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Topic Subject:New Mythic Gods
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posted 03-07-03 05:59 AM EDT (US)         
Hi guys. I noticed that two mythic age minor gods can only be worshipped by civs: Zeus-Hera and Loki-Hel. Hephaestus and Tyr however can be worshipped by all Greek resp Norse civs.
Well, I don't know about you, but I get fed up with Fenris wolves and Collosi every now and then. So how about creating some new mythic gods? Here are my ideas; the Norse one isn't complete yet. Please tell me what you think, I need some more suggestions here!

Greek:Helios (Poseidon, instead of Hephaestus)
God of the sun. Helios made the sun rise and set by riding the sky in his flaming chariot each day. He is an ancient and powerful deity, often overlooked in favor of zeus. Helios was worshipped by the Minoans.
God Power: Scorched Earth
This GP triggers a huge blast of sunlight to burst through the clouds and kill or severely hurt all units in the area. It affects a limited area; target an enemy army or villie group for maximum effect. Merely scorches the paint of enemy buildings.
Myth unit: Gryphon (400F, 25Fv)
Hack Attack: 30
Hack Armor: 50%
Pierce Armor: 40%
HP: 500
Special: travels through air, fights on ground
Speed: 4.00, 6.00 while airborne
The Gryphon, a panther-like creature with the head, wings and talons of an eagle, is a great, heavy raiding unit. It travels through the air, making it vulnerable only to ranged units, but has to land in order to attack. It can accompany your cavalry hordes to wipe out opposing spearmen and prodromii, and a few Gryphons together with Pegasi make a fearsome raiding party.
Chariots of the Sun (500W, 25Fv)
Cavalry +20% speed
Golden Armor (400G, 20Fv)
Human units +10% Hack armor
Heliotrope Fields (300G, 15Fv)
Farmers work 15% faster
Sacred Bulls (350F, 20Fv)
Favor can be bought and sold at the market

Egyptian:Amon (Set, instead of Horus)
God of the storms and hidden things. Amon or Amun was worshipped at Thebes and was upper god of Egypt for a long period of time, before merging with Ra to become the supreme being Amon-Ra.
God Power: Temple of Storms
Creates the ominous Temple of Storms, a highly decorated temple-like building with a prominent obelisk atop of it, surrounded by black clouds and lighting. You can only train Set's animals from this temple; faster and cheaper than from the Pharaoh. Secondly, it serves as a powerful defensive tool; the obelisk atop the temple shoots bolts of lightning (weaker than the SoO's). The Temple of Storms can be invoked anywhere in your LOS.
Myth unit: Basilisk (250F, 35 Fv)
Hack Attack: 20
Hack Armor: 60%
Pierce Armor: 40%
HP: 550
Special: ignites any human unit with its killing glance. Reloads in 20 seconds.
Speed: 6.00
The Basilisk or Cockatrice is the horrid offspring of a rooster and a serpent. It looks like a large, bipedal lizard with ostrich feathers and a dragon lizard's head. The basilisk's glance was supposed to be so deadly that plants withered, birds fell from the sky and even the most pure-hearted warrior perished. This fast unit is a supreme unit killer, with the upgrade it can "zap" a human unit into oblivion every 12 seconds.
The Evil Eye (450G, 35Fv)
Upgrades your Basilisks to Viper Basilisks, which have 750 HP and a special that reloads in 12 secs.
Second Sight (300W, 20Fv)
All relics on the map become visible to you
Shrines of Luxor (500F, 25Fv)
Infantry and animals train 33% faster
Arrow Storm (300G, 15 Fv)
Chariot Archers and Slingers +15% attack

Norse:Uller (Odin, instead of Tyr)
God of death, the winter, hunting, archery, ice-skating and whatnot. Sometimes considered the most important god after Odin. A comparatively jovial character in Norse mythology, Uller (or Holler, or Ull) had to spend half of each year in Niflheim at Hel's side, causing winter to reign supreme.
God Power: Bifrost (?)
Creates a huge, frozen rainbow from Asgard (heaven) to Midgard (earth), which provides free Hero units from the land of the Gods (Hersir, Jarls, possibly myth units like Einherjar and Valkyrie). Can be destroyed by enemy units.
Myth unit: Ice Drake (400W, 30Fv)
Hack Attack: 25
Crush Attack: 25
Hack Armor: 80%
Pierce Armor: 60%
HP: 800
Special: Fires a cloud of icicles from its mouth, which do 6 x 30 pierce damage at 8 range, piercing several units in front of it
Speed: 4.80
The Ice Drake is a medium-sized dragonlike creature with small wings and a long tail. It is covered with blue-greenish scales and attacks by biting with its fearsome teeth. The Ice Drake adds extra oomph to your melee attacks - it can keep up with your Hill Fort units and kill off counterinfantry.
The Eyes of Midgard (300F, 10 Fv)
Odin's ravens have 90%, 90%, 99% armor, have more LOS and are faster
Winter Robes (400F, 10 Fv)
Huskarls, Jarls and Hersir +10% Hack armor, +10% Pierce armor
Odin's Chosen (25Fv)
Causes the Bifrost GP to yield Heroes faster

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posted 04-04-03 05:52 AM EDT (US)     26 / 33       
Thanks man I was actually hoping for a simple reaction of this kind, before the thread was turning into a discussion about Helios and Olympus and whatnot by a certain person from Hellas...

