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Topic Subject:How do we know this is the only Xpack?
posted 04-14-03 09:10 PM EDT (US)         
With games like the sims having multiple xpacks and other games following in that style whos to say AoM wont have multiple xpacks?

AOM: The New World (Aztecs)
AOM: Japan (for lack of a better name)
AOM: Monotheistic Influence (The persian god of Zoroaster)

What do you guys think?

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posted 04-15-03 01:28 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
I doubt it. AoE and AoK both only got one, and were also highly profitable games. I don't see too much opportunity for ES in doing more than one X-Pack for a specific game.
posted 04-15-03 05:30 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
I think there might be more than one because maybe the sims xpacs wern't released when aok xpac was in the making

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Seqenenre Tao
posted 04-15-03 10:04 AM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
It could be possible that ES is doing what other gaming companies have done and is making multiple Xpacks.

Considering this is about Mythology, ES can pull out all the stops and make as many new civs as they want. Atlantis could be just a stop over for Akantos and friends before they set out to go to even more distant civilizations.

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posted 04-16-03 05:16 AM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
yeah your right. and i hope we get as many xpacks as i can afford it...
posted 04-16-03 06:51 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7       
*Cough* Everquest *cough*

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posted 04-17-03 01:17 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
Honestly I think they'd rather do AoE 3 before doing another x-pack. It'd be better received by far.

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posted 04-17-03 08:55 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7       
It's a matter of economics. It is much cheaper to burp up another xpac to an existing game, than to develop a whole new game. The question is, how many xpacs can they make before it becomes uprofitable? That's the bottom line. Personally, I think they could release as many as 3 xpacs total for a game of this magnitude.
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