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News Archives - April 2006

The 'Rushian' a Russian Rush

If you are having trouble to get a productive and efficient rush going as the Russians, forumer Stophon4 has posted the basics to his Russian Rush. Strelets, however they may be weak, can be useful because they come in batches of ten and can be overwhelming. His key units for this strat are cossacks and strelets, even though the opponet might go to fortress, as long as the villagers are idle, you have the advantage.

With this strat, you send the 300 wood as first card and put up a blockhouse before you reach the Colonial Age.
Once you get in to colonial, get a few vils on the crates and cue up 1 group of vils and 10 strleets asap, then ship in 13 strleets and set them to be recieved at your blockhosue, attack with your first 10 strleets, then 23 then 33, next shipment is 700 wood, then 5 cossacks and then 4 after that. With your strleets, make sure your attacking his hosues and keeping visl idle, if he is still gathering crates have your strleets next to his tc stopping them from doing so (especially if its their gold), take down their houses and keep vils idle, if you can sneak in your 2 fwd vils and gather jsut 100 gold from their crates, you can really throw them off badly.

So stay aggressive at all times. Check out the rest of this Russian Rush at Stophon's thread.

Week in Review

This week we had quite a few events, strategies, and announcements here at Age of Empires 3 Heaven.

Our week jump started with Ender_Ward posting his Ottoman Power-play strategy. It is extremely effective and one can get to industrial while always being aggressive. They key thing to remember is raid raid raid and:
Keep him from expanding. Keep him scared. Keep him making the wrong type of troops. Control the game, don't react to it.

Next, The Legion Clan announced their 2 vs. 2 Tournament with over 2,000 dollars in cash and ES prizes. Still need to sign up? Make sure you get a partner from your own clan and sign yourself up.

A common discussion this week on the forums was The Dutch. Many people think they are not balanced. We came to a few conclusions that their settlers may cost too much because 100 coin takes longer to collect than 100 food, their banks are too expensive, and ruyters are weak. However, their late game economy is too strong, so something needs to be done to strengthen their Colonial Age yet nerf their Industrial Age.

And finally, Bruce Shelley posted another blog this week. He covers a wide variety of subjects, but most intriguing is they have made 154 expansion pack versions thus far, and still diligently working to perfect it. Also, Age of Empires: Rise of Rome and Age of Kings will no longer be playable on the Zone, however ES is look for ways for players to still compete against each other. Read Bruce's blog for more information.

Forum Party April 29th

The weekly Forum Party will be held tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 and 8 pm EST (that is 5pm and 1am GMT). For those of you who do not know what a forum party is, it is simply a day when the forumers get together on ESO2 and play a few friendly team games, usually with a map theme. Tomorrow's maps will be Great Pains, Great Lakes, and Texas. Hope to see you there!

New Bruce Shelley Blog

Bruce Shelly has posted up a new blog today, giving AoE3 fans more insight to what's going on at Ensemble Studios. He covers a variety of topics. The most prominent subject is probably that MSN Casual Games will no longer host CD games on the Zone. So this means that AoK and AoE players will have to connect through LAN or IP. Never fear though, this does not effect Age of Empires III and ES will look into other options.

Bruce moves on to discuss the Expansion Pack,
I have been playing the Xpack just about every day of late and enjoying it, though it is still far from complete. There are often multiple versions every work day (last I downloaded was #154) and it is cool to see something new in each iteration. Work proceeds in several areas, including the new civilizations, changes to the Age III civilizations, new gameplay features, the single player campaign, and getting ready for E3.

Wow! They are on their 154th trial of the xpack! Amazing, keep up the good work, hopefully you'll let us know another civ during E3 next month. But, quite a few forumers here already think they know all three native civs, check out their thoughts and ideas.

Shelley finishes off to bring up that the Age of Empires III Board Game is still in the making, but looks promising and enjoyable. Feel free to post your comments on Bruce's blog on the forum

The Dutch

This week, many forumers have been intrigued by the Dutch. They have a very powerful late game, yet they can not hold their own in colonial and early fortress. What can be done about them? Many ideas and suggestions have been brought to our attention thus far.

