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Topic Subject:New info: eso2 features,units,politicions,tutorial,campaign heros,mercs, and more
posted 09-15-05 04:51 PM EDT (US)         
here are some new finds (take this as rumour not fact, as the game changes a lot). NOT ALL THE SECTIONS ARE COMPLETE

Basic Info
- <String _locID="19191" symbol="cStringTechDetailGodPower">Secret of the New World:</String> (secret god poweres?)

-nicknames can be upto 16 chars long and include a-z 1-9 and _

-you can find games that has players that have the same language version as you

-you building and unit destruction MIGHT be announced in the game (or at least specail buildings/units

-you can connect to IP's

-cd key needed to be validated before playing online

-you can have more than 1 page of maps

-frieds list in ESO2

-pest list? "Type the pest's online name in the field below and then press the "Add" button to add them to your list"

-Buildings cannot be built too close to an enemy's first Town Center.???

-Town Centers cannot be placed near existing colonies.???

-Colony buildings must be placed near other colony buildings.???

-there will be an option to enable home city citizen thoughts

-you can visit other peoples' HC

-some unit commands
Instruct your unit to guard another unit.
Instruct your unit to patrol an area.
Instruct your unit to stop immediately.
Go into line [default] formation.
Go into Square formation.
Go into mixed formation.
Go into spread formation.

-treaties in game

It wouldn't be Age of Empires without berries.
(its a joke in the script)

-Harbor Seal:
A friendly seal. Club him on the head for Food.(another joke)

-soem game types

-natives uprgrade from regular to champion to garland

-Your explorer has just set foot on the shores of the New World.
-To move your Explorer, you must first select him. Left-click the Explorer to select him now.
-Remember, left-click to select a unit.
-Now, with the Explorer selected, right-click on the ground near the flag to move him.
-Remember, after units have been selected, right-click to move them
-Well done!
-Your soldiers have disembarked and are ready for your orders.
-To select all the Musketeers at once, drag a box around them.
-Remember, left-click and hold in the main game window, then drag a box around a group to select them.
-Perfect! Now, right-click the ground near the flag.
-The Musketeers have joined your Explorer, and you are now ready to begin exploring.
-Select all four units by dragging a box around them.
-Now right-click the ground near the next flag to move further inland.
-Your units are nearing the edge of the screen.
-Moving your cursor to the edge of the screen will scroll the view in the main game window.
-Try this now. Scroll the view to the left until you see the next flag.
-Remember, to scroll the view, move the cursor to the very edge of the screen.
-Move your Explorer and the Musketeers to the next flag.
-As your units move deeper into the wilderness, notice that more and more of the landscape is revealed.
-Once your units have explored an area, you will always be able to see the terrain, but you will only be able to see enemy troops if you have units near them.
-The Town Center is the first building in your new colony.
-When a game begins, you will receive several Settlers and crates of resources at your Town Center.
-Resources are used to construct additional buildings and train soldiers.
-Your Settlers will immediately start gathering resources from the crates, but you can redirect them if you like.
-Try this now. Select a Settler.
-Now right-click on one of the flashing trees
-Good job. The Settler will now gather Wood from the tree
-Settlers can also gather Food from animals and Mills, and Coin from Mines
-You'll need to gather all three resources if your colony is going to survive
-That sound, and the flashing shipment icon, indicate that you may now send a shipment from the Home City
-Click on the flashing Home City button now
-During a game of Age of Empires III, visit the Home City now and then to send shipments of resources, Settlers, or soldiers
-The timer above the Mini Map at the lower left of the screen shows how long it will take until you advance to the Colonial Age.
-While you're waiting to advance to the Colonial Age, click the flashing button to return to the New World, and continue gathering resources and exploring
-You have reached the Colonial Age!
-Build a Barracks to help defend your colony
-Select a Settler
-Click the flashing Barracks button
-Now place the Barracks somewhere near your Town Center
-Left-click to place the Barracks
-It would be wise to train some additional soldiers to protect the colony
-For the purposes of this tutorial, you have been given some extra resources.
-Select the Barracks
-Now click the flashing Musketeer button five times
-You are now training a small group of Musketeers
-Continue to gather resources and explore
-That sound means your Musketeers are ready -- and just in time too!
-Spanish cavalry are on the way to raid your colony
-To attack the cavalry, select the Musketeers, then right-click the enemy units
-Remember, to attack an enemy, select soldiers, then right-click the enemy units
-You have defeated the enemy cavalry and successfully defended the colony
-Congratulations! You're now ready to go on to the second tutorial, called "Try a Game".


