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Topic Subject:2 Major Questions!
posted 01-27-07 12:50 PM EDT (US)         
Ok. 1st one is actually a comment lol

Hackapells are soo amazingly good...why do so many people hate them? I played a game as ports and FF'ed and shipped over some Hackapells- Their hand attack is > all colonial age units i slaughtered about 60 longbowmen with 6 Hackapells. Amazing...why do so many people hate them though?

2nd, How do cuetech rankings work? Thanks!

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posted 01-27-07 01:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Hackapells have too few health, a good player will focus fire on them and kill them before they reach your troops
posted 01-27-07 01:38 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
also even if they reach an enemy unit their insane attack is wasted due to overkill.
they do 121 attack, that's just not enough to kill most units in one hit, then the second hit will only do 10 or 20 damage.

vs brits they are ok though as they 1 hit kill lbow and lbows can't really be microed.

posted 01-27-07 05:48 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Like others said, Hackapells have too few HP. If someone masses skirms and has like 40 of them, all shoot one hackapell. Dead. Before he reaches the skirms. Shoot the next. Dead. Just when he reached the skirms but couldn't attack yet. 4 Hackappels left, if you micro well you attack 2 different skirms with 2 hackapells. 2 Skirms dead.
Now 38 skirms on next hackapell and so on.
He'll lose like 5-6 skirms which is 50 food + 65 gold * 5= 575 res. While you lose 6 units costing the usual merc cost.

Anyways, Hackapells are loads of fun when massed to raid (Saloon). So are Stradiots

I had a game today where I had the Riding School card, the Church faster training of cavalry tech, and the native faster cavalry training.
I had 8 banks, and about 20 vills on gold. So I had instant stradiots with WAY too many gold ^^
It was hilarious lol

posted 01-27-07 06:16 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
60? thats hard to believe =|

too low hp

"he will have a hard getting banks up"

"I accidently drop kicked someone once"

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posted 01-29-07 10:35 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Yeah, i agree. 60 archers vs 6 hackapells. You either got them while they were marching and not paying attention or you have caught the exageration bug. Hackapells are strictly a vil raiding tool in my opinion.

The best way to explain how cuetech rankings work is to say they work a lot like PR. You get more points for beating someone better than you than your skill level or lower. For more information goto:

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