Sparafucile believes that the Dutch are extremely underpowered. The number one reason?
1) Villagers that are more expensive.
Coin takes more time to gather than food, yet Dutch settlers cost the same amount as other settlers, but 100 coin takes longer to gather than 100 food.

OpenAmp may have found a solution to the problem of how much wood banks cost.
wood would go from .5 to .6, and coin .6 to .5
This will hinder the speed coin is gathered, so settlers cost would increase the amount of villager seconds that are needed to gather that coin. Maybe have both at .6? Post your suggestions.

Lastly, ultimitsu suggests that the Dutch do not need a boost. He does make very strong arguments in his thread.
each plantation cost 800 wood + 1000 food worth of vils + 100 wood for the house + 10 less pop for anything else.

but dutch has banks, 2 banks 1 x 10 vil plantation , costing a mere 700 f and 700 w, it does not require any vils work on it and it does not cost pop space, it is also unraidable, and you dont need to garrison anything when you are raided, it continues to produce gold.

I call that a bargin.
Very interesting points. But what do you think about the Dutch? Is a change needed, or can they get by, all they need is too boom? Perhaps rushing strats have not been explored in depth more with them. Time will tell though, but post your input!

The Legion Clan 2 vs 2 Tournament

The Legion Clan is presently hosting a 2vs2 Tournament with 2,000 dollars in cash and other ES prizes. There are rules however, your 2 vs 2 partner must be in your clan. It is a double elimination, unless the amount of teams exceeds 256, in which case a single elimination will be put into place. Each round will be best of three, except the final 2 rounds will be best of 5. So if your team loses at first, never fear, it is your choice to choose the next map. So go to your clan room or forum and find yourself a partner. You could win prizes:
1st place: $1,000 + (2 watches + 2 t-shirts + 2 hats + 2 posters)
2nd place: $700 + (2 watches + 2 t-shirts + 2 hats + 2 posters)
3rd place: $300 + (2 watches + 2 t-shirts + 2 hats + 2 posters)
4th place: 2 watches + 2 t-shirts + 2 hats + 2 posters
5th place: 2 watches + 2 t-shirts + 2 hats
6th place: 2 t-shirts + 2 hats + 2 posters
7th place: 2 t-shirts + 2 posters
8th place: 2 t-shirts + 2 posters

For more details about the tournament visit the thread. Or if you still need a clan for a clan mate, visit our Clans Exchange Forum.

Forum Party, Sunday April 23rd

Our weekly installment of the forum party will be held tomorrow, April 23rd. That is a Sunday this week everyone, so realize it isn't today ;). Also, the times will be 12pm and 7pm EST, slight difference on the second time. However, people seem to be there all day so showing up anytime on Sunday isn't an issue.

We do have a theme this week. Maps are to be played on Yukon, Saguenay, and New England. So make sure everyone in the game agrees on one of those choices before you launch it. If you have never been to a forum party, make sure to check out the thread.

Ottoman "Power Play" Strategy

Looking to get to the Industrial Age, but do not want to turtle again and defend against multiple attacks from the enemy? Want to be aggressive, but at the same time get to Industrial for those glorious Great Bombards? Well look no further. Ender_Ward posted up a strat on how the Ottomans can get to industrial quickly, yet stay aggressive. It is now even stronger after patch 1.06.

Raid. Raid. Raid. Hussars and Spahi are key in this strat.
Raid again during age up to Industrial. CONVINCE your opponent he should be getting anti cavalry, if he isn't by now.

Once you hit Industrial, your first shipment is 6 Spahi. Take your 14 Spahi (best case scenario, if all Fortress Spahi survived) and whatever surviving Hussars, raid again. If your opponent hasn't clued in he should be building anti-cav, he will be now.

Anti-cav shall be no problem. Great Bombards will not be made just for show! Melee cav? What are jannisaries there for? Ender covers all the bases and explains everything fully. So check out his stratNot only the wonderful strat, he gives one of the best tips someone can give you for AoE3
Keep him from expanding. Keep him scared. Keep him making the wrong type of troops. Control the game, don't react to it.