-Military drummers make units move faster

-Aztec Eagle Warrior:
Aztec infantry that flings javelins from an atlatl. Good against infantry.

-Aztec Jaguar Warrior:
Aztec warrior armed with an obsidian sword.

-Seminole Sharktooth Bowman:
Ranged native infantry with short range, high attack.

-Comanche Mustangs:
Comanche ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry.

-Russian Blockhouse:
Russian combination of Barracks and Outpost. Can defend the frontier or train infantry in groups.

Russian light cavalry.

Weak but cheap light infantry. Good against infantry.

musket-armed cavalry

Hussar-like cavalry

Native boat that can attack or transport units.

Powerful cavalry available only from the Home City.

Powerful Ottoman musketeer that can beat cavalry.

-Great Bombard:
Slow, heavy artillery.

-Prussian Needle Gun:

Heavy swordsman with a sweep attack.

-Organ Gun:
Artillery that fires multiple projectiles. Better against infantry than buildings.

Ranged cavalry armed with pistols. Good against cavalry and artillery.

Light infantry with low hitpoints, but a strong attack. Good against infantry.






Fast cavalry good at raiding villagers or buildings.

-Champion Sharktooth Bowman:


-Carib Blowgunner:
Short-ranged missile unit that fires poison darts. Good against infantry.

-cherokee Rifleman:
Cherokee light infantry that is accurate to a long range.

-Cree Tracker:
Cree rifleman with a good line of sight and long range.

-Incan Huaminca:
Inca infantry armed with a flexible spear. Good vs. cavalry.

-Incan Bolas Warrior:
Inca infantry that hurls bolas for a wide area of effect.

-Maya Holcan Spearman:
Maya barbed spearmen. Good against cavalry or buildings.

-Nootka Clubman:
Nootka warrior armed with a wooden club.

-Lakota Axe Rider:
Lakota horseman armed with an axe.

-Tupi Blackwood Archer:
Long-range, accurate native archer. Good against infantry.

-Hot Air Balloons
Flying surveillance unit with huge line of sight and a limited lifespan.Cannot move once deployed

-Coureur des Bois:
Expensive but powerful villager who gathers fast.

-Ottoman super-heavy artillery:

Slow, powerful ship resistant to building fire that can train units


-Native American scout:
A Native American scout. Good for exploration, but does not fight.

Powerful heavy cavalry

-Lakota Dog Soldier:

-Medicine Man:
Heals injured units.

-Lakota horsemen:
Native American hand cavalry

-Hoop Thrower:

-Elite Ambush Warrior:

-Elite War Chief:
???A Native war chief???


Bold cavalry mercenary from Egypt.

Light cavalry mercenary from the Balkans

-(merc)Black Rider:
Heavily armed German mercenary cavalry armed with pistols.

Chinese cavalry archer mercenary.

Japanese samurai mercenary.

Hessian light infantry mercenary. Good against infantry.

Heavy cavalry mercenary from Finland.

Flamboyant German heavy infantry mercenary

-(Merc)Swiss Pikeman
Elite Swiss mercenary armed with a pike. Good against cavalry.

-(merc)Holy Roman Army:
an army of Holy Roman Mercenaries: Landsknecht, Black Riders and Jaegers

-(merc)Recruit Privateers:
2 priveteers


-(merc)Wild Geese:
the famed Wild Geese (mercenary cavalry)

-Order of the Tower and the Sword:
You call on the ancient Order of the Tower and the Sword of 11 powerful gun-armed riders.

Morgan Black:
Leader among the Knights of St. John on Malta.

