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Topic Subject:Reserve Units?
The Elite Lord
posted 11-28-05 05:57 PM EDT (US)         
When you attack your enemy during a game, do you focus on overwhelming them completely or do you cut off his resources quickly preventing him from building anything new to counter your attacks? The more that I think about it, what if you attack your enemy with your entire force thinking that he wouldn't be able to withstand your attack only to realize that he counters it completely and you lose most of your units and more importantly, the huge amount of resources you used. Do you leave a reserve unit in your town center if in case your first attack fails and that the enemy might do a counter attack later on? I do this a lot and I usally come out lucky a few times withstanding my enemies counter attacks after I foolishly attack him with everything I got. Your thoughts on this?
posted 11-28-05 06:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
Obviously it all depends on how much bigger your army is. I'll give you some circumstances

Your army is bigger:
I would go and attack at the side of his base where his eco is and NOT at his forward base since that is where he would most likely expect it. So just kill some vills at his eco until his army comes and kill that. DO NOT do this strategy if your attack point is heavily fortified (fort, towers, etc) or if you desperatly need to take out his military forward base.

Your army is much bigger/strong/high win chance:
Just go attack him and use your better judgement based on circumstances. If you play your cards right you can win in the next few minutes. If you have gotten this far you are most likely better than your enemy anyways.

Your army is smaller/you need to defend:
I know this is sooo cliche, but... the best defense is an offense so make some raiders (and raid) and keep him busy while your strengthen you eco, mil, or advance, etc.

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posted 11-28-05 06:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
Well... If you leave some men in the city to prepare for a counter attack, then your main attack will fail. The best thing to do is to strangle his resources so he doesn't have a chance to counter attack.

posted 11-28-05 06:34 PM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
You should be fighting your enemy more or less non-stop from the moment you get to Colonial Age and onwards anyway. That will give you a definite feel for how well he's doing, what size of army he's got, and how hard to commit to any given battle.

Now, from a mathetmatical viewpoint, a larger mass of units always has increasingly better odds. Consider this: A hussar that faces one pikeman, and then another will kill the first pikeman, and badly injure the other. If he faces two pikemen at once, he'll badly injure one, but not kill either. So clearly, it's much better to send both pikemen to fight the hussar at once. The same is true with full armies, only on a much larger scale.

If you're going to commit to a big fight, commit everything you have. But also be prepared to pull out if you sense a loss; you'll need to leave the units the enemy is targeting behind, as units that are being injured move slower, and will slow the entire group down. Also, always keep making units while you're fighting. That's your 'reserve.' There's no need to stop making units while fighting except if you're too lazy to do so.

Seraph Emeritus
(id: Conquistador34)
posted 11-28-05 10:01 PM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
Keep a reserve army of a few guys if you are attacking his real base first, then his attack base. Because then he'll think your base is empty, but you'll have some guys there just in case.

[][][][][][][][][][] Stonewall J [][][][][][][][][][][]
posted 11-28-05 10:30 PM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
I believe like many before me that it depends on the size of your army.... Bigger it is the more waves you should send.

Now in AOK (my comp cant play AOE3 well :'( ) i used to boom and i kep an army near my base. My opponent kept attacking me (he was AI) and he kept on dieing)...

Well that game went on 19 hours.... (i kept saving.) LOL... mostly cause i wanted to see how long i could continue plus the enemy kept attacking me, not allowing me too attack him as my tc was surrounded (this as black forest).

posted 11-28-05 10:47 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
if its a cramped area you will be fighting in, split up your army, otherwise cannon will make short work of your horde.
posted 11-29-05 00:57 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
Send it all unless you're raiding. The only reason you'd leave a few behind is to prevent him from raiding you.
Cy Marlayne
posted 11-29-05 03:51 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
As a more passive-aggressive player, I usually wall my town and put my forward base near the main entrance to my colony.

I then train infantry and artillery to keep watch at the forward base, while a small army of cavalry stand by in case of enemy artillery. Usually I will have two small cavalry forces, depending on what nation I'm fighting against and whatever the circumstances. I have a raiding squad, and an artillery-micro squad.

Usually the enemy expects you to use cavalry to kill his artillery, so your little cavalry squad may be successfully countered. However, perhaps the funnest, coolest feature in the game is to get some of your musketeers over to the enemy cannons and destroy them in melee mode.

As for raiding, most of my raiding occurs during battle. I like to get the enemy's attention on my forward base (or his forward base if I'm attacking). Then I send in my raiding squad.

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