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News Archives - April 2007

Poll Round up

Well, it's been a while since we changed our poll, so it's time for a new questions! Last time we asked you:

What feature would you most like to be added to ESO2 (besides CSO)?

The results were:

-Observer Mode Maps/Co-op [505 votes]
-Save and Exit feature [209 votes]
-Unrated option [264 votes]
-Chat in recorded games [134 votes]
-Random civ [371 votes]
-Other [125 votes]

Seems quite a few of you want Observer Mode Maps/Co-op! (me too!) Our next questions is a fairly basic one, but must be asked every now and then! What is your favorite civ?

HG Ladder is Open!

That is right folks, after asking you we have decided to reopen the AoE3H TWC Ladder. This time there will still be great things such as Ladder Warriors and rankings, but we hope to add much much more.

Not only will there be the standard ladder games, but we will include day tournaments and contests for prizes. That's right, there'll probably be quite a few day tournaments, as well as broadcasted matches, contests for most games or wins, and plenty more!

To sign up for ladder, simply post your ESO name here and report games in that thread too.

Oh, and did I mention random drawings from the ladder so everyone can win?!

Good luck and have fun!

Bruce Shelley Blog (April 23rd)

Yesterday Bruce Shelley update his blog at This blog contains confirmation that patch 1.04 will include Custom Scenarios Online. We already knew ES was working on implementing CSO, but it will be available next patch! Of course, no time table is available yet for when the patch will be out.

Along with discussing CSO, he mentions MosheLevi's Strategic Objectives Tournament. Saying how the response from that tournament shows a bright future for CSO.

So, read and discuss the news here, or in our SD forum for discussion about CSO related ideas here

South Sea Bubble

One card that goes unnoticed is Dutch's South Sea Bubble. To be honest, I had no idea there was a card named that. What it does is it exchanges all the players gold for 125% as much wood.

With banks and the like, that can get quite a bit of wood, or even with the starting crates it can be used ASAP.

General_II posted a thread inquiring you thoughts on the card. He lays down all the stats and wonders if it is practical. Post you thoughts and comments here and see what others think as well.

Guns and Biers

Have you been playing Germany since the Uhlan bug was fixed? If you are like me and took them up again but not quite sure what to do with them, ultimitsu unveiled a strat that shows the great power of Germany's Mercenary Combat card. A card that boost mercs by 20% can come in quite handy with the new Saloon.

There is not much of a Build Order with this strat, just a suggestion to use it and with what mercs, the basic BO is:
Standard age1 with 17~18 vils, age up to 400w. Chop wood for a TP in transition. Build a saloon + 2 houses with 400 age up wood, ship 3 SW.
After that he explains which mercs are good or bad to use and to ship Palatine Settlements to help with the pop heavy mercs.

To read the rest of the strategy, it is only a click away!

Colonial Start Maps for TWC by RF_Gandalf

In response to the recent thread at Heaven Games AOE3 General Discussion forum about the pros and cons of having a Discovery Age, RF_Gandalf has created new RMS (Random Map Scripts) that allow players to start in Colonial Age.

RF_Gandalf is one of the most active AOE3 RMS designers, and he has created more than 50 RMS’s over the past year and a half.

Here are additional details by RF_Gandalf:
I have taken three of the standard ES maps for TWC (Saguenay, Yucatan and California) and edited them to include extra starting villagers and extra starting crates.
French get 8 extra Coureurs, Germans get 5 extra Settler Wagons, and the other Europeans and Native civs get 10 extra villagers.

So for those of you who want to play faster pace games that start in Colonial Age with extra villagers and extra resources, you can download RF_Gandalf’s new maps here.
When you play these maps make sure to change the “Starting Age” to Colonial Age.

You can also discuss the pros and cons of having a Discovery Age here.
Note that these maps will play on ESO or LAN/Internet or Single player, but that on ESO you will not gain XP for your Homecity.

AoE3 Heaven TWC Ladder?

Some of you may remember back in the days of AoE3 we had a HeavenGames Ladder in which forumers would play against each other to obtain the Ladder Champion title.

Unfortunately we stopped it for a while because of some inactivity but are looking to reinstall it to have some friendly competition around the forums and some fun games with decent recs.

If you do not recall the ladder because you were not around or have a faulty memory, look at the discussion page and the standings for a refresher.

