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Topic Subject:The IOFF
posted 10-03-06 05:40 AM EDT (US)         
I know 'I know I stole the name but I couldn't resist.

The IOFF is a version of the IOR and as you may guess out of the name it stands for "Inauxhestible Ottoman Fast Fortress".

It relys on trade posts and on silkroad like the normal IOR but instead of a jan rush (everyone expects it) you do a strong FF with falcs, Spahi and Veteran janissaries.

There are a couple of versions of it and here comes the first one:

The IOFF-naked version.


Normal Ottoman discovery age, build a TP with your starting wood, ship 3 vills as first shipment if there are 2 available TPs in total or ship ATP as first card if there are 3 or more available TPs.
(On carolina go with 3 vills since you can already get 2 TPs wth your starting wood)
Age with the 400W guy and chop as much wood as you need so that you can pay for all available TPs and upgrade the trade route and eventually be able to build a house(calculate the 400 aging wood in).
When you got all this wood, switch all of your vills on food (unless you dont have 90G yet, in that case gather it ASAP).
Your explorer builds TPs whilst.


Upgrade the trade route ASAP, ship silkroad as first Colonial shipment and set the TPs to food.
All vills stay on food, next shipment is 700G and when it comes you should have enough food so collect it and age up.
(with the 4 abus politican)
While aging set the TPs to wood for a couple of houses, 2 raxes and 200 more wood (vet. jans).
Then switch them back to food and build jans from both raxes.


When you hit age3 after 8 mins with 3 upgraded TPs AND with silkroad you upgrade your jans ASAP, ship in 2 falcs and mass more jans.
Next shipment is 5 abus and after 10:00 mins you have an army of ~25 veteran jans, 2 falcs and 9 abus guns with 2 raxes spamming more jans.
From then on its up to you.

The Deck:

Required cards:

Age1: 3 vills, ATP
Age2: silkroad, 700 gold
Age3: 2 falcs, 5 abus
Age4: -

Recommended cards:

Age1: - (maybe schooner on water maps)
Age2: 5 jans and maybe 700F to make your opponent belive you will rush
Age3: 20 sheep, 5 spahi, jan combat, 3 galleys on water maps
Age4: 2 Facotories

This is just a very standard BO which you can improve or change by doing a fake rush for instants.
If you want to fake rush you need to chop 200 more wood for a rax and you need to ship 5 jans inbetween+ make ~5 more.
But that should still result in a 9 min fortress time with a superior eco and maybe some jans left.

I haven't really tried this startegy in rated games yet, but I tested it vs the CPU and vs somme in unrated and it seems to be pretty decent.
Especially vs Spain I recommend rushing instead, though.
Or at least fake rushing to make him tower up and to slow him down.

Thanks to Ender_Ward for coming up with the IOR and GL HF to all of you Ottoman players who will use this strategy online.


posted 10-03-06 12:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Any thoughts?
posted 10-03-06 01:36 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
It sounds scarry, but I think that I would rather play against it than the Rush.

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posted 10-03-06 01:41 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
It's pretty strong but it doesn't work vs a decent Spanish FFer and the naked form doesnt work vs Russia so well.

I say I would rather rush but it can be a big surprise for your opponent and I guess especially vs French xbow spammers or Port turtlers it might work very well.

Vs a FFer I'd recommend rushing, though.

And yes, its definitely a scare strategy.

I think it works best on Patagonia but that needs to be tested.

PS: 20 sheep is an awsome card. Sure, you could send somethign like 8 jans instead but 20 sheep are 6k food!!!

Gather 400W and get 2 pens and then simply fatten your sheep.

After a not so long time you will have more than enough food for industrial and for a ton of jans.

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