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Topic Subject:Unit Bonuses
Bobby the 2nd
posted 01-13-06 05:08 AM EDT (US)         
I always thought, that because skirmishes had a bonus vs infantry, they were good vs other skirmishers, same with dragoons, cav archers, culverins. Now from what I have read here, I believe that this ISNT true.

So skirmishers have a bonus vs musketeers, pikemen, halberdier, rodelero, and the other heavy infantry, but not vs cassadores, skirmishers or bowmen (x and long), is this right?

Cav archers and Dragoons have a bonus vs hussars, cuirassiers, but not against cav archers or dragoons, is this right?

Culverins are good vs falconets, and mortars and organ guns, but not vs abus, grenadier and culverins, is this right?

Melee cavalry beats - Light Infantry, Artillery
Ranged cavalry beats - Melee Cavalry
Heavy Infantry beats - Melee Cavalry
Light Infantry beats - Heavy Infantry
Artillery beats - Infantry, Ranged cavalry
Culverin beats - Artillery

So what do you people use, other than artillery, to counter dragoons and cavalry archers, particularly ruyters. I tend to use musketeers or skirmishers, wat do you use?

posted 01-13-06 05:27 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
does it matter they dont have attack bonus vs each otheer?

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