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Topic Subject:improvements?
posted 10-29-05 12:58 PM EDT (US)         
hey guys, ive got another question about the Spanish.

Alright so i was reading the bonuses the Spanish get and one of them was " The Spanish have many unique home city improvements that benefit their soldiers, buildings, and navy" Now i have been looking and looking for those improvements but i cant find them at all. And whenever i see something that i think is unique, it turns out that all civs have it. So if you guys think you know what those "improvements" are please let me know.

thanks alot

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posted 10-29-05 04:12 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I believe their home shipments "arrive" faster.
Test Spanish civ and text another civ and see what that time difference actually is. I think twice as fast but it should be tested anyways.
posted 10-29-05 04:19 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Also, somebody made a post called "Unique Church Upgrades" or something along those lines so just search for "unique" on forum subject and you will find it. Each civ gets unique HC shipments at level 10.

Also, important to note, Ottomans get FREE Spahi upgrades in last 2 ages:

IndustrializeOttoman 0 Food: 0 Wood: 0 Gold: 0 TechStatus active Industrialize
Data 1.30 Damage BasePercent Spahi
Data 1.30 Hitpoints BasePercent Spahi

ImperializeOttoman 0 Food: 0 Wood: 0 Gold: 0 TechStatus active Imperialize
SetName Spahi Imperialize
Data 1.50 Damage BasePercent Spahi
Data 1.50 Hitpoints BasePercent Spahi

I think that basically covers the unique techs between civs for the most part.

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