Treasure Hunting Tips

Need help on getting the larger treasures, such as the coureur de bois guarded by four black bears? How about simply gathering 40 food guarded by a lone wolf, yet losing almost zero hp. Well, our very own Mokon explains it all. Treasure hunting can be a very tricky thing, but extremely rewarding. If you can get a large treasure in the Discovery Age, then you will have a huge boost. His tips explain how to avoid losing a lot of health and how to attack treasures with different amounts of guardians.
The next tip is similar to the first but it is a lot easier. Instead of attacking the wolf on your side of the treasure, attack the one on the opposite side. Now his pathing will be messed up as the other wolves are closer to you, and you will be able to get off three ranged attacks. Of course, you will lose a tad bit more of health since the other wolves will get to you faster, but that is a payoff for getting the treasure.

Saving your explorer, but gathering plenty of treasures can give you the upper hand when facing an equally matched opponent. Check out Mokon’s full explanation of treasure hunting.

Eye Candy Screenshot Winners

The Next MorningOur second Eye Candy Screenshot Competition came to a close last night. "Life at sea" brought in numerous screenshots, varying from grueling battles to quiet ports.

Once again, forumer Swift Sampson brought home first prize with his shot "The Next Morning" (on the right). Coming in second is YousAHo with "Battleship" and sziggi came in third with his shot of "And Music Is Her Name." Congratulations to all. Your screenshots are the newest addition of the Eye Candy Gallery

Great job to all of the participants. Keep up the good work :-] Our them for Round 3 is 'A Jungle Expedition' Scenario Design Forum

Poll Round up

Our last post was wondering what cards you have the most of in your deck. Here is how everyone responded:
Resource (535 votes)
Military (1814 votes)
Improvements (1078 votes)
Settler/Other (242 votes)

Seems that military shipments were the popular choice. Of course, most people have settler cards, but not in 'bulk.' Perhaps 1.06 will change that. Most military shipments got nerfed, removing one unit from each shipment in most cases. Perhaps resource crates will become more popular.

Well speaking of patch 1.06, what are your thoughts on it. We are wondering: "Are you satisfied with the 1.06 patch changes?" So scroll up and vote :)

Announcing War Story Contest!

Have you ever had an amazing game of AoE3? Have you wanted to share it with others and win some great prizes? Well, we have a great opportunity for you! We want your stories on how you fought a grueling battle, fended off a wonderful Spanish pike rush, or came back from getting crushed and being left with only 3 settlers to rebuild? If you are up to the challenge Zboard has provided us with some goodies to give out to the one with the most interesting war story, see more information in this thread!

Units Section Back Up

Our Units Section had been taken down for repairs last week and is now back up. I've updated all the stats to version 1.06 and we're currently adding more images to it. If you find anymore problems or have any suggestions, feel free to say something at our Website Feedback Forums.

Forum Party April 15th

Time for another weekly installment of the forum party! Resident name-changer Jumbalaya will be your host for this weekends event. The theme for will be standard maps. Any forummer is welcome, regardless of skill level. See you there!

For more information on what forum parties are and to find out the meeting times, visit this thread!


Are you unable to enjoy much of the ESO2 experience because you're on 56k or simply can't get online? Or simply you prefer not to play online and like to compete against computer players? Well, Felix Hermansson has programmed his own computer player AI called Draugur AI. This new AI is a better, smarter and overall more fun computer ally/enemy. If you'd like a new SP challege simply head up to our downloads section and download it =].

Then you can head up to our forums and discuss it.

Patch 1.06 is out!

The newest patch, 1.06, is out! It addresses "Bug Fixes, map updates, balance changes, and exploit fixes."

Merc shipments were changed. Most of them have you recieve one less merc but if they used to cost 1200 coin they now only cost 1000. Normal unit shipments were changed too. Either a unit was added to be shipped, or removed, and the Advanced Market bug was fixed. Moreover, the age up polititians removed one unit:
-SergeantDutch changed from 6 halberdiers to 5
-SergeantGerman changed from 4 dopplesoldners to 3
-SergeantSpanish changed from 10 pikemen to 8
-Marksman changed from 7 skirmishers to 6
-MarksmanPortugese changed from 7 cassadores to 6
-MarksmanOttoman changed from 5 abus guns to 4

And there are new ESO and network fixes:
-Quick Search now displays the correct number players during search
-Custom Games List sorting fixed for sorting by Rank
-Fixed exploit that allowed more then 20 cards in ESO decksustom game setup now shows if a game is rated, not rated, no XP

Haven't downloaded it yet? Read the brief summary or find the full amount of balance changes.

