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Topic Subject:Rush, Boom? What???
posted 08-26-05 00:41 AM EDT (US)         
Hello, all!

I, like the rest of you, can simply not wait until October 25 when the game comes out. In AOK, I loved the game but the fighting was a little…boring. In AOM, the fighting was much more difficult, having to master the counter system and the tragic myth unit against hero battles. In AOE 3, it looks like the battles will be better once again, carrying on the bloodline of the Age of games. I am simply asking you people who have the preview of the game about some tactics and whether they work or not.


In Age of Mythology, from time to time, I would build a tower on a cliff and block it off with walls or something if the game was in a stalemate to give me a defensive boost. I am wondering if the same goes for Age of Empires 3. Anyone who may be reading this who has played the game, can you tell me if you ever use Elevation to boost cannon performance down on the enemy city below.

Unit Combos…

In AOM, I loved to play Greeks, and my favorite combo was Hoplite/Toxote in the Classical Age and Hypaspist/Toxote/Hoplite in the Heroic Age. I was wondering what a good combo is for AOE 3. Is there a different combo to defensive and offensive play? For instance, you’re guarding your Fort building on a hill, and a massive Musketeer and Artillery army is threatening it. They are moving in, but held back at your towers and Town before they can move on, what would you make? Should one make a Musketeer and cavalry army, and direct your cavalry to the cannons while the musketeers are distracting the fire, or is there another, better, combo?

[/u]Turtle, Boom, Rush, What for?[/u]

In AOM, there were three basic strategies; the Boom, an economic play where one becomes unstoppable late-game, IF they get there. The Turtle, completely defensive play, which was rare on ESO because of the need of resources and the high amount of rushers. The most popular, by far, was the Rush, when a player would try to attack as early as four minutes into the game. By my idea of what AOE3 will be, I would think in some cases a “rush” would only hurt you, and not help much at all. I will back my opinion up like so; imagine if you’re a level 1 HC, and your enemy had a level eight HC, if you forward build and when your seven horses and cannon is ready and your ready to rush, you find he already got a shipment and his army is double then yours! In my idea of the game, I would think none of these strategies really stand, can someone with the preview game confirm my thoughts?

Thanks for reading, but I have one more question to you people (sorry for noobishness) What age are cannons made in? 2nd? 3rd?


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posted 08-26-05 10:40 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I think the game will be very different from previous age games. The very different civs and natives should allow many multiple strats, the differnet deck options will add to that. So hopefully each game will play different and there will be no 'best' strategie or unit combo.
posted 08-26-05 01:17 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       

The ES developer chat is worth reading. It gives a fair amount of insight into all of your questions, rushing/booming/turtling balances are also explained in more detail. Hope you find what your looking for.

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