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Topic Subject:how to own using the chinese
posted 01-26-11 01:55 AM EDT (US)         
as the title says, this is how you really beat people in ESO
or computers.

1. fill your deck with military cards for age 2. some cards are the 7 stepp riders cards, 8 crossbows, 9 pikemen and the ming duck army or watver it is called. The ming duck army gives u 9 crossbows and 1 flamethrower. that flamethrower will be really useful.

2. once ur in a game, get all of your villagers to gather the resource crates and get your town center to make 2 villagers ONLY.

3. get all of your villagers on food and start looking for a really good place for a foward base. look for your opponents base and make 1 of your villagers make a village right under your opponents base while tour other villagers keep gathering food.

4. make your village be able to accecpt homeshipments. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE ANY OF YOUR HOMESHIPMENTS. SAVE THEM UP UNTIL AGE 2.

5. once you are able to age, age with the confusion academy. get 4 of your villagers that are gathering food and that villager that builded the village to make it.

6. once you have aged, ship in 7 stepp riders and 9pikemen or 8 archers. ship in the pikemen if your expecting the enemy to have calvary or no army and ship in crossbows if ur expecting infantry.

7. get your stepp riders to circle your opponents base nad look for settlers/villagers that are far away from their base. When you find the settlers/villagers kill the with your stepps. When the settlers are close to garrsoning into the town center ot the opponent bring out a defence force withdraw your stepps.

8. once you get another homeshipment (if you where at the same pace of me you should have had 2 homecity shipments by the time u aged), ship in the ming duck army, (the 8 or 9 crossbows and flamethrower). NOTE: if your homecity is not high enough then ship in the pikemen if you dont have the card.

9. this all should have been done within 8 minutes, make sure you keep on making villagers. get all of your army men to start a attack on the enemies base. Kill settlers, then barracks and houses and such then aim for the opponents town center. If your army fialls to bring down the enemies base then there is a 70 percent chance that you will lose unless you can build a war academy or have buildied a war academy and have builded a ton load of old han or the banner army with stepps. adjust wat you make accordingly, if you see the enemy has alot of pikemen then its not wise to make the banner army with stepp riders.

10. you have good gamed the enemy, aging to age 3 is not very important but if you can multi task then go for it. if your opponent keeps on rebasing then kill the explorer or the units that are making town centers. Your opponent has been good gamed this technique will we affective agianst coporals max if you play online. try and use it on higher ranks if you want.
posted 01-26-11 04:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
this forum is dead you should put this on the strategy central
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