We want your comments, suggestion, questions, concerns to see if we'll reopen the ladder here!

Free For All Tournament Commences!

The first round of the FFA fun tournament hosted by LordPatrick has come to a close! For those of you who haven't been tracking the tourney, you can find details here

So far, the top 5 players are:
Sporting_Lisbon = 10 Points
steve09 = 10 Points
MusketeerKing = 10 Points
Mediolanus = 9 Points
yay = 9 Points

Round 2 starts this saturday, so be sure to check out the results. Next week several new rules will be implemented, including an "assassin" game style so as to make games more fair and exciting.

Good luck to everyone participating!

History and Age of Empires

Are you concerned about how AOE3 affects you?
The correct usage of historical facts.

That's the question being asked in this thread at our General Discussions Forum, which offers five different choices:
1. I never think about it.
2. I rarely think about it.
3. I think about it sometimes.
4. I often think about it.
5. I think about it all the time.

Of course, don't think you are getting away posting a single algarism! Check out the topic, discuss about the subject and backup your opinion, because those results will be part of a research project conducted by students at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Strategy Central Update!

I am proud to announce that our Strategy Page has just been updated, and more updates are on the way! By now, three strategies for The Warchiefs have already been added: The New Ottoman Way, Aztec ZAP! Rush and the German Outlaw Defense! At the current time, we are planning to have the Aztec Scout Slam, The Tashunke Shank and the Rise of Istanbul Guide added soon.

And remember:
We plan to keep improving HeavenGames content, so if you have any suggestion, has made an interesting guide or just want to point out a mistake made by a silly Brazilian, then post in our forums or contact a moderator
Then check out how the Streategy Page looks, or post something in its thread!

War of the Triple Alliance wants you

The War of the Triple Alliance is a mod from South Americans, for South Americans and the rest of the world. It is the first and the only mod that includes features exclusive to that continent. This is a big project, that's created by Lord Tahattus alone.

Of course he needs help, namely:

- native Brazilian, Argentinian and Paraguyan speakers.
- a coder who's able to write an executable.
- a skinner/texturer who will be working on units.

Check out his thread for more information.


It seems Sandy has confirmed that there will be an AoEIV in his Ask Sandy thread at Age Community:
13) If an Age of Empires was made that repeated Age of Empires 1 time period, would you consider it a step backwards?
A – Age of Empires was released 10 years ago. I think the world might, by now, be ready for another strategy game based in ancient times.
7) Is ES capable of designing 2 entirely different games at the same time
A – we’re doing it right now, and neither team seems to show signs of stress. This is a first for ES by the way.
So there you have it, it seems an AoEIV is in the making along with Halo Wars. Discuss the matter here. Special thanks to IlDio1234 for posting this!

Napoleonic Era Modding Team Needs You!

The team that developed Napoleonic Era for AoE3 is hard at work for their TWC mod. However, they need three skilled people to help them move their project along. They need:

-mature voices
-interested coders
-seasoned hobby graphic designers

Of course, details are provided in their thread to explain what each person would need to do.

Not sure what Napoleonic Era is? Well, NE was a mod released in AoE3 that was basically a free Expansion Pack! The mod included five new civilizations as well as more explorer capabilities, better arsenal, new maps, new units, and much more. They are now under way for the TWC:NE so if you want to help out, give them a shout in that thread.

For more information on NE, visit their site.

RTS League Update

The fourth season of AoE3 (vanilla) in Real Time Strategy League is about to begin and the signups are open again for all. The previous seasons have had about 80 clans competing, making it the be-there clan happening in Age of Empires 3. Further information about joining up in this league can be found on their website. The signups will close on 26th of April as the 4th season starts on 30th of April.

In the 1st season of TWC, SkWiZz managed to win their first RTSL championship in the finals against hope. The second season is already well in motion.

Although winning RTS League has been traditionally only for the glory, Ensemble Studios will from now on be presenting prizes to the winning clan: each player in the winning team will get a brand new ESO Account for the game in which they were victorious (For TWC, both Vanilla and TWC accounts are activated).

You can discuss this development further on our forums, thanks to Roark for the heads-up!

tEk Spring Tournament

The [tEk] clan is hosting a tournament obviously. It definitely has a different feel to it because each civilization by a competitor can be used only once during a round. So, we'll definitely see a wide variety of civilizations in this tournament.

