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Topic Subject:Basic INtro to all the new civs and perhaps units
posted 10-19-06 10:50 AM EDT (US)         
Can someone kindly explain what the new civs specialize in and just some common tips and hints!?
Royal Guard
posted 10-19-06 04:12 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Aztecs specilize in infantry and powerful armies, Sioux in Cavalry and raiding, and Iroquois with their European technology and travois for free buildings.

Proud Citizen of Sovietcanuckistan
posted 10-19-06 04:38 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Working on that for my updated guide thats coming up soon, but if anyone does a short guide on this if its good enough will put it up in the strategy section.

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  • Unthinking_Pain
    posted 10-19-06 04:42 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
    Some of the "wierd" native things - No Forts. No Saloon. No Arsenals unless you ship a card in, and then it's a limited arsenal. No Livestock Pen or Mills - Farms double as Mills and Pens, but villagers and fattening livestock must SHARE the 10 slots on a farm. Villagers can build Town Centers (or is that Sioux only?) Only Iroquois have cannon, and only in Age IV. They all have a Firepit where villagers can dance. The pit can be set to produce 1 effect at a time. Effects include - slowly spawn units, buff all units attack, buff your warchief, make units build faster, slowly xp trickle, etc. All the effects get better the more villagers are dancing at the pit.

    Almost every building has a "Big Button" tech, at the bottom right. Each one is unique to the civ.

    Instead of Barracks and Tower, you get a Warhut (similiar to Russian Blockhouse).

    Also, when aging up, the War Chief civs will have 5 options. These options do NOT change at each age, they just get better. However, if you use an option to age up, you can't use it again for the next age up.

    For example, Sioux get the following options to age up -
    Age up Fast
    Bison + hunting bonus
    Axe Riders

    If I take Age up Fast to get to Age 2, I can no longer age up fast to go to Age 3. I'd have to select something else, like food or wood option. Each option gets stronger - the food option is like 500 food * Age (the Age is the one you are leaving, so 500 food to leave Age 1.) I usually age up fast or with the Bison.

    Sioux -
    They like horses! Sioux have the typical types of horses and a unique type.

    Horse, from the Corral -
    Axe Rider - Age 2+ - melee heavy cav, like hussar
    Bow Rider - Age 2+ - Archer Light Cavalry - anti-cavalry
    Rifle Rider - Age 3+ - Rifle Light Cavalry - anti-cavalry, heavy infantry, artillery, and boats! (not sure why you ever build a bow rider after Age 2.)

    Cavalry, shipped in -
    Dog Soldiers - Age 2+, sorta - anti-infantry heavy cavalry. Can only be shipped in by cards and a big button at the TC.

    Infantry, from the War Hut -
    War Club - Age 2 + - Anti-Cav Heavy Infantry. Their only good siege unit.
    Cetan Bow - Age 2+ - Anti-infantry archer.
    Wakina Rifle - Age3+ - Anti-heavy infantry riflemen. Higher damage, MUCH less hitpoints than a skirm.

    Interesting Sioux stuff -

    First, big econ bonus - no houses needed. You start the game with 200 pop limit. Instead of houses, Sioux can, if they choose, build teepees here and there. They have a small aura that buffs all nearby units' hit points. A card can be shipped in to make teepees even cheaper (they cost 50 wood) and add a damage buff.

    The Sioux have a lot of Cavalry, and are probably the only civ that can go all mounted and deal with almost anything. However, if they really want building destruction, they need to field some War Clubs, or get some sort of natives. They do get a limited Arsenal card and Pillage, the cavalry siege bonus, is included.

    The Sioux have a lot of options to bring in Bison, including what's IMO a nice Age 1 Team 6 Bison card. They have a pile of cards for bringing in pets to help your War Chief creep early. They have a slew of cards for bringing in all kinds of their units, from Age 2 on they can field a massive amount of troops from shipments.

    Your War Chief is a mounted commander with a trample attack (really good for creeping). He also has the charm power to convert treasure guardians to be his ally. He has a large aura that buffs all your troops hit points (a Card can be shipped in to add a damage buff to the aura).

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