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Topic Subject:When to quit
posted 12-10-05 03:28 AM EDT (US)         
Sorry if this has been previously posted. I did do a search first and found nothing.

Many people complain of playing a 2v2 or 3v3 game where an ally quits when things start to get too hot. A game can quickly swing in the opposite direction, but it is generally the case that once the scales are tipped, it's difficult to tip in the other direction.

So when is it appropriate to quit? When you think it would be too hard to get the win? When you start to become a burden to your teammates (e.g. they have to keep sending all their military to protect your base and they can't make any forward or offensive progress)? When you literally have nothing left? When the best player among your team quits?

I haven't played online yet, but I do want to be a good ESO2 citizen. Your feedback is appreciated.

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    posted 12-10-05 05:54 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
    You don't quit 5 minutes into the game.

    You don't quit just because you were raided and you lost a few villies.

    You don't quit because your enemy called you a noob.

    You don't quit because your team is behind and struggling. There's always a chance your team will turn it around. You just need to keep plugging away.

    You don't keep one villie alive to hide in some trees just to annoy your enemies just because you lost. If you city has been razed and your team doesn't have much chance to win...then you say GG and quit.

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    posted 12-10-05 07:40 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
    quit when there is no chance for u to win which is alot later than most might think

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  • fhertlein
    posted 12-10-05 09:20 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
    I quit when my resource stockpiles are depleted, and the chance of rebuilding is improbable.

    But I do this when my area has two enemy armies knocking my buildings down, and my ally has no chance of helping.

    As alpine said, you don't quit just because a couple of things happen.

    At some point, you just need to cut your loses, and not waste your or the other players' time.

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    posted 12-10-05 11:17 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
    I had a guy quit on me tonight in a 1v1 and looking at the end result, their wasnt too much difference. I had raided his settlers heavily, but to do so had added little to my base. He just assumed that I was in far better shape even tho I wasnt. Although I was doing slightly better, I'm not the best late game player so it could have gone either way.

    I have also found myself quitting only to realize that my opponent wasn't dominating me as I had suspected.

    I think its important to hang in as long as possible. Even if its just to tribute some extra resources to an ally. Or slow down an enemy advance.

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    posted 12-10-05 12:24 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
    Plus, the longer you hang around and try to fight back, the more XP you get =D

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