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Topic Subject:New to AOEIII
posted 05-03-07 06:01 PM EDT (US)         
I've been heavily into Civilization series for the last few years. After growing tired of it and wanting something new, I did some research and found this game.

Reading through the manual, they appear to parallel each other quite well. Can anyone speak to that? I consider myself very experienced with Civilization, do you guys think it will take me long to catch on to this game?

Anyway, this looks like a solid forum, look forward to chatting with you guys on the game in the near future.

posted 05-03-07 06:14 PM EDT (US)     1 / 14       
Isn't Civilization turn based? If so, that will be the biggest change as in this game you have to really react and think ahead at the same time. Don't go by the manual totally as some things in it are wrong. No matter what the manual says or what the in-game info says, Abus Guns and Grenadiers are NOT artillery, counter them with hand cavalry and NOT culverins.

There are only a few unit classes

Heavy Infantry: counters all Cavalry
Light Infantry*: Counters Ranged Cavalry and Heavy Infantry.
Melee Cavalry: Counters Light Infantry* and Artillery.
Ranged Cavalry: Counters Melee Cavalry and Artillery.
Artillery: Counters all Infantry
Light Infantry**: Consists only of Coyote Runners and Eagle Runner Knights

*note: this class is all Infantry that counters Infantry, such as Skirmishers, Longbows, and Crossbows.

**note: this class is only for 2 aztec units coyote runners and eagle runners. Coyotes act like hand cavalry and eagles act as ranged cavalry so counter them how you would normally counter hand cavalry and ranged cavalry.

Did you get all that?

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posted 05-03-07 06:32 PM EDT (US)     2 / 14       
Thanks for the post. Yeah, i get all the unit stuff. I suppose the best policy is to just stack with all of those units before heading into battle, so you can counter anything?

Interesting that AOEIII isn't turn based. Yes, Civilization is, and i'm generally more experienced with turn-based games.

I've had the game for about a week now, but have literally not even installed it on my computer yet. I'm a big believer in gathering all information, and going into it very prepared. However, with games, i suppose the best policy might just be to fire it up and start getting the hang of it...

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posted 05-03-07 06:42 PM EDT (US)     3 / 14       
It's not really interesting that AoE3 isn't turned based. All it's predecessors including mythology and including itself are all "Real-Time" Strategy games.

And don't bother gathering all the information, you'll find out that info faster by just playing the game a couple times.

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posted 05-03-07 07:26 PM EDT (US)     4 / 14       
Uh, well it's interesting to me. It may not be interesting in the arc of other games, but i'm certainly not used to it.

Yeah, i got into a game, the basics and the try it, and caught on pretty fast.

Do you guys post military at ALL constructed buildings, and like escort your explorers with military, etc.? What's the general strategy on that, or can someone direct me to a post that is "general strategy" type discussion.

posted 05-03-07 07:30 PM EDT (US)     5 / 14       
Hi Ryan,

I played Civ for years (I own Civ 2, 3 & 4, but Civ 2 has always been my favourite) and bought Aoe3 last August or so. I didn't really understand how an RTS worked until I played the game. I played offline for about a day and then jumped online. Others disagree but I think this was the best route for me anyway. In Civ you play against the AI and have a fun time, but in AOE it quickly becomes repetitive, and AOE lends itself better to multiplayer formats. Plus I think as a TBS player you will pick up a lot of bad habits learning against the AI.

Personally I had a very hard time adjusting to RTS. Like you my first instinct was to just "bring everything" into battle figuring that should do the trick. For a variety of reasons that is not always the optimum strategy. There is this horrible RTS thing called "micro" which can make or break your game at times. Whether you will learn faster than I did I can't really say. *grin* I advise you to just jump into some games- online- and see what you think. I can tell you now that Civ is not the same for me anymore. I much prefer AOE even if I will never be as strong a player as I was in Civ.

You aren't protecting your buildings in the manner that you would protect cities in Civ. For one thing your buildings are generally built close to your Town Center, which has its own attack when settlers are garrisoned inside it. It will take some time to take down a building (and during this time the Town Center or outposts that you have placed will be firing upon the enemy army) and during that time your army can come over. If instead you spread your army thin, surrounding your city, you would find that any army that showed up to try to kill some buildings isn't going to be postponed by a few guards anyway. You will need your entire army.

You mostly care about your villagers and try to defend them more than your buildings. If they die you have nothing to gather resources.

Your army should not be stationary like it is in Civ. You should be walking around, seeing what your opponent is up to, harrassing him, getting treasure, whatever. There are no peace treaties here to buy you time, it is always constant war heh.

There is an AOE3 strats list here and a TWC one here if you have The Warchiefs expansion pack.

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posted 05-03-07 07:36 PM EDT (US)     6 / 14       
One of the biggest changes from Civ 4 to say Aoe3 is how bad the AI is, most people don't stay happy with just playing the computer long before they see how bad at the game it is, then you'll go to online and see that the "hardest" lvl is really just as good as a good noob

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posted 05-03-07 08:23 PM EDT (US)     7 / 14       
Welcome to AOE3. Best way to get a feel for the game is to install the game, patch it up, and then watch some recorded games.

