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News Archives - October 2006

AoE3Heaven TWC Ladder 1v1 Tournament

We will be hosting another tournament this Saturday, November 4th.

It is a 1v1 tournament and all games count towards our TWC Ladder. The rules are quite simple:

- You must be on the AoE3Heaven TWC Ladder to sign up. If you’re not already on the ladder then just post your name in the ladder thread. If you were on the original AoE3Heaven Ladder then you do not need to sign up for the War Chiefs ladder.
- You can sign up early by posting in this thread. You will have to confirm your entry in the Tourney chat room in the hour prior to the tourney.
- You can sign up during the check in period as well. Be aware that the remaining slots are on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 32 players.

The maps are not yet finalized but RF_Gandalf's Glacier RMS is being considered as the map to play.

So sign up in the Tournament thread and good luck!

First TWC Ladder Tourney Results

The AoE3Heaven TWC Ladder's first 1v1 Tourney went off without a hitch today. While there weren't a lot of participants that didn't stop the fun, or make the final any less of a thriller. Somme beat out blc_SkY on Northwest Territory in a great game. You can download the game here and share comments on this event and discuss possible future events on our fourms here.

World Clan League for The WarChiefs!

Some great news for The WarChiefs: The Legion Clan have announced that they will be hosting a World Clan League for the AoEIII expansion pack The WarChiefs once the current WCL5 (for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors) is over.

Here's an excerpt from the L_Clan website:

Hey folks,

Today we have received some sweet news from our dear Murat, also known as L_Clan_ARBALET.

We have got a generous amount of money to host a 1x1 AoC Tournament and an AoE3: TWC World Clan League (WCL), once WCL5 is done.

More information will be published later on

Thanks a LOT for your help and generosity, Murat! We all REALLY appreciate it!

Interview with ES_Sandyman

A while back we interviewed the lead designer on the Age of Empires III expansion pack, Sandy Petersen. Although we didn't get the interview back and up until after the release, judging by the poll a lot of you guys haven't purchased the game yet and so the info in there will be useful to you peeps. There are also more general questions in there so it's well worth the read.

The full transcript of the interview can be found here on our site, and many thanks to ES for taking the time to answer our questions.

The WarChiefs - They Like It

Ensemble Studio's Bruce Shelley has updated his blog following the reaction from the gaming media to the Age of Empires III expansion pack, The WarChiefs.

In addition to commenting on the various reviews the game has recieved, Bruce also mentions 'Young Minds Inspired', an initiative which uses The Warchiefs to enhance the experience of history lessons for school pupils. Read the full blog post here!

AoE3Heaven TWC Ladder 1v1 Tournament

This Sunday (October 29th), we will be hosting a 1v1 Ladder Tournament. It's for one day, Saturday, and will only be for Ladder members. For the ladder, the only civs you can use is the three new ones of course! Sioux, Iroquois, and Aztecs will be your choices to try out new strategies and play with the brand new civilizations.

There will be five rounds, and of course, you will play five new maps. It is first come first serve with a limit of 32! So hurry and sign up here, all standard ladder rules apply and you could quickly rise to the top and be the AoE3H TWC Ladder Champion!

ActionTrip review of The WarChiefs

Another review for the Age of Empires III expansion pack, this time from ActionTrip who gave the game a score of 85%, citing the high quality new content as the reason for the high score.

The full review is here!

AoE3 wins Golden Joystick Award

Ensemble Studios' Age of Empires III has won 'Best Online Game' at the Golden Joysticks award ceremony held in central London. The awards, which are voted on by more than half a million gamers are the most prestigious gaming awards in the UK.

For more on the awards check out this BBC article and the official website. Thanks to TimmySpok for originally posting the news. To discuss the awards with fellow AoE III players, head down to the forums!

Aztec Unit Guide

Forumer poita decided to help out the community a bit with an Aztec Unit Guide. The Aztecs are a tricky civilization to get used to. They have no artillery and no cavalry. So after playing a year with having to build three buildings to get all the varieties of units you need, it may take a while to learn that you do not need to build a stable.

Anyway, poita wrote up a guide describing what each Aztec unit counters, and what its role is in an Aztec army. It will take time to get used to the Native American's different armies, but this sure speeds up the process! So give it a read in his thread and feel free to comment!

