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Age of Empires III Heaven » Forums » General Discussions » I was 2150 with germans, dropped to 1850 with Ports, WTF
Topic Subject:I was 2150 with germans, dropped to 1850 with Ports, WTF
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The Enslaver
posted 02-17-06 03:38 PM EDT (US)         
I was trying to play new civ, has people said Ports were the weakiest i went try them and the result is incredible , so many losses !!!

How is possible to have such a huge gap between civs , HOW !!!!!!!!!

(id: lp_usa)
posted 02-17-06 03:50 PM EDT (US)     1 / 43       
You went from one of the best civs to the clearly underpowered one, and expected to win?


posted 02-17-06 03:53 PM EDT (US)     2 / 43       
Not only what elpea has said... You were trying out a completely different civilization. You gotta expect some kind of change...

"Post-Imp no rush 45 mins" - I seriously saw this...
posted 02-17-06 04:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 43       
yep, i am at 1vs1 only about 1700, i play "not so used civs"
I can easily beat many of my friends, who are not newb bashers and are about 1785 to 1900, and i probably could make my rating to 2000 whit using some of the common build orders, which follows the build order, and then you master it, and go around telling everyone that you are sooooo gooood, but when found yourself playing whit another civ or absolutely different case, he sucks so hard that you think hes noob, and after you have won game he starts flaming you that he will pwn you at 1vs1...
(wow that was one damn long sentence) (and now really would like to put all that to three words: one trick ponys)

So IMO all those one trick ponys should try all civilisations, not just play whit one, because you think you are t3h 1337 pl4y4h 0n teh w0rld!!1!½½½

i hope you got my point

I am sorry if someone feels insulted after reading my post, as i didn´t mean to insult anyone.

JackieEarl Haley
posted 02-17-06 04:51 PM EDT (US)     4 / 43       
I am equally crappy with all civs, and therefore, not a one trick pony. LOLLERSKATEz
posted 02-17-06 05:14 PM EDT (US)     5 / 43       
the problem was not practicing with them in single player to get a feel for them.

try a new civ: good for you!
didn't practice: shame on you! :P

Scenario Expert
posted 02-17-06 05:46 PM EDT (US)     6 / 43       
jackieearl haley is your eso lollerskates by any chance i just think i know you.
on topic
i play with up civs in 1v1 mainly brits dutch and im starting ports and i find that the bottom 4 is way behind the top4. i played against a spanish as dutch he ff it was texas so luckily i could repel it but it was so hard to finish him off i had to waste 3 shipments to extent my bank limit when i could of shipped res or unit cards he ended up with a much more powerfull eco and was able to defeat me . i knew if i had an equal civ i could of won.

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posted 02-17-06 06:41 PM EDT (US)     7 / 43       
You went from using a civ with an OP strat to a civ without one.Thats why.
posted 02-17-06 06:43 PM EDT (US)     8 / 43       
Ports can beat French! Late game, loads of fully upgraded dragoons and two factories pouring out heavy cannons. There you have it. It can be done!

Avoiding being rushed with the ports is another whole problem :/

posted 02-17-06 07:02 PM EDT (US)     9 / 43       
Wow. great advice NAT, I can own anyone if you let me boom for 20 minutes! It can be done, just don't attack me! Its like all of those stupid OMG I CAN KILL CUIRS WITH DOPPLES OR RODS, saying stuff everyone knows but it nevers works! (its called heavy cannon or skrims)

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La Mia Stupido Cosa

posted 02-17-06 07:05 PM EDT (US)     10 / 43       
well you can play no rush 20 minutes...
There are loads of games like that around.


saying stuff everyone knows but it nevers works!

Yes it does work, I destroyed an army of imperial Cuirs suffering just only 50% losses with well microed imperial jinettes and imperial heavy cannons.

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posted 02-17-06 07:56 PM EDT (US)     11 / 43       
I doubt you were 2150.

"Dutch are OP!"
"Iriquois are OP!"
"Stophon is OP!"

tEk Clan #1 US Clan
posted 02-17-06 08:33 PM EDT (US)     12 / 43       
@NAT and 20min no rush games... Yes but that is more casual games. "rookie" games or whatever people wanna call them. For standard competitive games thats just not helpful.

But like Stophon said I don't think this posted was ever close to 2150. So many things speak against it.

posted 02-17-06 09:32 PM EDT (US)     13 / 43       
if you went from 2150 to 1850 when you switched civ, then you werent worth 2150.
posted 02-17-06 09:39 PM EDT (US)     14 / 43       
You have to remember you'll drop like a brick when you go from one of (if not the) strongest civ to what is considered the weakest.

