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Topic Subject:My ideas
posted 07-03-05 01:17 PM EDT (US)         
Before I found this forum, I have sent an email directly to ensemble studios, explaining few ideas. Of course, it is naive, to await a reply. Here is the text, curious, of what the community here thinks about it:

I am a big fan of Age of Empires. I used to play AOE II a lot until I just couldn't anymore, but I found nothing similar in Gameplay since then - I found RON and AOM nice, but boring, and long awaited Empire Earth II is technically on the state of 5-years-ago-level.
That's why I am waiting anxiously for the release of AOE III. It's a pity that you don't have something like a public forum or just a wish list for the future release for the fans out there (or I just haven't found it), so I just have decided to put some of my comments and suggestions into an email...

Judging on the screenshots and first game videos from E3, one can see that you are putting big effort into graphics and physics. Unfortunately the physics, with people flying over the screen from a cannon shot looks completely unrealistic. On the other hand, please don't make a mistake of the makers of EE II, who have done the whole thing way too serious. There is no single gag there! Well, the previous AOE were also way to serious, but won't it be cool to include some gags into units' AI? I mean that they dont' have just to march on the enemy, then stand and shoot, but could behave like "real" people: hide automatically behind the trees and buildings or run away from a cannon shot or run away in fear, when they have lost a battle, and there is no chance for the remaining units? It would be both, realistic and very fun to play, and is surely possible to make, isn't it? I remember, how funny were the robots from the game, called "Z", about ten years ago - modern strategy games got 3D and better graphics, but completely lost a fun factor.

What I (and friends whom I used to play with) liked to do a lot, was not just build as quick as possible and attack, but to build beautiful, complex cities, before going to war. I have always dreamed about a great strategy game, combined with some elements of simulation: before you are able to attack with a chance to win, you have to build and manage a complex town. There should be more ways and strategies - not just as quick as possible: city center -> collect wood -> build a military unit - etc. - all the same from game to game... Most of the rescent strategy games I know, among them C&C Generals, Panzers and Act of War feature great combat scenes, but totally lack fun in building and simulation phase.

And the last one. I found close up zooming in most strategy games completely ridiculous. It has absolutely no use, and all you can see is just pretty rough polygons. Isn't it possible to think of something, which makes zooming attractive (if your marketing unit insists that you just must have 3D and zoom)? It could be great if one could add some useful information, or at least gags, to make zooming useful. Like soldiers talking to each or their thoughts like in "Sims". The only game I know, where zooming in was fun was "Black and White" - can't you just "borrow" some ideas there?

Well, anyway if you listen to me or not, I am sure, we'll se a great strategy game, I hope this year. I can hardly wait!

posted 07-03-05 02:20 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
i remmember that game "z" i had it and it was one hell of a letdown, thats putting it mildly!
posted 07-03-05 02:24 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
Empire Earth 2 is a good game, but it didn't get enough players. The online community on that thing is dead. I think I like the Physics and what-not of AoE 3, it looks awesome. Gameplay > Realism.
posted 07-03-05 03:46 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
They are making the game unrealistic cause its not fun when it is realistic. Anyways about the zoom feature it is actually pretty hard to get that to work well, if you have amazing units when they are zoomed out then the game would lag because the computer couldnt prosses all the polys at once, but there is a way to change the amount as you zoom in and out I belive, but it will take some hard work so it might be possible.
posted 07-03-05 06:21 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
units running away?? that has to be one of the worst ideas ever.. When i task an army on a cannon i want them to kill it not run back n forth getting killied

an rts is not a simulation. play civilazation etc for that..
I do agree that economy should play an important role.., it was largely what made me win the games.., along with good strategy. I don't find any lack of strategies in the age-series. The only thing is that a rush shouldn't be the most viable tactic to use. I hate bein rushed at the start of a game; it makes the game so short most of the times (enemy rushes => enemy wins/ enemy rushes, gets army defeated => can't do anything else anymore => enemy loses).

I really hope aoe3 won't be an all rushing game. The gettin as much territory as you can at the start kind of makes me think rushing can be more dangerous in aoe3, although ES is balancing all strats they can think of..


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posted 07-04-05 11:53 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6       


...hide automatically behind the trees and buildings or run away from a cannon shot or run away in fear, when they have lost a battle, and there is no chance for the remaining units?

A guy blown out & lost his leg, hopping around dodging pellets with that last piece of HP as entertainment? I hope not.


zooming in most strategy games completely ridiculous.

It could be useful for our own cinematic design. Maybe, myself I haven't tried it out (as per AoM).

posted 07-04-05 03:25 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
I think some of your idea are pretty good. I would kinda like to zoom and see what my troops are thinking lol. But how that would fit into an age game is beyond me. Also,you mentioned troops automatically hiding behind trees. That would be kinda weird in this time period. Battles were mostly faught in fields with two opposing armies bravely standing up shooting at eachother in the open.
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