The History of Civ, by Bruce Shelley

Ensemble's Bruce Shelley is considered by the industry a "Game God" (title given to him by PCGamer in 1999) has helped create strategy games as they are today. In a recent interview Shelley shares design concepts him and Sid Meier used to craft the very first Civilization game. If you're wondering if this has anything to do with the Age series, keep in mind that many of these features and ideas were ported to the first Age game, where the complex economy model meets the military strategy in Warcraft/Starcraft kind of games.


Poll Roundup

For our last poll we asked: "What do you want as a title on the forum? ? " You responded with:
*Militia! - 391 votes
*Colonist - 324 votes
*Tomahawk Warrior - 322 votes
*Native - 166 votes
*Scout - 102 votes
*Travois - 102 votes
*Settler - 72 votes
*Villager - 53 votes

The forum custom title has been changed, the forumers will now be known as militia. Democracy has prevailed!

Our new poll inquires: "What are your initial reactions to the War Chiefs?". It would be interesting for all to see the reception for the expansion pack among AoE3 Heaven visitors. For future poll suggestions please do post them here.

New The WarChiefs Ladder

Our Age of Empires 3 Heaven Ladder is up and running for forumers with The WarChiefs. It is a Ladder only for forumers who have signed up for it, you play games on ESO2 then report the results in the thread.

When you sign on to ESO2, quickly look in the chat section for a chat room entitled "AoE3Heaven Ladder." If you do not see one, create it yourself and then wait for a fellow forumer to come along and ask for a duel. You can only play one forumer every three days for it to count on the ladder, so no need to repetitively play the same person over and over.

So what are you waiting for! Defeat your fellow forumers and rise up in the ranks to be the Ladder Champion! Have a few friendly games with people you already know instead of waiting on Quick Search or sitting there waiting on the Game Browser for someone to join your game. It is quick and easy to sign up, just go to the thread and post your ESO name. If you were on the AoE3 Ladder, you do not need to sign up again for TWC Ladder.

The WarChiefs Reviewed

Some more reviews for The WarChiefs for all you folks who haven't got the game yet and are after some info (and for those like me who just like to read reviews!):

Game Informer gave the x-pack a pretty impressive 8.75 out of 10 despite a (and to put it slightly) rather strange comment about having to micromanage your economy and military at the same time being stupid.

Following the pattern set by earlier reviews, Games Radar especially liked the multiplayer features and awarded 8 out of 10 for the expansion.

The WarChiefs scored an outstanding 9 out of 10 from 1UP, mentioning how good expansions not just add, but reinvent.

Game Zone awarded a whopping 9.5 out of 10, The WarChiefs highest score so far.

Another high score of 85% coming from GamingTrend, who loved the replay value. However someone needs to tell them about adjusting mouse sensitivity!

If you feel like discussing any of the reviews with fellow Agers, head down to the forums!

Developer's Blog - WarChiefs Launch Party

Bruce Shelley of Ensemble Studios has updated his blog for the release of The WarChiefs.

The topics Bruce discusses in this update include levels of difficulty in games, The Warchief's launch party, and ES's reaction to the level of response garnered after the announcement of Halo Wars. Check it out here!

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Now that The Warchiefs has been out on the shelves for a little while the reviews have started to roll in from the major gaming websites. So here we go:

First up we have IGN who gave the game 8.2 out of 10 with the tagline "Loads of new content but not many surprises in Ensemble's latest expansion.".

Next up is Gamespot, which gave the game 7.8 out of 10; giving points for the new gameplay features but taking some off for the voice acting and dialogue.

Gamespy gave The Warchiefs 4.5 out of 5, liking the new civs and multiplayer but not so keen on the singleplayer modes.

Finally for today GamePro gave the x-pack a 'fun factor' of 4.25/5.

If you agree, disagree or want to talk about the reviews head down to spector17's thread in the forums!

A Message From WCG Canada

This sounds pretty awesome to me, check this out:


Do you play Age of Empires 3? How would you like to win a free trip to Mexico City? We are sending a urgent call to all AEO3 players who would be interested in joining Team Canada at the 1st ever WCG PAN-AMERICAN Championship. Microsoft Canada is inviting all interested players in taking part in an online tournament starting on Saturday at 7pm EDT. There is a $10 registration fee. The trip is all expenses paid so all you have to do is win the tournament and you'll be invited!!!

For information or registration following this link.