It's easy to win a lot of games when all you do is mass mercs. I just had a hard time beating a pretty average german player with my Spanish. It's hard to overcome a massing of mercs, and it's hard to keep the germans from massing them.

posted 02-17-06 10:06 PM EDT (US)     15 / 43       

Quoted from atruskot:

It's easy to win a lot of games when all you do is mass mercs. I just had a hard time beating a pretty average german player with my Spanish. It's hard to overcome a massing of mercs, and it's hard to keep the germans from massing them.

i'm sorry man, but you obviously have very little clue about the game at anything but rook level. i dunno how many times this has to be said before rooks understand it but - if you make pure mercs - with any civ - you will get CREAMED by any decent player. spainish in particular do quite well vs. germans. This is a fairly typical German vs. Spainish game I played. Notice how the Spainish guy gets 2 sets of merc's, while I got only 1, and, even tho the game is a fairly short one it hinges on units we CREATED from stables/barracks/artillery workshops.

Only at rook level do players make only mercs. The problem is not with the game, it is with your lack of skill.

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posted 02-17-06 10:53 PM EDT (US)     16 / 43       
I don't play at a rookie level. I understand the game. And if you want to claim your some hot shit, explain to me why a rook has a higher cuetech than you.

When I play as Spain I don't depend on mercs at all, I build them, but I don't need them. As Germans, it's easy as hell to go mostly mercs and win. It's hard to stop a grouping of german mercs.

This is coming from somebody who rarely loses a 1v1 game as the germans. I'm telling you right now, mercs are too strong - and germans have it too easy. You can't agrue with that. (sure, you can beat a shitty german player who is pure trash, but yet again it doesn't matter what civs you two are when the skill levels aren't the same.)

posted 02-18-06 06:37 AM EDT (US)     17 / 43       
Ohh. Nice comeback .

posted 02-18-06 08:29 AM EDT (US)     18 / 43       
@morningthaw, looks like your are the noobie, many germans only make mercs, and win with that

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posted 02-18-06 08:44 AM EDT (US)     19 / 43       
LOl, this is identical to what happened w/ me. I went for an early start on the soon to be awsome post patch ports, and dropped from a 75 win % to a 61! NOw i'm winning again, but it will still take almost 10 more games to be at 75.

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posted 02-18-06 09:00 AM EDT (US)     20 / 43       
haha, thanks for the support schildpad and Zhaz. I had no idea what that guy was thinking trying to tell me mercs weren't OP.
posted 02-18-06 09:06 AM EDT (US)     21 / 43       
No one that's really 2150 will drop to 1850 like that, unless something else than a civ switch is also going on. Did you lose an arm?

It could be that you were looking at different ladders; the cuetech one is usually considered fairly accurate, while previous ladders tended to overrate players quite a lot.

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posted 02-18-06 09:39 AM EDT (US)     22 / 43       
ok, i was reasonably nice first time. atruskot, you are stupid. read what i wrote you freaking retard. then quote the place where i said mercs werent OP. go for it - quote where i said merc werent OP. oh...wait, i didnt say that. i said your analysis of german play was stupid. it is. and on the cuetech ratings... 4 points...omg btw in your last 15 games you played 3 players over 1900, no players over 2k, i played 2 players over 2k, 5 players over 1900 - oh and you also played 5 players under 1600 (in fairness i see i played one guy @ 1426).

[This message has been edited by Morningthaw (edited 02-18-2006 @ 09:40 AM).]

posted 02-18-06 10:05 AM EDT (US)     23 / 43       
wow a good rating and still stupid.

many germans only make mercs, and it is very hard to counter. Nice you have a higher rating, i am happy with my rating and i can see what is OP and what not.

Also many experts say dutch arent UP. However none of them plays dutch, and i know that at my lvl dutch are UP. maybe not as much as port, but they are, especially against FF

"such a kind fellow!" ~ ķįŋğ_Ćħŗĩš_ĬĬ

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posted 02-18-06 10:46 AM EDT (US)     24 / 43       
i dont give a f*ck about my rating, it was atruskot who wanted to be a faggot and bring up ratings - i'd really like to see who these experts who only make mercs are. if you look at StarSky's last 15 1v1 German game - and I think we can assume that hes going to use the best strategy available to him -

standard army units made=875

mercenary army units made=244

in no game did he make only mercs, in several games he made only standard units.

bit boring looking all that up, later on i'll look up a couple of top spainish players stats for this, but it clearly shows that your completely wrong schildpad. personally i would like to see mercs attack and hitpoints reduced a bit and their cost increased a bit, they should be the cream on top of your army, not 25%-35% of your army

- top 5 on cuetech at the moment play -

germans are a powerful civ, so are spainish.

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posted 02-18-06 11:14 AM EDT (US)     25 / 43       
Hey guys, the ports aren't that UP, i have 100% wins with them.

After three games....

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