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Topic Subject:This whole Home City still confuses me
posted 10-23-05 02:46 PM EDT (US)         
(1)- So I start with a Deck that has 15 card.

(2)- I cannot use those cards till I get some XP points? Or can I immediately use those card?

(3)- Why not use all the cards available now in my Deck? Some people say delay using cards. WHY? It is almost free (at least most of them) so why not use it.

(4)- Is there benefit in not using cards till you get to certain level?

I just do not get it.
My understadning is that there are three components:

(A)- You get access to new cards as you level up. Having access does not mean you own those cards yet. Does it?

(B)- You can create a new Deck from the newly access cards and old ones. This would be used in your following games.

(C)- Leveling up relies on XP.

(D)- USING cards in game requires XP (and some times some resources).

I am soooo confused.


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posted 10-23-05 02:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Theres Two types of XP, battle XP and Home city XP. Battle XP is used for shipments and homecity XP is to level up. Any XP goes to both of theese types of XP.

As for the reason people wait to use shipments they wait until there is a problem or they need more men in a hurry.

And for the (A) I think there are 3 levels of cards level 1 to 9 cards, 10 to 24 cards and 25 above cards. Say you get to level 10 you have acess to level 10 to 24 cards but need to purchase them with a level point. You get one of theese points every time you level up you got to level 10 so you may purchase one card.

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