The WarChiefs Discussions

With the arrival of The WarCheifs brings skeptical threads, strategy threads, and question threads. Everyone wants to know what is bugged, what is "OP", what may be good but no one has seen yet, or just what on Earth is going on. Many good discussions and ideas have come about, and here are just a few.

Agents- Useful or Not? by somme - This new European unit, the spy, has a lot of attention around it. Is it effective? When should it be used? Is the spy worth it to be upgraded? He made the thread before TWC even came out, but the conclusion was they may be a little too strong. If not too strong, they are incredibly useful, having a huge LOS and can use stealth.

So who has anyone tried the super Halberds already? by Ender_Ward - Halbediers have been widely considered UP around the AoE3 Community. This is especially true when people are discussing the Dutch, considering they do not get a wider variety of units. However, with a card the have 30% more speed which makes them move like cavalry does.

Irregulars are kinda scary ... by Ender_Ward - This new card for only the Ottomans gives ranged cavalry x2 damage to Settlers. However, ranged cavalry usually does 0.5x damage, so this card makes it 2.0x-0.5x to make it 1.5x. That is 3 times as much as it was before. Getting villagers killed from a distance may be annoying, possibly Cavalry Archers will be made for raids now with Spahi help!

Healing now? by hippocrack - Ensemble boosted priests, they auto-heal now so it is much less micro intensive. As somme pointed out in a post, a coin focused discovery with outlaws and priests would be quite an interesting strategy. Possibly the Dutch could work something out with them.

There are quite a few other threads worth looking at, and if you want post up a thread after looking if there wasn't already when created on the subject, but feel free to post your comments and ideas for strategies!

Modding Contest - Winner

Modder Imperiosus has won our Modding Contest! Imperiosus won all four rounds of the competition (though some were close results, he came out on top anyway). By winning the competition Imperiosus gets a shiny copy of Age of Empires III's expansion pack, The Warchiefs. You can congratulate Imperiosus at his congratulatory forum thread.

Natives Good Enough?

Now that the expansion has been out for 2 days (in many places, not all) and you all got a chance to try the new civs, forummer somme has a question to make, are the new civs able to beat a good Spanish rush? What rushes can the natives come up to counter the commonly used European ones?

You can contribute an answer at somme's thread.

AoE3H Ladder relaunched for TWC

From Flammifer: Okay, here it is. A brand new War Chiefs ladder for our wonderful forumers. All the rankings have been reset but the player list has been rolled over from the vanilla ladder. So, if you were on the old one there's no need to post to be added again. If you're not on the ladder get your copy of TWC asap and just post your ESO name in this thread .

We try to keep things as simple as possible. Just post your eso name here to sign up and the game results that you play for the ladder. I advise everyone to make sure the other player(s) is/are on the ladder before playing by checking the standings thread.

Two weeks from now the championship tourney will kick off. Good luck to everyone!

ESO Account Manager

ES have just announced on their community website that they have added an account manager feature to their site for people who wish to change the information associated with their account such as password and email address. It can also be used to retrieve usernames and passwords for those of us who are a tad forgetful.

Thanks to bahari for the heads-up!

Yahoo! Games reviews The WarChiefs

Now that the official day of release for The WarChiefs is here we have what will likely be the first of many reviews for the expansion pack.

Yahoo! Games have reviewed the game here giving it a score of 4/5. If you agree, disagree or want to discuss the review head over to omicron1's thread in our forums to have a chat.

For you lucky folks who got the game today, have fun playing and see you on ESO.

Upcoming Scenarios by Liquid Fire Members

The Liquid Fire Studios team is a popular team of designers coming from Age of Mythology and now being possibly the most active for Age of Empires III. In the midst of all the excelent projects and work from the team, two amazing scenarios are coming up. The first is the third chapter to their Roanoke series, Roanoke 3. CaveTown, the author, provides plenty of screenshots and even a trailer (in both high and low resolutions) for you to check out.

The other scenario, from twoqtimes2, tells the popular tale of "El Dorado" with a mix of the Age of Empires III official campaign. Here's twoqtimes2's description of the gameplay:
Gameplay will involve five playable maps spanning Mexico and North America, as well as three stunning cinematics. The player will experience what we hope to be an enjoyable balance of RPG and B&D elements. Missions will involve many variables including sneeking missions, protection, treasure searches, character assistance and puzzles. Not all missions will be critical for completion, but completing all missions should bring hours of gameplay and variety.

