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Topic Subject:Game errors...
posted 11-12-06 10:39 AM EDT (US)         
Hello, I was going to register my account on ESO and it was determining my network speed and everything, Then it said a message that said " There is a problem with your game installation. You may need to reinstall the game to fix it. "
I then press ok and then it said " Failed to connect to the ESO servers. "

Well, Most of you are probably thinking, well, just reinstall it. Well, here's where I have a problem, I exit out of the game and go to my Control Panel and I locate Age of Empires III and I start to uninstall it. Then it like gets to the part where it says "Validating Install". Than, that whole menu just freezes up... If anyone has any insight on this matter please share... Thank you...


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posted 11-12-06 12:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Man ur doomed LOL!! dunno what u can do wierde stuff really. Remember this is a huge game!!
posted 11-12-06 01:12 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
How long have you waited? I find that in many of my uninstalls (C&C generals zero hour) it doesnt freeze up it just stops for a lil while due to some random reason. Just wait for an hour or two. after that, id say go to that one thread on AGecommunity where htey have all the FAQa

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