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Topic Subject:The Great Portugese Conspiracy
posted 04-12-06 07:27 AM EDT (US)         
I know its a little bit pointless to talk about civs being op and up at the moment. Mainly because 70/80% of top tier games are played with Spanish or Germans (seriously - all those who are 2k+ how many games do you have with neither germans or spains as yourself or your opponent).

Nowadays when ppl talk about how good a civ is, inevitably what we are talking about is their ability to compete with a Spanish or German FF.

Despite the pointlessness of comparing civs as we all know individual skill is most important, portugal has been torubling me a little bit here.

I have rushed ports a few times successfully with a pike rush. However their two town centers either means uber defence, or put them apart and although u might get one down in time - the other will advance instead. Ive done it a few times but luck had a role in those games.

I have done aggressive FF's trying to overwhelm him with shipments after a VeryFF. Again have had some success but most of the time, repelled by the ports great defence, counter units and home turf advantage.

Also tried boat booming to try and compete economically, as well as crate booming TC's in fortress. Again only a marginal success rate.

I started a portugese HC to see if i could figure it out and found them dead boring to play (probs cos of low lvl HC). Took far to long to win, have to go to 4th age for mortars or wait till you have enough eco to support those expensive halbierders in fortress.

Im sure im missing something but slowly more and more exports seem to be making the move over to these guys. I know everyone still thinks Germany and Spain are the OP ones but i think there is a bit of a conspiracy about the ports? Im going to go out on a limb here and say they are the hardest civ to beat (admittedly hard to play as well). I think a few people out there have recognized this and are keeping it secret. lol.

Once again im sure ive missed something vital but is anyone else out there thinking that ports are really really good?

ps:Im now convinced that a secret society of politicians have infiltrated the forums and are spreading the rumours that other civs are OP, taking the attention off them. Its a huge government conspiracy. Stone Masons anyone?

Babbled's Rules of AOE

1) As Spanish never play against Ottomans
2) As Ottomans never play against the Portugese
3) As Portugese never play against the Spanish
4) Never play against the Germans

posted 04-12-06 01:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 13       
Yeah, Ports are pretty good, and take a while to beat due to the extra TCs. But what I do is I FF with Dutch and then cannon spam them. The only thing they can do to beat it is prepare culvs before I attack. Organ guns aren't going to beat my falcs. Paper thin cassadors? No problem. Dragoons? Say hello to ruyters and halbs. The only time I have trouble is if my initial attack is repelled, because they will know to churn out a lot of culvs. But, I think the answer lies in falconets when dealing with Ports.
posted 04-12-06 01:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 13       
In the right hands, the ports are easily the best civ. A port player who knows how to play against every opponent might be very strong. The thing is the ports kind of force you to play their way. They can beat rushes, Spanish and German fast fortresses, outboom nearly anyone, and take map control against those who they can't outboom.

They are very difficult to rush, as most Ports play their 2nd tc next to their first and some even keep colonial militia in their decks. When I play the Ports, I'll do that if I play Ottos, Russians (if I see the 300 wood card), Germans, and Spanish. If I'm playing the British, French, Russians (without the 300 wood card), another Port player, or Dutch, I'll use it to take map control.

One way I have found to beat the Spanish FF is to keep up with them to age 3, and make a small wall segment between my two town centers. While aging up, I make a stable and train a few dragoons. As my first shipment I send 3 organ guns. That with 7 cassadors from aging up can defeat any amount of pikemen or lancers. The problem with the Spanish FF is that every unit is melee and cannot do anything behind a wall, and training a culverin or two can defeat any amount of falconets he can send at you. Turtling+Organ Guns can defeat a German Merc FF pretty well, as very few send anything but jaegers and black riders.

BTW if you play Russia (my favorite civ), the way to beat ports is to reach age 2 very quickly and have a blockhouse up near their base before you reach age 2. Train a batch of muskets and walk into their base. If you did it fast enough, you should be able to take the unique advantage, their covered wagon out.

Portuguese aren't incredibly exiting to play as, but they can effectively counter the current most popular strategies.

posted 04-12-06 01:37 PM EDT (US)     3 / 13       
Using Dutch against them works well. Falconet with mixed in culverins (to counter his culverins ) and ryter + halberdier will do well against any defense that port may mount...Otherwise, I don't think that you benefit from aggressive attacking without focusing on econ too. Most times they will counter you and then eventually get the upper hand. Therefore, against ports econ is No. 1 and attacking is No. 2. At least in my opinion...