You can see screenshots and more info at twoqtimes2's forum thread.

The Warchiefs Expansion Pack, Tomorrow!

For those who live in North America at least. The Warchief's much awaited launch is set for tomorrow, so those who pre-ordered it or have already made arrangements for a copy should go running down to get the game. If you're not sure your store will have it, you should give them a call and ask.

We'll see you on ESO2!

Poll Round Up!

For our last poll we asked: "What civilization will you play first when The WarChiefs come out? " You responded with:
*Aztecs! - 1923 votes
*Sioux - 1172 votes
*I'm sticking with the European civilizations - 1136 votes
*Iroquois - 888 votes
Bring on the Aztecs seems to be the resounding shout!

Our new poll inquires: "What do you want as a title on the forum?" This short poll will run for a week to see which forum title is the most popular. Democracy prevails! For future poll suggestions please do post them here.

25 Cards in a Deck!

MockHamill , the bearer of all The WarChiefs news has informed us that the card limit has increased to 25 cards a deck. Five more cards can give you many more options. All strats should be more versatile now instead of focusing on a pure rush deck or boom deck, maybe you can start off as wanting to Fast Fortress but send a few more cards and realize booming will be more effective.

Also, there will be more cards to send as the game drags on, too often do cards run out quickly once the game gets longer and more of a stalemate, possibly one of those 5 cards can turn the tide.

To comment on this addition, discuss in his thread.

Community Mods Featured in Latest PCGamer

Forummer fhertlein reports on the forums that the December issue of PCGamer has a list of community mods/RMs. Featured on the list are:
Canyonlands, Fort Wars, The Kharian Tournament, Napoleonic Era, Siege of Fort Niagara, Roanoke: The Lost Colony and WW2: The Great CrusadeM

Authors are of course, given full credit for their creation. Congratulations guys :).

Gallery Update

Our Gallery has been updated to include a few new screenshots I've taken myself from the Warchiefs Expansion. I've also uploaded screenshots of the loading screens to 3 new maps. So don't waste any time and go check them out!

Germans in the Xpack

ES_Sandyman is yet again answering questions in our forums. This time Sandy commented on the Germans and if they got any sort of boost in the expansion. Here's what Sandy had to say:
Even the hated Germans most definitely have gotten a boost. Look, there's no doubt that the FF is no longer the premier strategy-of-strategies. But Germans can get more of an advantage out of the Saloon than any other civ by far:

1) with saloon mercs, their Mercenary Combat card now starts looking pretty good. Remember it's +15% attack & HP.

2) they are one of the few civs that can take advantage of the 2nd age high-pop saloon units. In early 2nd age start producing Renegadoes for a unit with an attack of 40, 18 range, and only costing 90 resources. Sure it has a pop cost of 6, but send Palatine Estates as your first 2nd age card to not care. Of course Renegadoes aren't available on every map, but the other saloon units are worthwhile too (if you can ignore pop count).

Other notable German boosts - (a) the 7 settler wagon shipment. Perfect for putting on a plantation to get enough gold for those saloon mercs. (b) Solingen Steel has I think been talked about enough for people to see its use. (c) Demolition Team to take down an enemy fort & factories with a single swipe (d) some of the best team cards in the game - Team 10 Cree, and infinite team Jaegers.

Just because FF is no longer the be-all and end-all of every game for the Germans doesn't mean they're hung out to dry. You should be happy the Germans get some new strategies. "Germans still suck ass" indeed. "Still"?! You don't remember a patch or two ago when they were the dominant civ?

Being a long time German player myself, I most likely won't be coming back to playing the Germans. One of the reasons is as rel4xed replied to Sandy's post:
We'll see, I still think other civs benefit from mercs more than germans. Palatine Settlements is nice but germans get so slow shipments...Improved Mercs is age3. A couple of team card wont save them even if they are good (in teamgames).

And another is that I'll probably be playing the Aztec. Why? Just read up the same thread where MockHamill posted:
I think Aztecs will dominate due to their Warrior Priests. You start with one which means you can immediately make a fire pit and put your Warrior priest on it. That is the same as 2 villagers. This will increase your unit production speed with 20%.

In Age II you can set the fire pit to produce more Warrior Priest. Just by having two more you get +60% faster productions. Your maximum is 10 Warrior Priests which will give you a +208% unit production.

