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Topic Subject:The Stuborn Unit AI
posted 09-13-05 01:21 PM EDT (US)         
Anyone found situations where a unit just stands in one spot and does not recognise your move or tasking commands?

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posted 09-13-05 01:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
sometimes my guys seem to run into an invisible wall and won't walk past it to w here I want them to....I usually just have to back them up a bit, then run em at it again, trying lots of different angles....then they work fine again..but yeah..sometimes they really don't want to they've got an invisible wall all around them.

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posted 09-13-05 01:26 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
It's because they're stuck. Happens a lot with hunters when you get too many on one prey or stragglers when you get too many on one tree. Have to move the adjacent villie blocking the stuck one and reissue orders. Most annoying is when a deer ends up on the edge of the screen, leaving even less room for your villies to move around, and your get half of them stuck. Quite micro intensive.
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