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Topic Subject:Age statistics for the last 30 days on ESO2
posted 02-05-06 08:03 AM EDT (US)         
News from the last 30 days of Age:

1) German win percentage is the highest at 54.72%
2) Spanish and German win percentages are up over 2% each
3) Ottoman win percentage is down 2.52%
4) French win percentage is down 1.63%
5) Russian and Dutch win percentages hover nearest to 50%
6) Spanish is most improved ... up 2.64%
7) British is the most consistent civ over the past 30 days--and least winning!
8) 505006 games have been played

Civ Winning Percentage for the 30 days ending 2006-02-05
Win% (Change) Civ
47.80% (+2.64) Spanish
54.72% (+2.01) German
40.69% (-0.15) British
52.34% (-1.63) French
47.48% (+0.21) Portuguese
50.11% (-0.81) Russian
53.19% (-2.52) Ottoman
50.51% (+0.32) Dutch

How to read this data. If you had looked at the Age game totals at only data displayed there--on 2006-02-05 at around 7:40 AM EST you would have seen that the Ottoman winning percentage was 54.85%. That percentage represents all Ottoman games ever played. The data above talks about winning percentage for the last 30 days. As you can see, the Ottoman winning percentage is down 2.52% off the cumulative (taken from the column labeled change above).

These statistics were gathered using the following technique:
1) For each civ, recorded the used and won supremacy games for 2006-01-07 and 2006-02-05 from
3) Recorded the difference in used and won supremacy games between 2006-02-05 and 2006-01-07 to get the past 30 day's used and won games.
4) Win percentage represent games played for the past 30 days.
5) Change percentage compares the past 30 day's winning % to the winning % shown on age community on 2006-01-07.

posted 02-05-06 09:30 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Nice work,

It would be nice if it was updated everyday, so with a sliding window. Maybe a shorter period like 1 week would be better at picking up trends.
Ideally add some graphs off course.

I know I'm asking too much, but I can dream off course... and there might be somebody out there with some spare time.

posted 02-05-06 09:42 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
You have materials and methods, and you have results. What you need is an abstract, introduction, and Discussion. You need to comment on your findings. And like the guy above said, some graphs would be nice, and present the numbers in form of a table...

Keep on the sunny side of life
posted 02-05-06 11:10 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Excellent ideas. The sliding window was implemented somewhat over the last five weeks when I provided weekly updates and trends--search for my other posts. But each presentation is static. I would like to see what you're asking for too. Perhaps that'll happen here.

Separate from the good ideas, I'm keenly interested in seeing the short term trends once the balance patch comes out. These stats are in preparation for the changes once the patch comes out.

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