John Black:
Mercenary captain and experienced woodsman.

Amelia Black:
President of the Falcon Company.

Mercenary lieutenant and experienced woodsman.Mohawk hero

Kanyenke's sister; a Mohawk woman

Alain Magnan:
Commander of the Knights of St. John on Malta.

General Warwick:
Mysterious British General.

Mysterious French woodsman

Clever Inca warrior.

Elisabet Ramsey:
Leader of a large group of Caribbean pirates.

Famous Ottoman leader known as "the Falcon."

Major in the US Cavalry.


John's uncle. Fat men are usually jolly, but he's just cowardly.


Colonel Washignton:
British officer from Virginia. Great things await him.

Home City Units
Vendor Cart:
A store on wheels hawking goods of all kinds.

A street performer who interacts with an unseen world.

A strolling entertainer.

The Reverend:
A street preacher sharing the good news.

The uppercrust of any society.

An elegant member of any society.

The Royal Coach:
This coach waits upon the whims of royalty.

The Artist:
An artist who sets up his easel and paints.

A sailor who has overindulged in adult beverages.

Nice Lady:
A soiled dove

A man who would rather be fishing.

A brutish and unpleasant fellow.

A guard at the Tower of London.

A Russian Policeman

Militsiya Too:
Another Russian Policeman

The Hunchback:
A bellringer for the Paris Cathedral.

The Ripper:
A murderous fellow from Whitechapel.

Statue of the Sovereign:
A tribute to the Empire's famous leader.

Equestrian Statue:
A tribute to the Empire's most notable explorer.

POLITICIANS (note these give you units too but I don't know which and how mcuh)

-Allows you to send the Master Farmer, who advances you to Colonial Age and improves your Mill gathering rate

-Allows you to send the Exiled Prince, who advances you to Industrial Age and refunds 500 Coin

-Allows you to send the Viceroy, who advances you to Industrial Age and increases soldier and building hitpoints.G

-Allows you to send the Engineer, who advances you to Industrial Age and increases artillery hitpoints

-Allows you to send the Engineer, who advances you to Industrial Age and increases artillery hitpoints

-Allows you to send the Grand Vizier, who advances you to Industrial Age and increases the hitpoints of unique Ottoman units

-Allows you to send the Exiled Prince, who advances you to Industrial Age and refunds 500 Coin

-Allows you to send the Master Farmer, who advances you to Colonial Age and improves your Mill gathering rate

-Allows you to send the Cavalier, who advances you to Colonial Age and increase cavalry hitpoints

-Allows you to send the Master Miner, who advances you to Colonial Age and improves your Mine gathering rate

-Allows you to send the Cavalier, who advances you to Colonial Age and increase cavalry hitpoints

-Allows you to send the Gentleman Pirate, who advances you to Industrial Age and increases Mercenary hitpoints

-Allows you to send the Tycoon, who advances you to Industrial Age and improves your Crates and Factories

-Allows you to send the Bishop, who advances you to Colonial Age and makes Priests free

-Allows you to send the Master Miner, who advances you to Colonial Age and improves your Mine gathering rate

Other Politicians (note, these give you upgrades but I do not know which ones)
-The Quartermaster

-The Sergeant at Arms:
3 Janissaries

-The Naturalist:
gives you 4 cows

-The Scout:
2 Hussars

-The Governor:
3 Settlers and 3 Halberdiers

-The Philosopher Prince:

-The Cavalry Marshal:
9 Ruyters/Hussars if not dutch

-The Adventurer:
2 Pikemen and 2 Skirmishers

-The Bishop:

-The King's Musketeer:
10 Musketeers

-The General:
12 Musketeers and 1 Rocket. Unit Shipments can be sent again

-El Presidente:

-The Mohawk Statesman:

-The Marksman:
5 Abus Guns

-The War Minister

I've also got campaign dialog and the name and function of soem home city building upgrades.

