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Topic Subject:Home City Levels
posted 07-03-06 08:52 AM EDT (US)         
Okay I'm not a "noob" to this game but obviously I've missed a major change in the game. I started having problems with my game last January and trying to figure out wether it was my graphics card or a software issue was getting me nowhere. I finally, in exasperation I formatted the hard-drive recently and replaced my graphics card. I re-installed the game and updated it via the auto-update feature in the game. I did save all my Home Cities but didn't put them back in. I thought I'd start all over again.

Here's the thing. I downloaded all my favourite RMs and SP Scenarios and started playing again. BUT ... I noticed I'm not racking up any experience for my Home City. No XP = No Level-up which = No new cards. When I played before I would set my games to FFA Moderate difficulty and give the AI a 40% bonus over me and I built up my Home City slowly (Level 36 London) but now I get nothing.

Do you only get XP from online games now ... if so that pretty-much lets me out as I have zip confidence in playing online ... I tried for the first few months and got rushed into oblivion ... so I refuse to be someone else's XP online now.

Anyway would appreciate some input just so I can figure out where I stand or will stand now and before the expansion comes out.


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posted 07-03-06 08:59 AM EDT (US)     1 / 12       
hmm...why dont you just dl homecity lvl 106 pack or use nova and orion but if you wanna lay normally...

do you have the latest update ? i'm not sure do you get exp from handicap...i guess so...but not sure...oh well, cant help you

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posted 07-03-06 09:09 AM EDT (US)     2 / 12       
Or just reinstall the game.
posted 07-03-06 11:43 AM EDT (US)     3 / 12       
Okay, yes as I said ... "I updated the game via the in-game updater" so I am up-to-date. Where do "you download homecity lvl 106"? and if its a Mod or a cheat I'm not interested.

Anyone else know if you give the AI a handicap you don't get XP ... it shows XP points in the game and I'm getting my shipments etc., but no XP points for the Home City level-up.

And ... "Major Helper" why would I reinstall? What would that solve if anything. The only MOD I have installed is the Turtle War Mod although I removed the 40card-Home City .xmb files. But I did like the other features.

Any other thoughts people?


posted 07-03-06 02:14 PM EDT (US)     4 / 12       
Why not just go to your homecity files and edit the hc lvls?

Mr Documents >> My Games >> Age of Empires 3 >> Savegame >> HC in question >> Right-Click >> Edit >> Change Skill points to 105 >> Change Level to around 60 to get all politicians

You can also change the skill points and lvl to whatever you want

But if you just chnage the lvl, you wont be able to select new cards unless you change the skill points too

posted 07-03-06 02:15 PM EDT (US)     5 / 12       
Kubbard are you saving games and then going back later to finish them? You get zero XP form saved games, you must finish games in one sitting to get XP.
posted 07-03-06 03:19 PM EDT (US)     6 / 12       
Quizzart ... you mean that if I have to go to work I should leave the game on pause instead of saving it? What if there's a thunderstorm (there have been quite a few so far this season) and I have to shut down the computer. What is the use of having a save-game feature if you can't utilize it? I can't believe either ES or MS would design a game with a save feature if you can't use it.

There has to be another answer.


And ... thanks for the suggestion Braenn but again, that sounds more like cheating and I just hate that ... I like the challenge of beating an AI and improving my skills without help. Handicapping by giving the AI +40% is just levelling the playing field ... lets face it AIs aren't as smart as


Well ... I uninstalled, re-installed, applied patches one at a time and no Mods at all. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the savegame issue but if anyone has a definitive answer on this I'd appreciated the information.


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posted 07-04-06 04:28 PM EDT (US)     7 / 12       
Did I stutter? Zero XP is gained if you save a game. I have tested this with my own copy and have read it posted on the Age community boards, I would say that is definitive. But you can always try it out yourself, start a game, write down your starting XP, play for a minute to gain some XP, save and exit, restart game and use tuck tuck tuck or whatever to finish the game fast and at the end you will see no gain in XP and no levels given (do it a couple of times to convince yourself since you seem unwilling to accept the answer given). Now do the same thing but don't save in the middle, amazing how you gain XP and levels. If I am wrong then there must be something wrong with my version and some other people on Age community.

I agree this is a stupid thing to have in single-player and makes the save game thing worthless. Although I read somewhere that they did this to keep HC's from getting screwed up. Not sure if it came like this or patches caused this but it is true in the most recent version prior to the most recent patch so that's like 106 or something, I haven't updated yet.

From Age Community:
"If you are not getting home city XP it may be due to a known bug. If you save a game then you will get no HC XP, you only get experience if you either complete a skirmish without saving or if you retire from the skirmish without saving."

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posted 07-04-06 05:33 PM EDT (US)     8 / 12       
posted 07-04-06 09:27 PM EDT (US)     9 / 12       
Thanks for that "definitive" answer Quizzart. No need to get touchy. The game wasn't always that way because up until I re-formatted my hard-drive I could save my single-player games and I had up to and including updates to version 1.04 so the inability to save was changed after that.

I guess it just goes to show that patches don't necessarily make a game better. They certainly didn't improve it by taking out the ability to save single-player games.

Note to the developers: Single-player means we play at home where real-life will and does intrude which means saving the game. Multi-player means you actually set aside or plan your game-time so as not to be interrupted hence no need to save your game. Now you're telling me when I'm playing against computer players that pause is the best I can hope for and if I'm two hours+ into a game and the power goes out I just wasted 2 hours of my real-life.

Well this game just got a whole lot less appealing. While I've been a faithful AoE fan from the beginning I will definitely NOT be buying the expansion pack.

Sorry for the rant fellow forum-members but every opportunity to tell the designers a gripe should and will be utilized by this player.


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posted 07-04-06 09:35 PM EDT (US)     10 / 12       
The trouble is: Say you start a game playing with an HC, then save, forget about the save, and then win a separate game with the same HC. Assuming you level during this second game, how is the game supposed to handle the XP when you return and beat the savegame? There's really no good solution, thus, saved games give no XP.

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posted 07-04-06 10:40 PM EDT (US)     11 / 12       


Where do "you download homecity lvl 106"? and if its a Mod or a cheat I'm not interested.

Dont u understand that every time u play the game u mod it yourself by gaining xp and levels? By your definition every player would be a cheater already, including yourself.
posted 07-04-06 11:29 PM EDT (US)     12 / 12       
Yeah I guess I was a bit touchy, sorry Kubbard. I just knew I was correct but how could you know that I was correct, heh. I will try to play more nicely with others in the future. No hard feelings right?

I understand why they disabled XP in saves but it still peeves me because they are protecting the game for the idiots that don't understand how to make saving work correctly (which I believe they could have actually done programatically but chose not to spend the time to do it, which I also understand because SP is not what AOE III's focus is). Disabling this feature to protect numbskulls is like requiring helmets for motorcycle riders (if idiots want to splatter their brains then let them).

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