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News Archives - March 2007


Ultimitsu has created a thread inquiring about your thoughts on the Aztecs and their change to 1.03. Do you think they were boosted efficiently? nerfed? or fine?

The Chinampa cards both had 5% taken away from them thus nerfing the Aztec late economy. However, the Aztecs now start with +100 food. Also, the 6 Janey the Pet Jaguar card was reduced to five from 6.

Speculate, discuss, or comment about the Aztecs in anyway you want here.

Balance Changes You Want for 1.04

Well, patch 1.03 has been out for a few weeks now, so of course balance discussion in the forums have started to arise with wish-lists for 1.04.

Ender_Ward has posted a thread asking what you want to see changed in 1.04, of course everything is just hopes but it is entertaining to talk about nonetheless.

So if you wish, post you own balance suggestions and read others at your will.

Best of the Best Tournament

Age Sanctuary's Best of the Best Tournament is wrapping up. Only 6 players remain:


NaturePhoenix will face GinPico and Ourk and NightScr3am will fight it out for the final two spots to get into the final four. They are all competing for the grand prize of $150. Second place gets $80 while third will receive $40. Also, a random contestant will be drawn and receive $30 just for participating!

NaturePhoenix & GinPico and Ourk & NightScr3am have until April 1st to complete their games.

You can view the brackets here, and download recorded games from the tournament as well.

Villager Second Calculator

The forummer somme has created a new and improved villager second tool. Like the older version, you can use it to calculate an unit's cost in VS, and even choose different resource sources and upgrades!

Not only does it calculate the cost of the unit but you can also add and remove upgrades and select whether you wish you use mills, plantations, hunting or mining for your calculations.

I plan to update it with native units and boats at some point in the near future. I hope the community will be able to enjoy this tool.

Awesome, huh? So check out the thread in our General Discussions forum or try it out right now just by clicking here!

ESO Bannings

The most prolific users of a map hack for Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs have just been banned from online play. We advise all players to refrain from using any sort of third party program to cheat in online games. We are aware of this activity and will be banning anyone from this day (03/22/07) forward who uses such a program to degrade the online experience of the vast majority of players who play fairly.

Posted by Thunder on our General Discussion Forums; and that's another step of ES into the right direction! So, if you want to announce to the world how happy you are, then come in and post in the thread! Of course, if you have been banned you might prefer to ignore this topic...

But remember: never add a link to a cheat program or to any page which teachs how to get one, because Stoney is watching!

Strategic Objectives Guide

MosheLevi has just posted a guide for one of his Strategic Objectives scenario, helping on how to beat the Normal Level with Spain!

First, I would suggest practicing the “Easy” version a few times before you proceed to the “Normal” version.
This will allow you to refine you strategy.

Put all you villagers on food after you collected all the crates.
Build one house immediately, and train villagers all the time.

Send your explorer to capture the fixed gun to the north.
There is a “wood” treasure south from the fixed gun – use the fixed guns to kill the guardians and collect the wood with your explorer...

So, if you are having trouble adapting to the new kind of gameplay presented in these scenarios, then check out the full guide here!

The Strategic Objectives have already got over 1600 downloads from various sites, so learn more about them checking his thread, or go straight to our Downloads.

Age of Empires III Database

Forumer Yoshiii, owner of AoE3DB, has update Age of Empires III Database. AoE3DB is a website with unit statistics, history, AoE3 articles, civilization information, and much more.

It was recently update by Yoshiii after seeing many people were still visiting there. Visit the site or even discuss it.

E-Sports New Page

[MMC] has a new home page. The site that keeps everyone updated on tournaments around TWC has made its site in English for the convenience for mostly everyone.

The new site will provide updated on the main page of the latest rounds in tournaments and supplies recs as well. Give a look around, but some parts may still be under construction.

Fast XP Guide

If you're looking at a freshly made level 1 Home City on ESO but dislike the amount of playing time it takes to get to level 40, or even level 25 and turn back to your higher level home cities, go no further. Cyclohexane has written up a Fast XP guide so you can level your home cities with ease.

He does into each minute detail, from what map with get you to the max 30,000 xp per game, to what cards you need, to the game type and mode.

Learn how to level up quickly for yourself here.

Poll Roundup

Last poll we asked you: What do you think is the most important balance change for the next patch?

The responses were quite varied:

-Germany's units and shipment rate. [530 votes]
-Dutch economy and halbs. [209 votes]
-Spain overall. [183 votes]
-Iroquois' Forest Prowlers and turtle capability. [178 votes]
-Ottoman's Abus Guns and Silk Road. [206 votes]
-Russia's slow start. [399 votes]
-Other [191 votes]
However, it seems most of you thought Germany was the thing to fix.

This poll we ask: What feature would you most like to be added to ESO2 (besides CSO)?

The Strategic Objectives Challenge

MosheLevi's Strategic Objectives Challenge was released earlier today. It is basically a new game type with a competition mix to it. Moshe explains it briefly:
It allows to capture abandon buildings (such as Forts and Barracks), and even re-capture them from the AI and vice versa.
Captured buildings offer either economic bonus or military bonus (free units).

Players can also construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

I will make a special version of “Strategic Objectives” for online players once the support for Custom Scenarios Online is implemented.
Players are to beat it on Normal or Hard AI and send a screenshot of the victory screen and a saved game to MosheLevi to win a prize! 15 different games will be available to win (9 provided by Ensemble) and 10 other various prizes. The rewards will be a random drawing of the winners so everyone who beats the game will have an equal chance to win one of the many prized.

