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Topic Subject:Age of Mythology 2
Austin Powers
(id: Emperor_Julian)
posted 07-24-04 12:09 PM EDT (US)         
Well everybody's been talking about an AoM II so I thought I'd post it here. I think AOM2 would have many more civs than AOM1

-Han Empire(Chinese

Note: A civ in green means a civ we'll keep if the civ is red that means the idea has been discarded
Note: I still have the Greeks and Egyptians because they played a major role with the Romans.






I think they worship[ped Greek gods

i saw some great ideas in the forums but I haven't got permission to use them

THE MAYA by Underpants Man (I have his permission to use this)

The Maya are the most scientific of Age of Mythology's cultures: they
research technologies the quickest, and techs are slightly cheaper. This
means that they can advance through the Ages quicker than their Greek,
Egyptian, Norse, and Atlantean counterparts.

The Maya are also fond of astronomy, and thusly Mayan players don't
have to worry about black maps; unexplored territory is covered only
in Fog of War. Mayan units, especially the Shamans, also have the most
expansive LOS.

Mayan military units are the fastest in the game and they also put up a
decent (although not remarkable) fight on land. Although the Maya cannot
create cavalry, many of their military units are fairly skilled in countering
such units. However, Mayan ships also tend to have a weaker attack than
those of other cultures. But Mayan ships are also very swift, thus
compensating for their meek fighting skills.

The Mayan hero is the Shaman, who is not only good against Myth Units,
he is also a crucial actor in the Mayan method of gaining favor. To
collect Favor, you must send the Shaman to somewhere near enemy
units, then have him enslave them; that is, have him waving his arms
chanting something until the enemy units change into Slaves. Slaves in the
game are like goats and pigs, except they contain Favor rather than Food.
Next, have the Shaman sacrifice (kill) one of the Slaves. After the sacrificial
ritual has been performed, he with harvest Favor from the Slave's carcass and
carry it back to the Temple, just like a villager gathers food.

Mayan Mortal Units

The Mayan villager unit. The Peasant doesn't carry as much as the Citizen,
Gatherer, Laborer, or Villager, but s/he does cut down trees and kill animals
more easily.
Created At: Town Center

Simply a source of Favor for the Maya, the Slave can be herded to your
Temple and sacrificed by a Shaman.
Created At: Where enemy units have been transformed into Slaves by
the Shaman's magic

The caravan unit for the Maya, he carries goods in a large sack which
he unloads at the Market.
Created At: Where enemy units have been transformed into Slaves by
the Shaman's magic

The Mayan Hero unit, Shamans are the main means of gathering Favor
(see above). They are also very good against Myth Units.
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Myth Units

Eagle Warrior
The basic Mayan infantry unit, the Eagle Warrior is a swift-footed
warrior that makes a excellent scout as well as a tool against enemy infantry.
Created At: Warrior-Training Base
Good Against: Infantry & Cavalry
Counter With: Archers

Eagle Warrior
The basic Mayan infantry unit, the Eagle Warrior is a swift-footed
warrior that makes a excellent scout as well as a tool against enemy infantry.
Created At: Warrior-Training Base
Good Against: Infantry & Cavalry
Counter With: Archers

As the Mayans' basic archer unit, the Javelineer can throw spears with
ferocious frequency and also has great range, although his attack is not
as powerful as that of other basic archers.
Created At: Warrior-Training Base
Good Against: Infantry
Counter With: Balamob Slingers

Balamob Slinger
The Mayan version of the counter-archer unit, but the Balamob Slinger
also has a slight bonus against cavalry.
Created At: Warrior-Training Base
Good Against: Archers & Cavalry
Counter With: Infantry

Macana Warrior
The most expensive of the Mayan infantry units, the Macana Warrior
gets his name from his weapon, a flat, wooden club shaped like a cricket
bat, albeit with obsidian points jutting out of the edges. While he is the most
effective soldier of his culture when it comes to fighting foot units, his weakness
is cavalry.
Created At: Tecpan
Good Against: All foot units
Counter With: Cavalry

