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Topic Subject:About new cards
posted 01-13-06 11:18 AM EDT (US)         
I was very glad when i first heard that aoe3 would use this deck-building card-based system. I am a fan of Trading Card Games since kid and it really needs strategy to biuld a deck.

Anw am going straigh to the point:
What would you think of cards that instead of giving you a benefit, would give the opponent a disadvantage?
e.g "Your opponent gathers gold 10% slower"
or "Your opponent can't send Mercs for the next 5 minutes"

or more risky "Your opponent cant biuld trading posts but you gather food 40% slower"

or it could still boost you but because its too powerful it also gives u a disdavantage. e.g" You gather gold 40% faster and food 15% slower"

or "Mercs are 20% cheaper but barracks units are 20% more expensive"

There are definitely LOADS of cards that can be made and a give lot of FUN and DEPTH to the game. What do u think?

Do u prefer just like it is now? just a minimal boosting?

Seraph Emeritus
(id: Conquistador34)
posted 01-13-06 01:06 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
It'd be too complicated. I like it the way it is now.

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Taufiq Khan
(id: Shala_T)
posted 01-13-06 01:16 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I think it's better now. I wouldn't mind seeing cards like You gain X but your opponent gains Y, as long as your opponent doesn't lose anything. You gain X but you lose Y is ok as well.

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