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Topic Subject:Inter clan-3-way FFA story--the New England island saving the day once again
CK the Fat
posted 01-13-06 08:57 PM EDT (US)         
I played a 3-way FFA with my clan, FaR tonight. it was a really fun game, me (French), ElitE(German), and Voodoo(Spanish). The map was New England. I started at the bottom of the map, the water a short distance to my south.

I thought that it would be a really bad game for me. The closest herd to my tc was halfway to my enemy's base, so I had to gather berries until a lone villager "herded" the deer closeby. Amazingly enough, I still aged up second and pumped out villagers.

Now, Voodoo wasn't that great. He was at the north-east of the map, also by the ocean. However, he neglected to harness the ocean's resources throughout the entire game, leaving the sea open for me. ElitE was just too far away to have a navy.

I build lots of fishing ships and was the first to get to Fortress age at minutes or so. My score was already higher than my opponents, and I had my economy booming like mad with coureurs and boats.

I had no military at all, which was a risk because ElitE often has 20-some dopples by twelve minutes. I also saw that he claimed a trading post and thought he may native-rush me (as I had done to him the past two games we played.)

Well, I heard Voodoo say something over TS about being attacked. I was thankful it wasn't me, or I would have lost way early on. The indecisive battle lowered both of their scores and allowed me a few more moments to breath.

The moment I hit age 3, I bought some wood and sent my explorer and some vills to the tiny island. It was my backup measure, as it has been for so many others before me. I also had the spare resources, so I build lots of pikes and skirms. ElitE never attacked me, either because of his colonial/fortress war with Voodoo, or he saw my units and stayed away.

I don't exactly know what went on across the map, but ElitE protected his town with walls and boomed. Voodoo had a score just slightly lower, so he must have been able to defend himself somewhat adequately. I aged to industrial not long afterward, building a second tc and both factories on my island-base. My score was an extra third higher than both of my opponents at this time.

Voodoo attacked me with cannons, lancers, and lots of pikes. Me, unsuited to counter appropriately, lost my army, although killing everything of his but the cannons. I tried to kill them with pikemen, but no luck. Eventually, with some culverins, I repelled him, but he informed ElitE of my weakened condition. I told ElitE to kill Voodoo while he had no army, but it was a last ditch attempt to draw attention away from me.

Now, despite my assault, my economy allowed me to do what both players could not. I went to Imperial, built plantations, and saved up for spies. It cost 23,000 coin, and I was almost there. Voodoo, losing all his infantry in the attack, made researching spies a whole lot easier for me as I had been saving up long before the battle.

ElitE seemed to hesitate to attack me, but I saw his army move in the direction of my base with forty dopplesoldners and some artillary backup. Spies confirmed it. I build lots of skirmishers, but I could not deal with his dopplesolderns, uhlans, and heavy cannons. My base fell. I deleted my docks to make him think I didn't have any left, or none of importance.

I saved a majority of my villagers from the assault by garrisoning them on two monitors, which also helped defend by dropping shells of ElitE's dopplesoldners. But I lost my town, all of my plantaions, and some walls.

My island saved my life. I had about 70 vills at this point, losing 10 in battle. So, I had them chop down trees on my little island, attack the guardian, build towers, docks, houses, and then a plantation and dock (my island was rather crowded at this point.)

Seeing as my base was gone, and reassurd that I had nothing left but a few stray villagers (as I lied to him), ElitE's armies returned home and defended against one of Voodoo's pitiful assaults. There was sort of a stalemate going on, although ElitE was about to end it by demolishing Vodoo's undefended base. Unfortunately, Voodoo grew "bored" and resigned, leaving my and ElitE to slug it out.

My score at this point was up to 1000 while his was only 400 (lowered from 600 before fighting a little campaing against Voodoo.) He grew suspicious. While his armies were absent, I had dropped off a few more villagers onto the shore and built barracks like mad. I built lots of skirms, backing up the shore with two monitors and three frigates. Eventually, his explorer discovered my base and he sent more dopplesoldners to kill my "wandering villagers." I was able to hit-and-run for a while, but he wiped me out with his dopplesolders due to the get-hit-and-slow-down rule. But, he did suffer as my ships bombarded them. He lost his army after I lost mine, and almost managed to kill all my villagers on the beach. All but one, and all but a few hitpoints. , that villager saved my the trouble from sending some more over.

During his absence, I changed my plans and built artillary foundries instead and spammed cannon after cannon, using gold from whales and wood from my dual factories. For some reason, he did not rebuild his army, evidently saving up for Imperial age. While supposedly "nearly dead" I brought my cannons and a few skirms right to his walls and towers. His dopplesolders never stood a chance, though they did heroicly take a few of my cannons down.

I don't know why he didn't defend. He told me later that he was going to Imperial, but had to abandon his plans to respond to my cannon crisis. Well, not much stops 25 imperial falconets with arsenal upgrades. Not uhlans, not dopplesoldners, nothing but culverins. He did make a few, and my cannons suffered because of it. But I overwhelmed him with numbers and quickly reinforced my attacking army with skirmishers and halbardiers, and went after his barracks, houses, and artillary foundry.

Again, not much stops 25 cannons. His base fell, and unlike me, he had no island to retreat to.

In a last ditch-attempt to inflict pain upon me, he sent a small force of twelve mortars to my beachside base. My nearest troops were two lone skirmishers, and they didn't do much. He pretty much so cleared the beach of all but a few buildings by the time my harbaldiers got their and jabbed the mortar carriers to death.

And that was it, after I killed his last unit, the game was over. I looked at the timeline, and saw a couple mistakes. He never made more than forty villagers. He never went to Imperial and got spies like me. Of course, this was just an unrated FFA, nothing to play uber-hardcore over.

I think it was a very good game--a game where the tide turns and full of miraculous comebacks.

I'd also like to say that I never built more than three cuirassiers, who died in battle way early on. Cuirassiers don't work well against dopplesoldners, and Voodoo made mainly pikes.

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