Although he is the only siege weapon the Maya can create, the Torch Carrier
is perhaps the fastest of the lot, and, unlike most other siege weapons, he can
defend himself when surrounded by cavalry and infantry.
Created At: Tecpan
Good Against: Buildings
Counter With: Archers

Fishing Ship
The main means to gather Food way out in the sea, and nothing more or
Created At: Dock

Transport Ship
Speedy canoe that can carry units quickly and fly by enemy naval units with
minimal harm.
Created At: Dock

Fast canoe that fires arrows rapidly, although the impact is weak compared
to other arrow ships
Created At: Dock
Good Against: Hammer Ships
Counter With: Siege Ships

Macana Canoe
Swift hammer ship loaded with macana-brandishing warriors that will hack
at the bark of adjacent ships.
Created At: Dock
Good Against: Siege Ships
Counter With: Arrow Ships

Slinger Canoe
Quick siege ship that fires rocks at passing enemy ships; not as strong
as other siege ships but a lot faster.
Created At: Dock
Good Against: Arrow Ships
Counter With: Hammer Ships

Mayan Myth Units

Jungle-dwelling spirit that may transform into a terrifying monster to scare
away the enemy's soul, killing the enemy instantly.
Minor God: Itzamna
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Small demon that feeds off the blood of its enemies. Its special attack
consists of the monster leaping at an enemy's throat and drinking his blood,
gaining hitpoints for every one taken by the enemy aggressed against.
Minor God: Cit Bolum Tum
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Half-human, half-jaguar monster who can sprint up to the speed of light
as its special manuever.
Minor God: Kinich Ahau
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Agile saurian predator that can pounce on an enemy unit and immediately
kill it.
Minor God: Cizin
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Giant Bat
Huge bat that can dive at and quickly kill enemy units, but is particularly
strong against other air units like the Phoenix, Roc, and Caldria, using a
high-pitched squeal to stun them.
Minor God: Cizin
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units, Aerial Myth Units
Counter With: Heroes

Crying woman whose wailing may send a forcefield that protects here from
Minor God: Ixtab
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Spirit that have no attack on their own but may possess assorted animals,
thusly turning the hosts into savage monsters.
Minor God: Tzultacaj
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Gigantic predatory dinosaur whose roar raises the morale of your own troops
and diminshes that of surrounding enemies. Also can kill smaller units with one
Minor God: Nacon
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Water-dwelling serpents that swim under the ocean surface and churn
the water, causing any ships passing through to fall over.
Minor God: Chac Uayab Xoc
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Huge eagle that creates bolts of lightning that instantly kill any ground units in the vicinity.
Minor God: Chac Uayab Xoc
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Spider Woman
Part arachnid, part female human monster that wraps thread around their
victims, and then takes a bite out of them to regenerate their own health.
Minor God: Mam
Created At: Temple
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

A gargantuan monster that is very powerful and hard to kill.
NOTE: Although all Titans have identical stats, not all Mayan Titans look
alike. Their appearemce as well as special attack depend on your Major
God; followers of Kukulcan get a giant, feathered rattlesnake that delivers extremely powerful bites, followers of Chaac get a massive anaconda that uses its
tail to whack away enemies, and disciples of Yum Cimil get a big, animated
T-Rex skeleton whose roar can blow away enemy human units.
Minor God: Anyone
Created At: Titan Gate
Good Against: Human Units
Counter With: Heroes

Mayan Major Gods

Feathered serpent-god of wind.
God Power: Hurricane (huge storm that blows away ships; must be cast on
Myth Unit: N/A
Technology: Kukulcan's Return (Shamans gather 50% more Favor)
Bonuses: Religious technologies are cheaper, Myth Units have more HP,
and Shamans are trained quicker

Water-snake god of rain.
God Power: Epithytes (causes jungle vines to consume a Town Center,
eroding its HPs until they die; must be cast on rival Town Centers)
Myth Unit: N/A
Technology: Rainforest Mist (Farms produce 50% more food)
Bonuses: Peasants have more HP, Farms take less time to seed, and
buildings are less expensive