Ps, i also got the name and function of hte technoloiges and upgrades

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posted 09-15-05 05:11 PM EDT (US)     1 / 14       


Military drummers make units move faster

probably a bit old
posted 09-15-05 05:23 PM EDT (US)     2 / 14       
I hope not

A lot of good info in there. Im just sad about the russian politicians. With an horde of infantry, a 'extra hitpoints to infantry' politician would be perfect.

posted 09-15-05 05:30 PM EDT (US)     3 / 14       
remember, this doesn't have all politicians
posted 09-15-05 05:33 PM EDT (US)     4 / 14       
CD Key must be validated before going online, LOL what is this Win XP? Microsoft always up to the same shit. What a bunch of greedy morons. Validation crap for a game, what a joke.
posted 09-15-05 05:35 PM EDT (US)     5 / 14       
Great, always good to have some new info.
posted 09-15-05 05:42 PM EDT (US)     6 / 14       
The howitzers are just improved mortars. Check the demo. The stadhouders are probably the envoys (stadhouder is a dutch word) and I know that the british Naturalist gives you 4 cows and the spanish marksman gives you a bunch of skirmishers.

Exploring Strategist of the dutch
posted 09-15-05 05:44 PM EDT (US)     7 / 14       
k thanks adding it now
posted 09-15-05 05:51 PM EDT (US)     8 / 14       
How is it greedy to validate the cd key before playing online? It is a standard multiplayer feature, both battle net and the ESO1 have it. It is an excellent way to prevent lamers that steal their games from enjoying multiplayer.
posted 09-15-05 06:46 PM EDT (US)     9 / 14       
the issue is that now you can only have one account per cd key
posted 09-15-05 07:04 PM EDT (US)     10 / 14       
i wish they would update the units page on this website so i can c them all, i haven't memorized them all yet.
posted 09-15-05 07:28 PM EDT (US)     11 / 14       
No real heroes?

It wouldn't be Age of Empires without...

ohh sad they aomized the campaign, anyway im buying the game for the multiplayer

posted 09-17-05 02:56 PM EDT (US)     12 / 14       
posted 09-17-05 02:59 PM EDT (US)     13 / 14       

The RoL forum colors make me sooo hungry.
-Unit Costs for 5-Philbo1-Explorer Micro-
B_E looks like a demented evil smiley.-Botolf

Stonewall Pwns
posted 09-18-05 08:05 PM EDT (US)     14 / 14       
about the formations...

<HG_Zen> Thanks ... Next up we have Sgt_Friedrich from The Colony... who can't make it because it's 1:35am over where he lives... but he wanted to ask: ... Will there by any formations? Will the Campaign Refer to the Black Family or not?
<Bigdog> Ah, the formation question ... Yes, there are formations. No, they're not the formation stuff that we talked about early on. ... When we finally got the "new combat" formations turned on (i.e. bugfixed enough), we iterated on the game for a while and realized that it just wasn't cutting it for lots of us. ... It was easily the most difficult feature choice I've been involved with at Ensemble to see them get cut. ... But, it was the right thing for the game given everything else that we've got going on inside it. ... Adding the formations would have changed too much gameplay from the "This is Age" perspective, plus we just never quite got it fun enough for people to enjoy it more than something more like Age2 or AOM's formations. ... That's the crappy part of game dev... We get excited about a feature and then talk about it because we need to talk about what we're trying to do. ... But, then when it doesn't pan out, we have to pull it and we either look a) dumb or b ) like liars, or both if you read some of the forums ... In the end, the new stuff just wasn't fun enough. Thus, we're back at something closer to what we had before. ... But, it does have some new stuff. For example, Muskies do more damage with their hand attacks than when they shoot. ... Putting Muskies in Melee mode forces them into using that hand attack, which is a level of tactical control we've never had before. ... As far as the CPN goes, yes, it centers around 3 generations of the Black family. It's a big, grand piece of historical fiction. ... I like to call it "Forrest Gumping your way through History". You run into folks like Washington, Bolivar, etc., but you spend most of your time with fictional characters that bounce around in this historical setting. ... I think Age3's CPN is easily the best one we've ever done. We managed to keep the story-driven aspects from AOM, while doing cooler things scenario-wise. ... done

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