Without wasting any villager seconds you can have an extremely fast boom, or you could switch to xp and out-ship the Spanish.

I would be really surprised if Aztec was not the top civ until the first patch.

Agree? Disagre? Leave your comment at our forums.

User Screenshots from the Expansion

MockHamill, the lucky forummer who got his hands on the Expansion pack before the official release date, has made a thread full of screenshot goodies he took himself. You can checkout his thread and request more and/or information you've been dying to learn.

The Expansion Is Out!!

In Sweden, that is. MockHamill reports in our forums that he was able to find it the expansion in a Ålens store Ålens, in Stockholm. I guess the Swedish just get to get naked and play the expansion before the rest of the world eh? =]

Update: Doh, Ålens is a store, not a specific place in Stockholm. Cookies to Shrink for pointing that out.

The Tashunke Prowler

ES_Sandyman stopped by our forums and posted some info about the Sioux's Tashunke Prowler.

Tashunke prowler attack & damage goes up the more of them there are in a group. Kind of like the way Fenris Wolves used to work in AoM.

The only building that can see stealth units is the TC.

The topic Sandy posted in is pretty interesting itself. Forummer F1RE_FLY discusses if the Prowler could be a new villie raid unit, as the unit has stealth and grows in attack by the numbers. You can participate on the discussion at F1RE_FLY's forum thread.

The New Use of Mantlets?

On the pre-expansion Age of Empires III Mantlets are handy siege units only acquired by allying with native Iroquois. On the expansion, the Mantlets are very different. ES_Sandyman gave a description of their new use:
they're not bad at siege but their main purpose is to soak up damage. Enemy ranged units take forever to kill mantlets and while they're trying the rest of your army can go nuts. Of course if they ignore the mantlets to fight your army, you can take down his buildings with them. You would never want a whole army of just mantlets, but sprinkling a half-dozen or so in the crowd is nice.

The Mercenaries of AoEIII

Our beloved seraph NAT has written an article on the mercenary units from Age of Empires III, explaining the historical background behind the units you see in-game.

I'm sure NAT would love to hear your opinions so please discuss the article here!

The Warchiefs Demo Mirror

We have added the Warchiefs Demo download to our Downloads Section, to help those who have to wait in long lines and slow servers in order to tryout the expansion pack. Get it while it's hot! (oh man, that was cheesy).

And if you want to experience all the demo has to offer, don't forget to download Kastor's demo add-on, which adds cards, mercs and some other expansion items back in the demo.

Fire Pit Stats

Flammifer has already obtained some statistics about the firepit from the demo. He outlines what each dance does, how much an additional settler effects the output, and the rate in which the dance provides. He then explains how you should use the firepit while playing the game.
Gift Dance - increases the XP trickle
Founder Dance (Iroquois Only) - produces additional Travois units
Holy Dance - spawns medicine men
Fertility Dance - faster training
Town Dance - increases building hitpoints
Alarm Dance - spawns warriors for defence (lose hitpoints over time)
War Chief Dance - increases your WarChief's hitpoints
War Dance - increase the damage your units do
That's just a little bit of what Flammifer wrote up, if you want to view the whole thing visit his thread.

Xamo World Closing Its Doors

Xamolxis owner of Xamo World has announced that his Age Fansite, "Xamo World" will be closing its doors. The reason as Xamolxis stated is the lack of Custom Multiplayer Scenario support from ES. Although the topic has generated much protest from designers, ES_Sandyman has said that Multiplayer Scenarios are not supported in the expansion pack. Sad to see you go Xamolxis.

On a personal sidenote, it's sad to see how many small Age fansites have been disappearing over the last year. What could be causing the downfall in fan interest?

ES_Sandyman about HI vs LI clarification

ES_Sandyman recently answered in our forums about Heavy Infantry vs Light Infantry clarification:

A lot of
people have been spending a lot of wasted breath on "OMG Y did ES give
HI a bonus vs. LI?! Are they nuts?"

category Light Infantry in the game right now is used ONLY for two (2)
specialty Aztec units, the Coyote Runner and Eagle Runner Knight. It
does NOT apply to Skirmishers, Crossbows, Aennas, etc.

I know that normally we think of skirms & archers as "light
infantry". Perhaps the name we used for these two Aztec units was an
unhappy one. But regardless, no ES has not lost its mind, and your
pikemen will still get pwned by skirms just as much as ever.

Thank you for your understanding.