God of creation
God Power: Fossilization (all enemy human units in the vicinity of where the
spell is cast turn into dead fossil skeletons that may be harvested for Gold)
Myth Unit: N/A
Technology: Ball Games (military units have increased attack)
Bonuses: Military units are faster, Tecpans have more HPs, and
technologies improving military units are cheaper

Mayan Minor Gods

Age 2:

Ix Chel
Goddess of the moon.
Available to: Kukulcan, Chaac
God Power: Confusion (enemy units in the vicinity of where the spell is
cast walk around in random directions)
Myth Unit: Chaneque
Technology: Jungle Night (upgrades Chaneques into more powerful

Cit Bolon Tum
God of medicine.
Available to: Chaac, Yum Cimil
God Power: Malaria (spawns a swarm of mosquitos that kill off any unit they
cross paths with)
Myth Unit: Chupacabra
Technology: Goatsucker (upgrades Chupacabras into swifter El

Kinich Ahau
Jaguar god of the sun.
Available to: Kukulcan, Yum Cimil
God Power: Heatwave (causes all Farms to evaporate from view)
Myth Unit: Were-Jaguar
Technology: El Tigre (upgrades Were-Jaguars into mightier Alpha

Age 3:

God of the underworld.
Available to: Kukulcan, Chaac
God Power: Volcano (creates a volcano that excretes rivers of lava that
burn anything in the way)
Myth Units: Raptor, Giant Bat
Technologies: Raptor Red (upgrades Raptors into tougher Alpha Raptors), Vampirism (turns Giant Bats into faster Vampire Bats)

Goddess of suicide and the hung.
Available to: Chaac, Yum Cimil
God Power: Stampede (causes a herd of panicking tapirs
to run across the map, trampling everything in their way, including
enemy units)
Myth Units: Llorona
Technology: Hijos Mios (upgrades Lloronas to La Lloronas, who keep
their forcefields for longer after they create them)

Xaman Ek
God of the North Star and protector of merchants.
Available to: Kukulcan, Yum Cimil
God Power: Avalanche (causes a load of rocks to crash down on an indicated
building; must be cast on an enemy building)
Myth Units: Nagual
Technology: Lycanthropy (animals possessed by the Nagual are
more powerful)

Age 4:

Ek Chuah
God of war
Available to: Kukulcan, Chaac
God Power: Invincibility (grants your warriors temporary invulnerability)
Myth Units: T-Rex
Technology: Sharptooth (upgrades T-Rexes to tougher T-Imperators)

Chaac Uayab Xoc
Shark god of fish
Available to: Yum Cimil, Chaac
God Power: Shark Attack (causes sharks to circle around an enemy boat and
take a bite out of the vessel; must be cast on enemy boats)
Myth Units: Thunderbird, Chiccan
Technologies: Tsunami (Chiccans are upgraded to Great Chiccans, who
have more hitpoints), Sound of Thunder (Thunderbirds are upgraded to nastier
Stormbirds that release more lightning bolts at a time)

God of evil
Available to: Kukulcan, Yum Cimil
God Power: El Dorado (permanently turns all your buildings into gold
structures, thusly allowing you to slowly generate more gold as time
Myth Units: Spider Woman
Technologies: Arachnaphobia (Spider Women are upgraded to faster
Tarantula Women)

Mayan Buildings

Town Center
Where villagers are created; built over a Settlement and a boost to your
Population Limit.
Created in: Age 1

Where Shamans and Myth Units are created; also a drop-off point for Favor
gathered from slain Slaves. Required to advance to the Classical Age.
Created in: Age 1

A boost to your Population Limit, and nothing more. You can only build
10 houses.
Created in: Age 1

Where all naval units are created and upgraded at.
Created in: Age 1

Storage Yard
Where food, gold, and wood are dropped off at.
Created in: Age 2

Where infinite food can be gathered.
Created in: Age 2

Where armor improvements can be researched; required to move on
to the Heroic Age
Created in: Age 2

