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Topic Subject:Rushing???
Lord Hyperion
posted 10-29-05 05:00 PM EDT (US)         
I got the CE last night, and logged into eso2. (great game, es!) and I played a couple games, one with the ottomans, I tried to rush, and failed miserably. I rushed with the french and won, but it was not a very good rush, and I think if I was playing against skilled players (my home city levels are like 1-2, I only got the game yesterday!), my rushes are going to get wasted. I've always tended towards booming/turtling in the past. So does anyone have any advice on rushing? (especially with the ottomans, but are there any general rules to follow when rushing?) I'm an ok player, I just would like some rushing advice. Any tips?

Edit - Sorry, I thought I posted this in the strategy forum...


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posted 10-29-05 06:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
play russians or germans, everyone will eventually.

you are already learning by just a few games, that if you dont become a rusher you have no chance in this game. rusher vs rusher is the only option.
unless they patch it somehow this game is doomed to the rush, exclusively.

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