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Topic Subject: Basketball tower rush
posted 01-18-06 05:45 PM EDT (US)   
If you ever played basektball you probably know what this strat is already, but for those of you who doesnt - here is a nice strat comming your way. First of all you need to get a lotof resource. Try jumping for 10 minutes that will make the deed. After this is done you are already in colonial and rdy to play a gg. Pass the ball to your ally with a quick through of gold so he could get close to the enemy's base. Than while ally is fighting near the basket come from behind with all your villagers and build a several quick tower movments. If you did everything right the enemy would be surprized to see you near him so you can quickly get the ball and shoot for the empirial age upgrade. Well done! Now try it again...and again..and again......and mayby again....and maybey you ll get good at basketball just as good you are at tower rush..

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I belive u were alrdy warned about this in This Thread...............

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    but in all seriously how do you like my strat, do you have constructive critisicm, ectc?
    posted 01-18-06 06:07 PM EDT (US)     5 / 13  
    I think your strat would work better playing in solitude than with other players.

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    haha, funny stuff.

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    Bloto, don't know why you think he's so funny, just spamming and annoying.

    Unless... he's your smurf! dundundun

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    lol, he cracks me up. maybe i just have a lame sense of humour :/

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    You do realize the Supreme Court of the United States, ruled that assisted suicide is legal in Oregon.

    Perhaps you could move there and find yourself a good doctor.

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    Woah! I just made a thread about that.,324119,,10

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    posted 01-18-06 08:36 PM EDT (US)     13 / 13  
    Bye bye, dear Tsar.

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