Warrior-Training Base
Where infantry and archers are created and upgraded.
Created in: Age 2

Where siege weapons and Macana Warriors are created and upgraded.
Created in: Age 3

Where things can be bought and sold, and where Merchants
are created and upgraded. Required to enter the Mythic Age.
Created in: Age 3

Grand monuments that can help you win in Supremacy Games if they
are intact or at least unrazed.
Create in: Age 4


Peccary: Smaller cousin of the wild boar; weaker attack yet much faster

Tapir: Large, trunk-bearing cousin of the rhinoceros, the tapir provides a lot of meat.

Rattlesnake: Small predatory reptile that leaps out from the undergrowth to chomp on your Peasants.

Jaguar: Swift big cat that likes the taste of human flesh.

Caiman: Swifter cousin of the crocodile; commonly found on riverbanks.

Macaw: Colorful bird flying above the rainforest canopy

CELTIC CIVILIZATION FOR AOM 2 by chosenone (he said I could use it)

Celtic Culture
The Celts lived in a wide area of Europe, from Northern Italy to the British Isles, Gaul and even modern-day Spain. Their most prominent legacy are the monolyths which they left behind - cromlechs (the most famous of which is the circle of Stonehenge), dolmens and menhirs - these are believed to have served as burial mounds and sacred cerimonial grounds. The Celtic gods were mostly figures of fertility and nature, as the Celts initially worshipped totemistic animal figures and only later adopted the concept of antropomorphic deities. Celtic culture is reflected in the Arthurian legends and in the myth of Avalon, a magical island lost in the middle of a misty lake to which dead kings would be carried to ressurrect and live an eternal life of joyful pleasures.

Celts in AoM
The Celts begin the game with a Tribe Hall, their civilization's replacement for Town Centers. When they ocupy a settlement, all of the villagers created there will belong to the same tribe, each Tribe Hall having its own distinct tribe. The Celtic hero is the Druid, a melee combat unit that excels versus myth units and that can heal allied units as well as build Monolyths. These are monuments which villagers can pray at to gather favor, and much like the Egyptian civilization, they come in three different sizes - dolmens, menhirs and cromlechs. Only Druids can build these Monolyths. There can only be one Druid per tribe. Their unique military building is the War Hall, at which Milesian troops and siege units such as the Capped Ram and the Fire Bow can be built. Another unique building is the Bard Hut, where technological improvements are researched. Celts can also fortify Tribe Halls into Castles, defensive buildings with increased hit points, attack and line of sight, similar to Migdol Strongholds. Most Celtic myth units are amphibian, meaning they can move in and out of water at will. Celts have excellent infantry.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Dagda. The father and master of the Celtic Gods, Dagda is the god of wisdom and warfare. He is also a fearsome fighter, and a patron of fertility who summons the seasons by playing his magical harp.
Focus: Villagers and Resources
God Power: Magic Cauldron, target an area of the map to create a magical cauldron to which villagers can be assigned to gather never-ending resources. The cauldron is susceptible of being taken over by enemies.
- Can train an unique unit, the Warchief, a melee combat hero that excels versus myth units.
- Villagers assigned to resource gathering work 25% faster.
- Herdable animals fatten 50% faster.
- Food Stores, Mines and Docks cost less to build.
Myth Tech: Silver Hand. Increases the hit points and attack of villagers, to make them more effective in melee combat and better able to survive raids. Military units also gain a slight increase in attack.

