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Topic Subject:Balance changes for patch 1.08?
posted 08-03-06 03:29 PM EDT (US)         
Where can I find a complete list of ALL balance changes, for patch 1.08?

I can not find one at

posted 08-03-06 03:33 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Yes you can. Just scroll down a little and you'll see:
Patch 1.08 Balance Changes
* Heavy Cannons, Great Bombards, and Rockets have less hitpoints and deal less damage against other cannons
* All archer and skirmisher units gain 1.5x bonus vs ranged cavalry
* Mayan Holcan Spearmen hand and building damage reduced
* German Winged Hussars card changed from 12 to 10
* British manors cost changed to 135 wood.
* Spanish faster shipment bonus improved.
* Russian Blockhouses provide 5 population slots.
* French start with +1 food crate
* Dutch gather gold from mines 15% faster
* German War Wagon range reduced from 20 to 16
* Germans now require slightly more XP before receiving their shipments.
* Uhlans do slightly less damage vs settlers.
* Hussars get +10% hitpoints
* Fortress Age research time increased by 20 seconds
* Town Center hitpoints reduced to 6500
* Trading Posts hitpoints reduced to 3000
* Barracks and stables cost changed to 200 wood.
* Unit train rates are now based on cost. Cheap units (crossbowmen) train faster than expensive units (cuirassiers).

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posted 08-03-06 03:45 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
We've got enough 1.08 threads already :-P and the question is answered.


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