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Topic Subject:Thought
posted 02-22-05 09:25 AM EDT (US)         
I had a thought that it would be good if you could advance a group with an "advance" button. Like it moves in the direction they are looking or firing (which should be the same anyway). It'd be really good, and realistic for Musket battles. I hope nobody else has suggested this, though its likely they have...

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lief ericson
posted 02-22-05 05:48 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
That would be a cool idea, as we could have some pretty epic battles. Only some units would be able to do it though, and they'd only be able to shoot once, as I'd imagine it's pretty hard to reload a musket while running...

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posted 02-22-05 07:52 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
This is a cool idea. I had thought of something similar in an old thread on Friendly Fire which you might enjoy reading. Here is my quote:


Let's say that all weapons cause FF. Someone mentioned muskets hitting friendlies in front of them. Maybe ES has programmed musket lines to rotate and only the front line fires while the backlines reload. As the line advances, only the front line fires. That would be realistic, fun and BALANCED.

Again, yours is a good idea for any kind of military formation.

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