Danu. Matriarch of the Tuatha Dé Danna, Danu is the Earth Mother, the goddess of rivers, magic and prosperity. She has the ability to foresee the future and is associated with all that concerns Nature and the Earth.
Focus: Buildings and Favor
God Power: Veil, target an area of the map to shroud it in mysts, concealing any allied buildings or units within it from the eyes of enemy units. If used on units, it is lifted the moment they attack an enemy.
- Can train a unique unit, the Priestess, a ranged hero that excels versus myth units and possesses extraordinary line of sight even while moving. Priestesses can heal allied units and pray at the Shrine to gather favor.
- Can build a Shrine, a building at which villagers and Priestesses can pray to gather favor.
- Female villagers can be turned into Priestesses.
- Heroes cost 50% less.
- Buildings have increased hitpoints.
- Town Centers and Castles have greater range of fire.
Myth Tech: Island of Avalon. Priestesses are able to attack and heal faster. Favor is gathered faster. Creating units at the Temple costs 50% less. Monolyths also cost less.

Nuada. God of healing and magic, he possesses an invincible sword which he uses to cleave enemies in half.
Focus: Myth Units and Infantry.
God Power: ???
- Can train a unique unit, the Stag King, a melee combat hero that excels versus myth units.
- Archers can be garrisoned inside buildings to increase its attack.
- Myth Units have better armor.
- War Halls cost less and build faster.
- Infantry has increased attack and hitpoints.
- Woad Raiders cost 25% less.
- Buildings have increased line of sight.
Myth Tech: Great Sword. Myth Units and Infantry benefit from this tech by gaining an increase in attack and simultaneosly having their armor improved. Villagers gain stronger hack armor.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Classical Age

Ceridwen. Goddess of the moon and harvests. Her improvements aid your villagers.
- Ceridwen makes farms wield more food and be harvested faster.
God Power: Summer Harvest, target an area of the map to make allied villagers temporarily gather resources faster.
Myth Unit: Selkie, an unarmed melee unit, mediocre on land but that turns into an excelent reconaissance unit when it enters the water and morphs into a large seal. It can only attack fishing boats.
Myth Techs:
- Greal Draught, Ceridwen increases the armor and attack of villagers.
- Moon Rites, Ceridwen allows villagers to harvest food from farms faster.
- Roane Bloodline, Ceridwen increases the line of sight of Selkies.

Sucellus. God of forests and agriculture. His improvements aid your Druids.
- Sucellus increases the line of sight of Druids.
God Power: Forest Path, target a wooded area to clear a path through it that is open only to allied units.
Myth Unit: Hag, an ugly forest-lurking creature with a special area damage attack in which the Hag reduces the hitpoints of surrounding enemy units by half to heal itself. This lasts until the Hag is killed.
Myth Techs:
- Curse of Cailleach, Sucellus turns Hags into Forest Hags, with increased hitpoints.
- Fires of Beltane, Sucellus decreases the creation time of Druids.
- Sacred Talismans, Sucellus increases the speed and attack of Druids.

Teutates. God of wealth and war. His improvements aid your buildings and favor.
- Teutates improves the hack armor of infantry.
God Power: Potlach, target an allied Tribe Hall to double the number of that tribe's villagers.
Myth Unit: Black Hound, a large canine unit that attacks with savage bites and can cover large expanses of land very quickly, making it a good scout unit. Black Hounds have good pierce armor.
Myth Techs:
- Crossroads, Teutates turns Black Hounds into Grim Hounds, with increased speed and hack armor.
- Funeral Mounds, Teutates decreases the cost of Monolyths.
- Ley Lines, Teutates increases the hitpoints and attack range of Castles.
- Tribal Traditions, Teutates increases the regeneration rate of favor.

Heroic Age

Cernunnos. God of the underworld. His improvements aid your archers.
- Cernunnos increases the line of sight of archers.
God Power: Animal Shapes. Target a group of human units to turn them temporarily into wild animals. These are invulnerable while the power is in effect, and will eventually revert to their normal shapes.
Myth Unit: Great Hunter, a cavalry archer with the head of a stag that excels against infantry.
Myth Techs:
- Long Bow, Cernunnos increases the range and attack of archers.
- Samhain, Cernunnos greatly reduces the creation time of myth units.
- Wild Hunt, Cernunnos increases the armor and attack of raiders.

