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Topic Subject:Failed to join game error LAN
posted 11-16-15 06:38 PM EDT (US)         
I know there is a thread about this, but I tried lanning with a mate the other day, and we basically have exactly the same AOE3 off steam. In other words I bought the game off steam, downloaded it, then he went onto my account and downloaded it also. So pretty much I've tried lanning with him and an error message keeps coming up saying "unable to join game". I've scoured the internet, and I've tried the port forwarding thing as suggested by these websites:
And so far nothing has changed. I may have done it wrong? Not sure. But firstly, do you think the fact that we have exactly the same game might be something to do with it?
Or do you think not? If not, what do you think may be the issue? We can see each other's games, but when we try to join them it says "failed to join game". Any ideas?
So I've tried the port forwarding and everything.
Just to clarify, do I need to do the port forwarding for only the hosts computer? Or also for the non-host?
Also, if I do the user.cfg method, do I only need to override the ports for the host? Or non-host as well?
posted 01-29-16 02:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I have the Steam version too and I just reformatted with Windows 10.. I tried and tried to get LAN games to work and even adding the User.cfg only changed my reported IP (when I went into LAN, then hosted a game, you see it at the top middle of your screen) to
Though this led me to a seqrch on these forums and I saw the answer finally, go into the game's shortcut and add the override ip thing from the user.cfg into the end of it. Fixed it for me.

Of course I didn't even see the ip as till I remembered to change the User.cfg.txt into just User.cfg
I know, I'm ashamed.
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