To read the rest of the rules and discuss this visit his thread, or go straight to our Downloads.

1.03 is Out!

That's right, I hope it was a happy Pi(e) Day for everyone to receive patch 1.03.

With it brings Balance changes, Bug fixes, a new map (Ozraks), and the map Plymouth brought into Standard Maps and now is rated to play!

Do download the patch boot up Age of Empires 3 (or The WarChiefs), then click on Options->Update Game. Or, go to AgeCommunity to download it without AoE3 open.

So, enjoy! Say what you think about the patch and its changes here.

Patch 1.03 Out Tomorrow!

The fourteenth of March will bring us Patch 1.03...
Age Community:
We will be taking ESO servers offline tomorrow at 12:00pm GMT (7:00am CST) while we roll out patch 1.03 for WarChiefs, patch 1.11 for Age of Empires III, and perform maintenance on the servers. Downtime is expected to be approximately 6 hours.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring these new patches online.
So don't be upset if you can't log on tomorrow!


World Clan League OPEN

The Legion Clan is hosting a 3v3 clan tournament with $10,000 in prizes! Yes, TEN thousand dollars! It's all thanks to Murat for donating the money to sponsor a tournament of such a size.

Each clan gets to have one team of three, 14 clans are already invited while any others duke it out for the final 16 spots.

The prizes are as followed (In US $):

1st place - $4,500
2nd place - $2,500
3rd place- $1,500
4th place- $1,000
5th place - $500

There is much more information to get your clan into the World Clan League Tournament, just visit the thread or go straight to their forums.

The Tashunke Shank: A New Hope

Many many people think The Sioux's Tashunke Prowlers are too weak. However Smear has discovered how good they actually can be.

He pushed their weaknesses aside and looked at their strengths. There is a build limit of 12, but their stats increase with the more Prowlers they have. He provides 3 different strategies to get to use Tashunke's to their fullest potential:

-The Anti-Rush Tashunke Shank
-The Delayed Tashunke Shank
-The Pure Tashunke FF

Of course, a detailed Build Order for each strategy. Also, he supplies the necessary card as well as helpful cards. He gives you tips and how NOT to use Tashunke Prowlers, as well as many more things.

To view everything you need to know on how to use Tashunkes, read all about it.

Strategic Objectives

MosheLevi's Strategic Objectives new game mode just received some support from Ensemble Studios. Along with the games MosheLevi is presenting, they are assisting with giving away:

• 3 Copies of Flight Sim X
• 3 Copies of Dungeon Siege 2
• 3 Copies of The WarChiefs
• 10 Age of Empires III watches with leather bands
• 3 Age of Empires III hats

Strategic Objectives comes out on March 15th (Thursday). The competition will then last three weeks to prove you beat it for a prize!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read about Strategic Objectives.

TWC Civ Win Percent

Garlef has posted some interesting statistics showing civilization win percentage and usage among higher rank players (Second Lieutenant and above).

He splits them into three categories: Company Grade Officers (Second Lieutenant to Captain), Field Grade Officers (Major to Colonel), and General Officers (Brigadier to Major General).

He then proceeds to show the stats of when each group versus each other.

It shows a lot of interesting things regarding usage and how much civilizations tend to win. But, check it out for yourself here.

British Anti-FF Explosion

ultimitsu, known for making a wide variety of strategies for various civilizations has released his latest entry. The British Anti-FF Explosion is basically a counter to a pure Fast Fortress with mostly Grenadiers with upgrade cards and musketeers to defend from cavalry. He lies down 13 strategy tips, plus and example deck and two recorded games.

Read the full strategy for yourself or watch a rec of it.

Orca's Maps

Random Map maker Orca has updated his Green Valley Map for TWC along with making three other maps, plus a completely random map called Pandora's Box. He provides screenshots of the minimaps for the new ones too:
-Windy Isles
-Tower Nomad
-Dry Lands
-Pandora's Box 1
-Pandora's Box 2

Wow, so many options for the Pandora's Box Map! To read the full descriptions of the map read them here or go right away and download them.

TWC is in WCG!

World Cyber Games (WCG) has announced their official games for 2007. One of them is...Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs!

The other PC games are:

-WarCraft III : The Frozen Throne (1v1)
-StarCraft : Brood War (1v1)
-Half-Life : Counter-Strike (5v5)
-FIFA Soccer 2007 (1v1)
-Need for Speed Carbon (1v1)
-Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (1v1)

The Grand Final will be held from October 4th to the 7th.

For more information about WCG visit their site, or discuss the news!

Patch 1.03 Bug Fixes

Wibble has posted in our TWC Bug List Thread the complete list of bug changes for patch 1.03.

Some of the bugs are:

# German '1 Monitor + 4 Uhlans' (HCShipMonitorsGerman) card does not refund the population cost when cancelled.
# French 'TEAM Early Skirmishers' [2245 - HCEarlySkirmishersTeam] does not unlock Wakina Rifles.
# The Spy's siege damage does not halve when the cover formation option is selected.
# Revolution: O'Higgins effects are in reverse order, so the Hussars they send are labeled Veteran instead of Imperial.
# Iroquois "Heavy Fortifications" card has its techs out of order, so the War Huts become Strong instead of Mighty.
# Dutch "Carib Allies" does not upgrade the sent Caribs to Elite status.
# Sioux WarChief does not receive HP bonus when upgrading to Fortress Age.
# WarChief does not receive HP bonus when upgrading to Industrial Age...

The complete list can be seen here.