Ogma. God of eloquence and learning. His improvements aid technological advances.
- Ogma improves the armor of traders.
God Power: ???
Myth Unit: Grendel, a large reptile monster with a special attack that allows it to swallow enemies whole. Grendels have good pierce and hack armor, but poor resistance against crush attacks.
Myth Techs:
- Harp of Taliesin, Ogma turns Grendels into Legendary Grendels, with increased hitpoints and attack.
- Ogham Alphabet, Ogma reduces the research time of all technologies.
- Runic Mysteries, Ogma reduces the cost of all technologies and buildings.

Rhiannon. Goddess of fertility. Her improvements aid your cavalry.
- Rhiannon improves the pierce armor of cavalry units.
God Power: Singing Birds, target anywhere on the map to make enemy units fall temporarily unconscious.
Myth Unit: Faerie, a small unit that can cross through forests, has great speed and line of sight, but cannot attack and has very weak armor. Fairies slowly regenerate health over time.
Myth Techs:
- House of Pwyll, Rhiannon increases the hitpoints and attack of cavalry.
- White Horse, Rhiannon increases the speed of cavalry.

Mythic Age

Lugh. God of the sun. His improvements aid your myth units.
- Lugh increases the hit points of myth units.
God Power: ???
Myth Unit: Fomorian Giant, a large three-headed humanoid that attacks by flinging boulders at other units.
Myth Techs:
- Gaze of Balor, Lugh increases the hit points and attack of Fomorian Giants.
- Spear of Gorias, Lugh increases the range of spearmen.

Manawydan. God of the seas and weather. His improvements aid your ships.
- Manawydan reduces the cost of docks and ships.
God Power: Sea Storm, target on a body of water to summon dark clouds over the area and create huge waves that last for a short period of time and immediately sink any ships that dare approach.
Myth Unit: Nuckelavee, a horrific creature resembling a skinless horse with a human torso mounted upon its back that can enter water to avoid attacks by land-bound units. It can also regenerate while in the water.
Myth Techs:
- Pearls of Fand, Manawydan allows fishing boats to carry more food.
- Shoney's Blessing, Manawydan decreases the creation time of fishing boats.
- White Shores, Manawydan increases the attack and line of sight of war ships.

Morrigan. Goddess of warfare. Her improvements aid your military units.
- Morrigan decreases the creation time of units created at the War Hall.
God Power: Strife, target a group of enemies to make them fight among themselves for a short period of time.
Myth Unit: Banshee, an aerial unit with a special shriek attack that temporarily fazes surrounding enemy units, best used as a supporting unit to distract the enemy before an attack.
Myth Unit: Ogre, a large humanoid beast that attacks with a spiked club and has good hack armor.
Myth Techs:
- Carrion Crows, Morrigan increases the hitpoints and pierce armor of Ogres.
- Death Omen, Morrigan turns Banshees into Phantom Banshees, with increased speed and attack.
- Horned Helmet, Morrigan increases hack and crush armor of Milesians.
- War Cries, Morrigan increases the attack of cavalry, infantry and archers.

~Ãû$tïñ Powrs~

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posted 07-25-04 07:27 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Make Mezoamerikans
posted 07-25-04 11:26 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Agreed.... it'd probably be better to mix the Mayan and Aztec mythologies into one "Mesoamerican" civ.
posted 07-25-04 02:04 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Hmmm... no. That would be like mixing Japanese and Chinese into an Asian civ. I'd stay with Aztecs.

Anyway, this game's not getting made... so we can say anything we want.

Co-Author of the Aztec Civilization Outline for AoM.
Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro to do The Hobbit!
Chichén Itzá is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World!
Austin Powers
(id: Emperor_Julian)
posted 07-25-04 05:48 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Hey Compa I wanna do the Mayans because the Aztecs were LATER on in history so the Mayans would be most appropriate.

BTW I renewed my old Age of Empires III thread in AOKH.

~Ãû$tïñ Powrs~
Hersir Ric
posted 07-26-04 00:44 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Watch your language

- Kumar Shah

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