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Topic Subject:Well, after playing the game for a while.......
matt light
posted 11-07-05 03:17 PM EDT (US)         
I love it. It is well worth the 45 bucks I spent on it. Here's why:

The SP Campaign: Yeah, people and reviewers everywhere hated it, but it's a fun diversion from skirmishes. It's fairly challenging, but not impossible, with a nice variety of scenarios. All that aside, the main thing that keeps me playing it is the story. It's addicting, trying to beat the campaign so you can see the next cinematic and figure out teh story even more. WHile it isn't the best campaing I'v ever played, it is a lot better then any of the old AoK ones. I'd give it a 3.5/5

Multiplayer: Again, people gripe about ESO2, but so far I've had really good success with it. It's only frozen a couple times, my home city levels up fine, and the lag and load times are pretty reasonable. My only gripes would be less of a random factor to the quick searches, and a more organized game browser. That, and what with the superb stats page at agecommunity, it is awesome. I love the stats. 5/5

Home city: This features rocks. I love looking forward to being able to pick another card, and another customization, and all that. The home city really looks awesome fuly customized, with lots of people walking around the streets, and beautiful buildings. 5/5

Every thing else about it is great. Only gripes would be the inability to save multiplayer games except through out of sync or player dropped, and the loss of XP if you play a saved game with an outdated HC.

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