Check out the thread here!

The Warchiefs Demo, Extended Edition!

Our amazing staff member and modder Kastor has created a mod for the Warchiefs demo that enables all cards (for the Germans and Iroquois) and Saloon Mercenary. You can download the mod in our own downloads section, or checkout Kastor's thread.

La Musical ES_Swinger

The beloved ES_Swinger has left the Ensemble Studios staff to pursue a musical career in performing and composition. Ensemble also welcomes back ES_Paragon and ES_Yeti to their moderation team. Best of luck guys!

New Cards in The Expansion

The Warchiefs expansion is adding a ton of new Home City shipment cards, to the new (obviously) and old civilizations. Forummer The Anti Elmo has made a thread with a list of new cards and what civilization they apply to. This is largely speculation of course, but a good source nonetheless if you're already planning new strategies.

Buying the Expansion The Day it Comes Out?

Forummer Ossian created a thread on our forums asking who will be buying the expansion as soon as it comes out and what civilization will they play with first. ES_Sandyman dropped by to reply to a concern by a forummer that the only new thing in the expansion are the natives nations, here's what Sandy had to say:
you are obviously within your rights in not buying any ES game, but if your sole reason for doing so is because you don't want to play American Indians, I'd like to point out that the expansion pack actually offers a TON of new stuff for the European civs.

1) they get new units, new mercs, and new technologies not available to the natives.

2) they get a new building not available to the natives.

3) they get 25 new cards each, many, if not most, unique to their civ. Example: the Spanish card "Mayan Allies" that lets them muster Holcan Spearmen.

4) they get a new potentially game-winning power, "Revolution" which is, again, not available to the natives.

Plus there are new maps, new minor native allies, a new way to win the game (Trade Monopoly) etc.

The WarChiefs offers heaps of stuff to European players who never want to be a native civ.

See you silly people? There's plenty of reasons to get the Expansion. I'll be getting it the day it comes out (or sooner) and I'll be trying the Aztec as my first civilization. There's something about those Jaguar Warriors that I find to be the coolest thing in the world. How about you?

The WarChiefs Demo

Tomorrow, October 4th, GameSpot will have The WarChiefs Demo available for download. So if you want a sneak peek then make sure you go to GameSpot tomorrow. The following will be available for the demo:
The 517MB demo features the first two single-player missions that continue the saga of the Black family. There will be two playable factions to choose from--the Germans or the all-new Iroquois Confederation. Players' persistent Home Cities can be improved across multiple games as they explore the California coast in the colonial days.
So the Native civilization you will be able to play is The Iroquois Confederation and can test out new European units via the Germans. For the full article visit GameSpot or discuss it in Gaurdian_112's thread.

Developer's Blog - While We Wait

Bruce Shelley updated his blog to talk about Halo Wars.
Halo Wars has been proceeding for months under the code name Phoenix. We have been working with the Bungie team closely to be sure that the vision for Halo Wars syncs up with their games and story. Our goal is to develop a full RTS game specifically for the X-360. We think X-360 gamers are ready for the RTS experience and the MGS leadership believes a quality RTS can expand the platform community. Our team specifically sees this as a cool challenge to take advantage of the technology, do something different, and open up a new genre to the platform.
He also talks about other things related to Halo Wars and some other themes like Asian Internet Cafes.

Go check it out here!

Eye Candy Screenshot Competition (Round 8)

With the end of one round of the Eye Candy Screenshot Competition brings a new round.

If you are unfamiliar of the competition, it is when we give you a simple word or phrase to make a screenshot of in the editor. Last week it was "City Life" and we got screenshot of homecity looking cities, a bird's eye view of a city, and a futuristic looking city. It's a chance to have your creativity shine and editor skills perfected.

We are looking for eye candy so add embellishment and make it look nice.

This week's theme is "A Feud in the night." We left it broad so are hoping for an array of screenshots to be entered.

So what are you waiting for? Boot up that editor and get cracking, if you still need more information, go to the rules page here. the deadline is Monday 9th October, 23:59 forum time so good luck.

Halo Wars FAQ

Got the news late and you've been wondering just what this "Halo Wars" deal is about? Wonder no more! Forummer KS (or Kumar Shah) has gathered up some common questions and compiled all the known facts about Ensemble's new project in one thread. The thread contains all the up to date information we could find, but if you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so. Check the thread out on our Halo Wars forum.