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Topic Subject:New strats for beating expert
posted 09-12-05 02:56 PM EDT (US)         
Hi guys we all know many of the guys have finished thisa game on expert.But what i wanna know is some good strats.Solid and funny strats that own the computer on expert.If any1 is sayin plzzz explain in detail so that we all can have fun with it.Basically my start for beating comp on expert isnt all that good its just a normal turtle to 3rd and attack wh9ich is quite lame.But if any1 knows a nice rush strat to own the computer on expert then plzz share it will be fun.Lets hope for some good replies by some uber pro players.Thanx in advance
posted 09-13-05 02:54 AM EDT (US)     1 / 13       
No replies .Comon u guys.Where r all the pros like mokon????
posted 09-13-05 03:06 AM EDT (US)     2 / 13       
I'm still struggling vs Hard. I don't get it. I'm pretty much playing the same way each time but I'm still losing every other game - win one, lose one or two, win one, etc. I saw someone write that the ai doesn't attack or something like that, but it keeps hitting me from all sorts of directions. I'm finally getting a grasp on the game play, though, and am starting to really like this. I just wish I could play online NOW@! I have to go check EB and see if this is out yet. Someone told me it came out this month in the states? If so, I might have it by Friday, yay!
posted 09-13-05 03:07 AM EDT (US)     3 / 13       
i am more a booomer then rusher. But yesterday i tried to rush on hard, but that ai was turtling and i lost on hard!

@timeless someone lied to you

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posted 09-13-05 03:19 AM EDT (US)     4 / 13       
Hard is very easy to defeat u just go and kill their villies by a bowmen rush with pikes and they wnt advance ahead of 2nd age lol.its proven strat.Iwanna know expert cuz they get some starting bonuses in it
posted 09-13-05 03:55 AM EDT (US)     5 / 13       
Ive beaten the AI expert on any possible matchup so lets go through them:

map New England: Player: Spain; AI: England

The easiest Xpert matchup you can have.
Send the Explorer out to get some treasures scout with the dog for deers ( you need to scout the second spot aswell ) after that help the explorer with you dog
Build one house as soon as you have emptied the wood crates
Idle two villagers
Pump out villagers and let them hunt deers
Activate the Furrier card as soon as possible
as soon as you have about 16 villagers go tier 2 ( use the outpost one )
Second card doesnt really matter.
Shift your workers to be on wood, keep 3 on food (berries or deers) and 1-2 on gold.
Build two houses.
As soon as you hit t2 (about 4:30 game time ) build a forward barrack as close as possible and send your outpost as close as possible.
Switch some villagers back to food.
play the Rodeleros card and after that the pikeman card.
buy 5 rodeleros in the barracks. once you have 11 rodeleros ( card + build ) you may rush ( take the dog/xplorer with you ) into the enemies base and attack enemy villagers. Use the pikeman to destroy the outposts.
Build rodeleros if the enemy should buy units if not just build pikeman. Once all importent outposts are gone attack the TC. You should win around 10-12 min.

(Hints: Use Shift-click when building houses)

map Texas: Player: Spain; AI: England

This is the most difficult matchup you can play in the demo. The biggest problem are the longbow archers.
Again rush for t2 using bisons and deers ( sometimes berries) as you have done it on new england.
You cannot make any mistakes and you will need alot of practice to win: Instead of a forward barrack build a forward stable: build crossbow archers and hussars.
Use the hussars to attack villagers that are outside of his base and attack longbow archers with them. Use the pikeman card once you hit t2 and attack with a few hussars/pikeman/crossbows. Destroy any stable/attillery/barracks you can target easiely. Or you may destroy important Outposts that protect villagers ( with those 8 pikeman )
Dont stay in his base, try to kill villagers every time you get a chance to do it ( maybe when they are out hunting bisons ) Once you have slowed his waves down and you control him you may either tech to tier 3 or mass pikeman.
Victory should be yours after 20-30min.
Again this is the hardest matchup and i would recommend to beginn with the other matchups first!

map Texas: Player: England; AI: Spain
The best part about playing england are their houses which spawn a free villager ( you can set the flag of the houses on resources when they are build so they walk there once its finished )
England lacks the Furrier card which means you will hit t2 at 5min ( using the 2 villager card ). I find it highly effective to use the pioneers card as a second card because you will get rushed. Just mass longbowman and some pikeman and push him forward. Go heaviely on wood which enables you to pump out villagers double as fast.
The biggest problem in this matchup are the first minutes. If you have to use the militia. Use the outpost card for forwarding or get the musketeer card. Once you have enough longbow archers tech to tier 3( you can also kill him by using pikeman and grenadiers ). Its important that you use the range of the longbow archers because its their best asset. Once t3 you play the cannon card or build an attilery range.

map new england: Player: England; AI: Spain

Basiclly the same as texas but you will use walls and only leave one passage. play defensiv. He will build a fort pretty early if you cant destroy it while its in the making you need to defend until you have a few cannons to destroy it. NEVER attack a fort with non siege units.
Play the outpost card ( and use the t2 outpost) to wall the north-west with a wall. If he builds cannons you need to build a stable and get a few hussars out. He will build alot of hussars so attacking with the cannon with pikeman will work aswell.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Good Luck


posted 09-13-05 04:00 AM EDT (US)     6 / 13       
another way to win in expert is do similar as above ,but instead of rushing u can turtle, build 3 towers, get some troop shipments in and soak up the 3 or so attacks then attack back, that the simplyfied version.

this is brits vs span,
this way takes around 34 min.
tried to rush once but no success, i guess it does take a bit of practice.

