to a timer on trying to learn something.

The Story and Dialogue are my two favorite parts of this scenario. The dialogue was fun, well-written, and actually had personality. The way you are introduced to the shop owner is very well though of, instead of just sending you off to see him, you two meet due to consenquences with someone else. Another fun thing is that there is multiple dialogue depending on your situation at the arena, depending on how you show up to it (how many people are in your team, for example). The story is intriguing too, a lot more than you'd expect from such a simple premise.

The Map Design is simple and sufficient. There's no abuse of eye-candy nor lack of terrain-mixing. Everything is good looking and nicely done. I wish there was a little more detail in some parts, but overall the map does well.

Balance as I mentioned before, can be a weak point in this map. The actual tournament is easy to get through, however, the other tasks can be intensively difficult and requires you to save a lot. It doesn't help you can't skip cinematics so if you die, you'll have to re-watch it all.

Overall I definetely recommend trying this scenario out, it's, in my opinion, one of the best single player scenarios for Age3.


RTS League TWC Season 1

Season 1 of RTS League for The WarChiefs has begun. Here are the divisions:

  • Division 1: Anglr, DLX, FsE, LClan, NerVe, -TCP-, TFoL
  • Division 2: l2eB, A()D, MM, PL, P0rT, TsC_, ViE, _wW_
  • Division 3: D K, MMC, ONU, PtE, Rebal, tEk, WARLE, WOTC
  • Division 4: ArGo, hope, KoR, KoTR_, [nG], _RBL_, sMb
  • Division 5: FeaR, GE-WT, MeXCo, SkWzZ, TmC, WN, ZwerG
  • Division 6: DjiNN, KoN, LeVo, _RoM_, StR, TOAO, VB
  • Division 7: AMR, AzTeC, iGL, mymF, NSH, Oly, XC
  • Division 8: 凸, DN, GWC, [PC], PEONS, =POR=, VnX

Quoted from Roark at the RTS League site.


Just to let some of you know, who aren't sure when people are referring to "ELO" or "cuetech," ELO is a rating system that bases itself on the 1600 rating system. Every player starts off at 1600 and works their way up, or falls down.

Right now the top 10 are:

ELO has all sorts of information on there from a player's favorite civ, team rating, 1v1 rating, all-around rating, where the player is from, win streak...the list goes on.

To find out your ELO rating, go the the site.

A Promotion!

Congratulations to Luke M!
Luke has been working tirelessly since joining the AoE3H staff in the Spring and so we have decided that he earnt a larger set of wings! He's been a great staff member and hopefully will continue in the same manner long into the New Year.

Offer AoE3H's latest Angel your congratulations here.