Discuss whether you like/dislike patch 1.06 on our forums. Enjoy!

A British Fast Fortress Strategy

Tired of the repetitive manor booms, attempt at longbow rushing, and getting crushed by another civ's fast fortress? Well, Beatnik Joe has found a British solution for you! He unfolded a strat that allows British players to Fast Fortress competitively with other civs. Joe provides a build order and two different styles of performing the strategy: defensive or aggressive. He pinpointed the positive aspects that the British have:
-The 2 falconet card, an excellent card indeed.
-The opportunity to create 8 Black Watch highlanders from the church VERY quickly. Highlanders are great anti-cav units and all-around bruisers.
-The Black Watch will always be delivered, even when you don't have enough houses. (This is critical!)
-The Black Watch are delivered in seconds, unlike conventional merc shipments, which take 1 full minute.
-The Thin Red Line is also available from the church.
-Excellent economic recovery due to the manor boom.

Black Watch is key in his strategy. The require no pop space to send and are sent quickly. Joe gives you four recorded games to watch his strat in action too. What are you waiting for. Find the key to a British victory.

AoE3 in ClanBase?

We have just received information that AoE3 being in cash tourneys at ClanBase is not the truth. It appears that one of their admins was giving out false information telling people that there would be cash tourneys is the petition got enough votes. However, the present vote being held here is to see if ClanBase will hold a ladder for AoE3.

So, it would still be nice to get a ladder going for AoE3. But this is not for a EuroCup or anything. Sorry for the confusion.

Forum Party April 8th

Yet another installment of the weekly Forum Party will occur tomorrow on Saturday, April 8th. There will be a theme this week. It is South American Maps (Pampas, Amazonia, and Patagonia.)

If you are not sure what a forum party is, it is simply a weekly gathering of our forumers to play a few friendly team games on ESO 2. Need more information? Visit the thread
Hope to see you there!

Expansion Pack Interview with Wally Wachi

A couple of week ago, forumer Zing79 took several questions from our forumers to be asked to Wally Wachi during an interview. You can actually hear a few of the questions in action by listening to the show

There is quite a bit of new information he reveal, yet quite a bit he holds off on. Cy Marlayne sums up some new information that Wally released:
- He hinted that only recognizable native civilizations are being added for the three playable civilizations. That tells me that the other two civilizations that are being added are already in the game now as alliable tribes (like the Iroquois).

- Five new alliable civilizations.. ooooh.

- He said he couldn't give away whether or not the three new playable nations would be in North America. This tells me, no, at least one of the other two natives will be from Mesoamerica or South America. -- Not a certainty, but I assume this because if he said, "Yes, we may have one civilization from South America", then we would automatically know what that civilization would be.

- He says that the "homefield advantages" are fairly obvious for each playable native civilization.

Sounds interesting. Also, he states they'll be a new single player campaign with 15 scenarios, new maps (that may not be situated in the Americas), a possibility for the incorporation of formations, and a good deal of new home city shipments such as new mercenaries. There is quite a bit that he won't release quite yet, but sounds intriguing. It is quite informative. Feel free to discuss what Wally reveals/doesn't reveal here

Ensemble Talks MMO Plans and Future of Age Series

In a recent interview with, Ensemble Studio's CEO Tony Goodman spills the beans on Ensemble's Future plans, as well as explain some of the Studio's past. According to the interview, Ensemble seems to be making a console version of Age of Empires as well as working on a prototype to a Massive Multiplayer Online game. The interview also reveals that the guys at Ensemble are currently taking a break from the Age of Empires series and are trying out different prototypes, including the forementioned Massive Multiplayer Online Game. You can read the entire interview here.

Eye Candy Gallery

The Last Charge Our first Eye Candy Competition has come to an end. The winner was Swift Sampson with his fantastic shot "The Last Charge." twoqtimes2 and sziggi came in as a joint second for their shots of "The Alamo" and "The Whites of Their Eyes." respectively. Great job to all the participants!

We have the new gallery up, specifically for our winning screenshots. To view the new gallery, simply go here. The new theme is "Life at Sea." For details and rules view the thread. Or congratulate Swift and the other forumers here.

