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Topic Subject:How to make AOEIII run alot faster...
posted 10-21-05 06:26 PM EDT (US)         
One reason that AOEIII can run slower than it should, is due to running programs, like virus protection, firewall, and basically any application program that loads up on startup off your pc.

A simple reversable procedure can be performed to give as much of your system resources as you can to the running of AOEIII.

Click Start>Run>msconfig

Select Services; Select Hide all Microsoft Services; then click on Disable all. click on Apply and Reboot.

The system will boot up, like safe mode, but with all your hardware drivers working as normal. Remember, things like virus protection and firewall. wont be running, so I wouldnt recommend using this procedure for online playing.

Another place to check for programs loading up on startup is in Start>All Programs>Startup either delete whats in there or close the program after they have loaded up.

Try the game, it should run faster.

To reverse this measure, just load up msconfig again, and go into Services, and click on Enable All, Apply, then Reboot.

*NOTE* This is one measure to improve the performance of your pc for the game, but if you manage to mess up your system, dont blame me.

Av fun!

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The Assassinator
posted 10-23-05 10:20 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
There is an easier way to do this. It's called a NET STOP file:

Go into Local Disk ( C: )
Right click and select new/text ducument
Name it netstop.txt
Rename it netstop.bat
Right click it and press edit (notepad)

Leave that blank for a minute and go into start/run and type in services.msc
Now find every service you do not need running during a game and type in for each service:
NET STOP "application's name"
NET STOP "next application's name"

Mine looks like this:
NET STOP "Automatic Updates"
NET STOP "Cryptographic Services"
NET STOP "Messenger"
NET STOP "Network Connections"
NET STOP "Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service"
NET STOP "Print Spooler"
NET STOP "Protected Storage"
NET STOP "Secondary Logon"
NET STOP "Server"
NET STOP "Shell Hardware Detection
NET STOP "System Event Notification"
NET STOP "System Restore Service"
NET STOP "Task Scheduler"
NET STOP "Themes"
NET STOP "Windows Management Instrumentation"
NET STOP "AOL Connectivity Service"
NET STOP "AOL TopSpeed Monitor"
NET STOP "DCOM Server Process Launcher"
NET STOP "Plug an Play"
NET STOP "Security Accounts Manager"
NET STOP "WebClient"

You may copy and paste some of what I have here, but remember two important things: Make sure what you disable is actually in services.msc and give each NET STOP a line.

After you save, whenever you double click the file, all of the listed services will stop (sooo easy now).
If you to start up these services after you're done playing, copy my instructions with NET STOPs, but insert NET START instead of NET STOP.

This file might take a minute to load and the computer will occassionally ask you if you're sure you want to close a file. Just press "Y" and "enter" for those.

Don't be cautious about this file. It works. If you have any questions just ask.

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