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posted 09-13-05 04:35 AM EDT (US)     7 / 13       
Want a fun way of beating Expert? Pick Britain on the New england map and get all the resources/treasurs you can get. Build a dock early. Build a caravel ASAP and send all your vills explorer and sheep to the island and rebuild there.
Then when you are ready, storm the mainland and be ready to face a massive spanish army, fun fun To balance my economy I only needed two plantations a mill a market and later the factory, and I was unlucky as in this game the island was really small and had 5 trees or something.

This is a pic of how my game ended: [JPEG, (219.94 KB)]

EDIT:That place in the map with my fort was my landing site, however all that fortification of wall towers and fort was not really necessary as the AI seems to have trouble upgrading his troops.

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posted 09-13-05 07:21 AM EDT (US)     8 / 13       
Hey man i know tht lame island strat lol but it suxx.Well i too can beat computer by sittin in base.What i wanted to know is that Mx_storm by your strat it means that brits cant rush the enemy like spanish does in new england.Cuz spanish ai advances way faster then us and cuz of that we cant rush em.Thats what i have seen i have tried the pike rush but he gets musketeers when i have broke his ops and am goin for tc.Cuz of that my pike army dies>Well lets see if rodeleros can do good.Mx_storm well explained man.Just wanted to know if brits cud rush man.But ais too fast for me when brits.With spain i can rush em but not able to win but i think i need practice.Lets see what mokon has to say
posted 09-13-05 07:40 AM EDT (US)     9 / 13       
nonononono not turtling at least not that way with building towers, get units as defense !

the fist strat with 16 on food and then advance to colonial age is right. but dont spilt your workers on gold at the beginnig. u want to tech?
do it its more easy than u think!
when at age 2, get pretty the same amount of villies on food and wood. then u can get native support quickly, and build a lot of either pikemen or longbows/crossbows (scout the enemy and watch for his units, to build an adequate counter)
I played spanish, I built some outposts to defend my gatherers. by the way u have plenty of food and wood, u can start to slowly get some villies on gold, but not switching the wood choppers etc to gold!! build new villies.
u have enough ressources to get a large archaic army, some defenses, natives, and trade route with first upgrade, there u can start to "gather" gold aswell
( the expert doesnt attack them that often, but if so defend them with your units, or build some outposts)
the key is to rely on food/wood until age 3, later u can switch more to gold.
I played spanish and built 4 armys of 40 pikemen each (with this strat!) they were unupgraded but I had em in age 2 already. THe expert AI didnt attack me AT ALL!! they were too scared I think ( the enemy's army gathered around the fortress in the middle of the map, which the AI builds really soon).
after this I waited for age3 because I didnt have to care about any defenses. after that I upgraded my natives/pikemen and pumped some cannons, after I defeated the mass in the middle of the map, the victory was assured, cause the AI didnt have roughly any units in the mainbase.
So my advice is: DONT UNDEESTIMATE the trading routes. U get that coin really fast, if u have like 2 trading posts there.

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posted 09-13-05 08:41 AM EDT (US)     10 / 13       
Hey guys woot.I finally defeated expert computer(English) on new england.Wow and that also by those rodeleros and pikes rush strat it is awesome this time i caught them off guard b4 they cud even build their barracks>WOOT.But unfortunately they stil lgot that musketeer shipment but my 2nd batt of 4 xbows 5 rodeleros owned them.PIkes r best for breaking buildings.rodeleros just kee4-5 to kill those archers and some xbows for muskets.The main idea is reinforcing u gotta reinforce fast cuz your first wave will die to musket shipment.Lets see on texas now.Anyways i will be glad to see some mre new rush ideas by the other pros where the hell is mokon he never replied in the post
posted 09-13-05 09:04 AM EDT (US)     11 / 13       
i found a really good strategy with the spanish to beat expert. i have in the start4 villigers on food and 3 on wood. I do another 1 vill' on food and sand food for the HC than I can move age. i build barrack very close to the enemy and a manor house and send the pickmans and the redoleros after them from the HC then I destroy one outpost of the computer with the pickmans in defence mode and the TC with the pick and some other pick I create and in the same time slaughter vill' and longbows with the redoleros in defence mode. in the same time of this I can send from the HC 2 outpost and I put all the 3 outpost I have in the center of the enemy left base I can do this because he has no TC and then it is end.
posted 09-13-05 09:07 AM EDT (US)     12 / 13       
HEy guys i finally oqwned the computer this time.Its like 13.23 and games over.13 min only.Woah spani9sh owns brits .Anyways its same as Mx_storm but little change that i go 2 for wood.And the most surprising thing was i advanced faster then computer woot.7 seconds faster awesome strat that 16 men on food.was reall fast with those home shipments.If an1 still wants to know what to do lemme iknow in the post.Any other rush strats r welcome.Esp rushing with brits cuz i feel there is no way to rush spanish ai.Their army owns early game
posted 09-13-05 02:19 PM EDT (US)     13 / 13       
Guys how do i upload screenshots lol
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