Anyway, yeah, 80% hack armor for the Ice Drake is a bit much isn't it? However, it does cost 30 Fv and other Myhtic units like the Avenger and Chimaera have comparable stats I think (Around 1000 HP?). If ES wanted to add extra Mythic gods they would undoubtedly balance it. The Gryphon on the other hand seems underpowered with only 500 HP.
Anyway, I think an Odin army consisting of Huskarls, uberjarls and some of these scaly guys would make for a very, very nice melee army

Cossack Boy
posted 04-09-03 09:47 PM EDT (US)     27 / 33       
Why not allow Scorched Earth to destroy trees or at least burn them to make them less valuable?
posted 04-10-03 04:06 PM EDT (US)     28 / 33       
The Scorched Earth must hit soldiers and make them rout, not burn trees. The "realism" (as much as can be in mythology) would be this Sun ray hit the soldiers and heat the armor reducing the HP.

The horn of Hel Hammerhand shall sound in the deep. One last time... Great deeds awake!!! Now for wrath, now for ruin and the Red dawn!!! Forth Eolingas!!!
posted 04-11-03 11:57 AM EDT (US)     29 / 33       
Hi,just wanted to say some things and ask some others:
1)I think that Helios isn't among the 12 major gods.He was very respected by them,for the duty he had.When the 3 gods(Zeus+Pos+Hades) shared the world,he was on his duty,so he was forgotten!He then complained,and instead asked a beautiful island(Rhodes),as Diex correctly said(and Helios ofcourse got Rhodes).

2)SilentScreams,you did a great job with all 3 gods you suggested.
Where did you find that name "Gryphon"?Was it another mythic figure?I would suggest Faethon(Helios'son,although he sc**ed up when he got in charge of the Helios' chariot,causing earth disasters,and Zeus decided to bolt him,to stop the disasters)

3)My friend,the "sacred bulls" improvement I consider it to be marvellous!Bying favour when you need it is important!

4)Diex,why you say Apollo was the mafia of the 12-theon?I thought Hermes to be in that role...

5)WilliamtheBloody,Aphrodite was indeed created after Cronos mutilated genitals of Ouranos(Sky),and threw them on the sea(!!!!).Around the bloody flesh there was a foam created,that eventually transformed into a very pretty woman,in the coasts of Cyprus.Aphrodite(Venus):Aphro=froth ,dite=comes from a greek word meaning "float to the surface" !

"Atlantis never perished,it was just re-discovered in 1492..."
posted 04-11-03 12:35 PM EDT (US)     30 / 33       
Maybe "Phaethon's Course" can be an improvement for Gryphon. BTW Gryphon mean "Γρύπας". Apollo was the mafia, Hermes was the catburglar. Aphrodite was given birth when blood from Zeus fell to the sea during a battle between Cronos.

The horn of Hel Hammerhand shall sound in the deep. One last time... Great deeds awake!!! Now for wrath, now for ruin and the Red dawn!!! Forth Eolingas!!!

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posted 04-11-03 02:17 PM EDT (US)     31 / 33       
So I suppose that the version you heard is the absolute truth and everyone else is wrong? EVERY translated from original Greek Mythology has Aphrodite pegged as being born before Zeus was. Read Bulfinch's mythology, or any other mythologist's book. Not saying that you're wrong, but I have read many more versions of the battle between Oranos and Kronos, then I have of your version. Every single story has more than one version to it. Just because you were born in that region doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong. It's just a story.

The path of the damned is to walk alone for all eternity
/IPhear the Phang!I\
posted 04-11-03 04:51 PM EDT (US)     32 / 33       
Actually it does. Except if they accept my ideas. That sounds quite Stalinic!!! Avanti popolo, pantiera rosa. Avanti Kommunisme para liberta!!!

The horn of Hel Hammerhand shall sound in the deep. One last time... Great deeds awake!!! Now for wrath, now for ruin and the Red dawn!!! Forth Eolingas!!!
posted 04-14-03 05:28 AM EDT (US)     33 / 33       
MaYtzer, I welcome your praise and suggestions

Buying favor at the market would be very handy, but shouldn't come in until Mythic and should be expensive as well to keep it balanced.
A Gryphon is a ferocious creature like I described, it has the body of a lion or panther but behaves more like a bird of prey. Gryphons were rumored to inhabit mountains in Turkey where they laid their golden eggs. Of course getting to the Gryphon's nest is an extremely dangerous enterprise, because the creature can swoop down on any invader from the sky and rip him apart with his powerful beak and talons. I'm quite surprise you haven't heard of it, it's one of the better known mythical creatures and over here in Europe appears on many flags and standards. Here's a link to a site with some drawings of Gryphons (warning- may load slowly!):

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