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Topic Subject:Drop Trick Loss
posted 11-11-12 08:49 AM EDT (US)         
I am trying to provide evidence to this drop trick that resulted in me losing. Not a big deal, but I am curious as to how this happens.

Here is what happened. I destroyed all my opponents military units, killed some villies, and was destroying buildings of my opponent. He had clearly lost and rather than resigning, he dropped. The drop screen then came up. The countdown went from 60-0 and the screen then read "Victory is your". I exited the game and a loss was recorded for me.

The only way I can think to document this is to look at the ELO page of the details. No way I could have lost with the game ending with the opponent losing his whole army, villies, and buildings with him winning. I am just curious how this happens.

Here is the link tot he stats:

Here the date and time:
2012/11/08 17:54:00

The map was Mongolia.

Screen shots would not really help since I was taking down his town and the drop screen came up. The real question is, how do players do this. I have had it happen before. I get the screen "Victory is Yours" and it is recorded as a loss.

Having a tough time uploading pics. Sorry to repost - the navigation here is deceiving. After editing other post it did not have a submit button on my screen....

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posted 11-13-12 01:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Thank you for the link.

A one off is not sufficient to pass this on, and could have been caused by a number of legitimate reasons. If there are more reports about the same user with evidence then that will all be forwarded to the appropriate people.
The real question is, how do players do this
No one here is going to tell you that, and if that information is posted here the post will be removed and bans/warnings issued.

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