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posted 04-12-06 02:14 PM EDT (US)     4 / 13       
Against ports, try a simple rush, make sure they know you're rushing. If they split their TCs they'll be at a disadvantage because you can take one down and they lose their bonus. If they play the super defense, pull back and take map control. Portugal absolutely needs map control to maintain villager production out of two town centers. Sure they can FF, but they don't have any really good offensive cards like the germans and the spanish. If you keep them closed in and force them onto mills/plantations early, you should be able to outboom them and win. Portugal is one of the few civs that really needs to have map control from the beginning to win because they don't have the cards to kill you with their FF.

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posted 04-12-06 02:42 PM EDT (US)     5 / 13       
how can people call the ports the best? I love playing with them due to their units but in the end, they are UP. Against spain, you just get overwhelmed by pikes, canons, swiss pikes, highlanders.. You need like zillions of cacadores/og + culverins to counter falconetes + dragoons. If you fight off the initial attack you should be home free, but in the end, potrs have to go to mills and plantations early so they still get owned.. Germans have a better boom than the ports, they have german town which just laughs at the ports boom and they can raid with free uhlans, dragoons cant raid, onyl defend from them but they need luck to be in the right place at the right time. Portueguese late game is nice but gets owned by:
Dutch (pop and 10 karabiners>>>>5 jinetes)
German (ueber economy+ww+doppels)
Ottomans (have lost eco disadvantage, abus owns, jans own, GB own)
French late game is better or equal to ports.
Port late game beat brits spanish and russians prolly
So no, waiting it out till settler+pop cap+indusrial just wont work. You have to attack in industrial tho due to no siege units in T3.
Lets not mention that the russians easily outboom the ports.

Ports are fun in team games with hot fortress age battles because you can outboom everyone whilst uspporting your ally with diverse soldiers like cacadores and dragoons and even ronins but in the end, ports are nowhere near the best.

I have a suspicion that when ES developed AOE3, they did not anticipate the FF craze. In colonial, ports are great due to 2 TCs (=outboom) and not inferior military. Other civs considered UP like brits and dutch also rock in colonial. Its FF that makes them UP.

posted 04-12-06 02:49 PM EDT (US)     6 / 13       
Russians outboom ports?

Babbled's Rules of AOE

1) As Spanish never play against Ottomans
2) As Ottomans never play against the Portugese
3) As Portugese never play against the Spanish
4) Never play against the Germans

posted 04-12-06 02:50 PM EDT (US)     7 / 13       
they are fine. If u are aggressive and if you scout vs em they can be beaten. Just play the game...

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  • Earl Samsca
    posted 04-12-06 03:07 PM EDT (US)     8 / 13       
    Russia can outboom portugal if its a sandbox game.

    As for actually pulling it off in a real game.. its a bit more difficult if the portugal player applies some pressure. You need alot of hunts/herdables for 810 food or so every 50 seconds.

    Still, FF for a reasonable time, send the 1000 wood shipment, then just mass villagers with 3 TCs.
    9 villagers for the time port get 6, Russia shall quickly overtake any initial advantage portugal get (probably what.. 5-6 colonial villagers from the extra tc producing in colonial?)

    posted 04-12-06 05:21 PM EDT (US)     9 / 13       
    posted 04-12-06 07:02 PM EDT (US)     10 / 13       
    i love the ports, definitely well balanced civ, not OP, not UP, just balanced, much like the french, very balanced.
    posted 04-12-06 09:41 PM EDT (US)     11 / 13       
    When ESO nerfs Spain and German, Ports will become the new OP.
    posted 04-12-06 09:51 PM EDT (US)     12 / 13       
    ^haha, oh how the how universe changes

    I personally think that the ports are harder to beat because no one really knows how to beat them.

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    posted 04-13-06 04:52 AM EDT (US)     13 / 13       
    I stringly believe that the best boom civ WHILE maintaining a decent military force is british

    U get 19 free settlers from house booming (even more if ur opponent decides to attack ur houses) and a whooping 20 vils from cards 3-4-5-8

    Thats 39 vils only from cards - uniques civ bonus ..u dont even have to lay down a 3 tc ...

    I know its 4 cards to play ot have the extra 20 but i would get any day 8 READY to be controlled vils than 1000 food

    I know food crates are more versatile but britsh can defend decently in order to get their bonuses to work

    Against ports i usually dont have any problem...its spain and germany that is the problem (due to their incredible military shipment lineup they can boom without having to build military buildings or having to make additional unit exept mabe canons)

    And those uhlan raiding is a pain in the butt...

    Anyway ports are ok imo but NOT the best boom civ...i think brits take the cake for that.

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