Forums Down

As you might've noticed our forums are currently down. An update went a tad wrong and needs to be reversed. Our staff is working on it and the forums should be back up by Monday morning.
Update: Forums are now back online, enjoy!

Expansion Pack Details! =)

From Sandyman's post at AgeCommunity...
MS Marketing has given me permission to talk about some of the upcoming X-Pack features. I am excited about this opportunity.

The New Nations
As those who've studied the Iroquois know, they were actually 6 different tribes - the Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, and Tuscarora. The three new civs for the game are all drawn from the Iroquois! The X-Pack will have the Mohawk, Seneca, and Tuscarora. The upcoming Y-Pack, to be released early next year, will include 3 more civs - the Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida.

The Single Player Campaign
We received a great deal of positive feed about the fiction-based campaign of Age 3. However many people also wanted more "historical" elements. In an attempt to satisfy both these factions, the new campaign's main character is Abraham Lincoln, who uses a time machine to go back to the Constitutional Convention and get Thomas Jefferson to eliminate slavery from the early United States.

The War Chef
There has been a great deal of confusion about the nature of the War Chef, partly because "chef" has been mispelled in some posts. The Iroquois War Chef is a highly skilled master of cuisine, who can create powerful meals of pemmican, grilled buffalo, and maize to inspire their warriors to amazing feats of valor.

New Units
Most European civs are getting new unique units or at least unit improvements except, of course, the French. These are listed below:

BRITISH - the Soccer Hooligan. Strong against civilians.

DUTCH - the brave little Dutch boy. Stand him up against the back of a wall under attack and he "plugs" the hole, keeping the wall intact.

RUSSIAN - the Russians already have so many unique units that instead we are finally improving the Tartar Loyalist to make him more competitive. In the X-Pack, Tartar Loyalists will be able to hunt buffalo and deer for food.

OTTOMAN - adding a new, as-yet-unnamed unit with an even bigger hat.

PORTUGUESE - fixing the organ gun bug that made it fire multiple shots in a row. Also adding the new Fisherman unit who is able to shore fish, and garrison aboard a Fishing Boat.

SPANISH - now you get different random varieties of war dogs. Some are still mastiffs, but others might be alsations, great danes, poodles, or spaniels.

GERMAN - adding the Hessian Tentacle (don't ask).

I love this day :).

RTS League Season 2

Roark from has sent me the news that the second season of their popular clan league is looking for sign-ups from new clans. Here's his announcement about the league:
RTS-League ( has opened signups for a second season of
an Age of Empires III Supremacy clan league. Season 1 saw 80 clans participate
with players of all skill levels, including many of the top players in the game,
competing in a fun league. RTSL doesn't offer any prizes, but has been offering
friendly clan competition in a league format since 2001, and was the first
league of its kind to organize for AoE 3. We believe there to be lots of
HeavenGames forumers who would enjoy playing in this kind of friendly yet
competitive setting. Leagues are not skill-determinant so all clans are welcome,
and will be able to play against some of the top experts as well as against
clans of your own level. After ~50 signups in only 2 days, we are very
optimistic about Season 2!

So there you go, if you're interested, I'd recommend going to right now and signing up!

Design Spotlight: The Trials

“The Trials” is a fantastic new campaign by scenario design forummer ToMyBoY, that mixes a build and destroy style with rich, varied and dynamic RPG-style objectives. Tommyboy himself explains further:

It's 1665, Hamburg, 100 years after the battle for Malta, and a wealthy investor hires a mysterious adventurer to reap the spoils of the New World. The journey to the Americas is fraught with danger, and the greedy English have already claimed their stake. It is said fierce wild savages roam the vast, free, and open New lands, with a hunger for scalps. Worse still, evil spirits are rumored to lurk in the dark endless forests, evoking the wrath of nature upon any errant souls who dare set foot upon them.

Amidst this background of danger and intrigue, a greater secret is yet to be revealed. Join in the high stakes game with the ultimate reward...if you can live to see it. View the opening cinematic to see the remarkable story!
So what are you waiting for? Download the campaign here! Also check out the scenario design forum thread, and Tommyboy’s awesome walkthough site!