Here is the information about the tournament:
- This 1v1 tournament is open to all players who are over 28 PR and 1900 on at time of signup.
- All rounds are one game, single elimination, and will be played on "Standard Maps".
- The tournament champion will receive a $200 prize, with $50 for the runner-up.
$250, how can you go wrong? The sign ups will last until the end of tomorrow (April 10th), so hurry and sign up while you can. Discuss the tournament or go straight to signing up.

Welcome xMatt the Greatx and MosheLevi!

Today the Age of Empires 3 Heaven Staff gained two new wonderful members.

xMatt The Greatx (__Sephiroth__) joined the team to help out with General Discussion and Strategy Central. No worries, his VODs will still be made for entertainment and learning!

MosheLevi joined the team for Scenario Design. We already know what he can do through his Strategic Objectives tournament and know he'll create many more fun and interesting scenarios in the time to come.

You can congratulate Matt here, and Moshe in this thread.

Strategic Objectives - Winners!

The “Strategic Objectives” Challenge has been concluded and now it is time to announce the winners who won a prize via a drawing.

The following is the list of winners and the prizes they won.


Yes, you have read it! The Strategic Objectives Challenge has finished, and the winner's list is finally out. So check it out and see if you have won something. But do not forget the main reason why MosheLevi has made those awesome scenarios:
The “Strategic Objectives” Challenge purpose was to promote Custom Scenarios and CSO and I feel that was achieved.

We have here a group of very talented and dedicated custom scenario designers who are working very hard to provide the community with top quality custom scenarios.

So please show your support and appreciation by playing some of the available custom scenarios and give the designers some feedback in the form of comments, suggestions, and even posting reviews for the custom scenarios that you played.

Best of the Best Tournament - Finals

Well, Age Sacntuary's Best of the BEst Tournament is coming to a close.

The final two competitors are NaturePhoenix and StarSky. They will play each other in a best of 7 round for the prize of $150. Second place will receive $80.

Competing for third place is Ourk and Ruthless__ to get $40, with $30 going to a random participant in the tournament.

Good luck NaturePhoenix and StarSky!

You can visit the Best of the Best subforums here.

__Sephiroth__'s French VODs

If you love Recorded Games but want to see exactly what the player sees, then VODs are for you. You get to view the game as if you are watching the player play right in front of you, you see his mouse, UI, hotkeys, and chat.

__Septhiroth__ (aka xMatt the Greatx) has created two VODs already. They are both on Painted Desert and involve him doing two different versions of a French rush.

You can view the VODs from his thread, you don't need to boot up AoE3, just need the internet for these!

New Heaven: Supreme Commander!

HeavenGames has launched a new heaven for the RTS Supreme Commander.

Seraph creezy explains:
My aim is to bring growth to the Supreme Commander community as a whole and to the wealth of content already out there. As HeavenGames prides itself on user-created content, yours is always welcome and highly appreciated. I also look to offer the community new and exciting events to help expand our growth. Feedback, questions, and comments are also always accepted. Welcome, check out the rest of the site, and visit our forums!

So you are more than welcome to browse around the site and read the forums, enjoy!

Sioux vs French: A Mini Guide

If you have been seeing a few more French players out there as Sioux and are having a tough time figuring out what to do versus a few different strategies, Smear has written a quick guide with tips on how to beat the French with Sioux.

He gives tips on what to do vs. a Double Barracks unit rush, Fast Fortress, and Double Barracks pur pike rush.

If you wish to read over his tips, take a gander at his thread.

Goodbye Elpea

Seraph Elpea has to unfortunately resign from his position as seraph of Age of Empires 3 Heaven. Do to personal reasons and several internet connection issues he felt it was best to step down.

Thank him for his work or say good bye in his "Leaving" thread.

Switching Sites

With my lack of dexterity and attention span, we will overhaul Age of Empires 3 Heaven to the new and improved Pac Man Heaven. We will provide full tips and suggestions on how to avoid evil Ghosts and gain power pellets.

Pac Man is an old arcade game but never ceases to provide entertainment. We URGE you to view our reasons in the explanation thread.

Happy Travels! And Wakka Wakka!

(April Fools of course!)