Age of heavens has a recorded game section here:

Another very good site for recorded games is Here is a link to their AOE3 page:

If you dont have the TWC expansion you cant watch games recorded playing the expansion. The file extension for games recorded with the expansion is age3x.rec. The file extension for games recorded with regular AOE3 is .age3rec.

posted 05-03-07 10:15 PM EDT (US)     8 / 14       
Thanks for the responses.

Great post wreckoning. I had already planned to post quite a few musketmen at every building, but it sounds like that won' be necessary now.

Doing the "try it now" thing, i had one explorer out, and he got gangbusted by like 20 brits. I guess I shouldn't travel with one person, more like travel with a group that can fend off an ambush.

At this point i guess im still partial to TBS games like Civ, but i can definetly see sinking my teeth into this game once i get more familiar with it.

As far as online play, i've never really been much into it, but maybe i'll check it out.

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posted 05-03-07 10:51 PM EDT (US)     9 / 14       
Don't worry too much about protecting your explorer Ryan. His purpose is to explore and make Town Centers (you are able to do this when you reach the Fortress age). If he gets killed by accidentally walking into an army it's fine. You can buy him back at your Town Center for 100 gold. Also once he is dead you can send another unit or units to go to his body and they will revive him- provided the enemy army isn't sitting around waiting for you to do just that.

But sending some guards with your explorer generally isn't advised- you usually have three tiers of military groups: your main army which is hanging out around your town or harrassing your enemy; a strictly raiding party (usually melee cavalry such as Hussars, Cossacks etc) which you use to look for your enemy's villagers (and do not engage his main army with since your raiding party will be too small to win), and a small group of guards (generally anti-cavalry, say 5 or so pikeman) that would hang out with some villagers that are gathering resources away from your base. These guards will only be enough to kill a raiding party but won't be able to stop a whole military, and you only bother to make them if you have a strong reason to believe your opponent will try to raid them.

So you see that you won't normally make guards for your explorer, it's not necessary, he just isn't that valuable. You'd rather have those guards protect your villagers who are not immortal. However you might send your army or raiding party to help your explorer kill treasure- but once the treasure guardians are dead, you go back to raiding or whatever.

posted 05-04-07 00:02 AM EDT (US)     10 / 14       
Hey, i also made the transition from civilization to this game. Though i had past experiences from AoM, it was hard to catch on.

Once you do, though, you'll learn that being fast is everything. Anytime you can find a more efficient way to do something, use it.

Always build villagers, nonstop. You don't need military units at post on every building, either. Most likely the opponent won't majorly split his army up like that, and usually will concentrate in a single area at once.

You also need to know unit counters, like TheRomans posted. It is close to civ4, with each unit having bonuses vs other units.

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posted 05-04-07 10:00 AM EDT (US)     11 / 14       
Sids Civilization? Civilization is not TWC at all, infact thats about the only game on the market that I hate right now.
I sent bought Civ4 and the Expack and they both sucked.
TWC AOE3 is much more fun to play and the strategy are way better to!
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posted 05-04-07 03:24 PM EDT (US)     12 / 14       
Sids Civilization? Civilization is not TWC at all, infact thats about the only game on the market that I hate right now.
I sent bought Civ4 and the Expack and they both sucked.
TWC AOE3 is much more fun to play and the strategy are way better to!

What a useful post. Civilization and AOE are very different games. They have different strategies, and of course one is TBS while the other is RTS.

It is hard to switch from TBS to RTS, so don't be dissapointed if it doesnt work out at first.

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posted 05-04-07 04:29 PM EDT (US)     13 / 14       
I suppose the best policy is to just stack with all of those units before heading into battle, so you can counter anything?

Actually, the best policy is to use 2 or 3 different kinds of units, so you can counter everything your enemy throws at you. For example, suppose you have a group of Heavy Cavalry, another of Light Infantry, and a third of Artillery (make sure to keep them together). If your enemy comes in with LI, (1) you kill him with HC, (2) you kill him with ART, and (3) he's really stupid (he can't counter any of your units, but you counter with 2 of your 3 groups). If he comes in with Heavy Infantry, you can counter with (1) LI, or (2) ART (keep your HC out of the way, they die to HI; you counter with 2 groups again). If he counters with Ranged/Light cavalry, you counter with (1) LI. Try to pound them with ART, but be out of range if you do; and keep your HC out of the way. If he counters with HC, put your HC between your ART & LI (to protect them), and hit him with everything you've got (nothing counters, but HC will form a meatshield to protect your weak units vs HC). If he counters with ART, kill them with HC (keep LI away). If your opponent is anything better than a noob, he will not counter with only one unit type, as I showed in the examples (unless he's playing French; cuirassier-only attacks are rare, but occur, up to about the Master Sargeant skill level). However, during a fight against more than one unit, always try to have each unit group attack it's counter. Using Control groups is useful for this. Takes practice, but you'll get it.

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posted 05-04-07 11:57 PM EDT (US)     14 / 14       
I, too, came from Civ 3/4, and yes, it can be overwhelming at first. The best way to learn is to just keep playing. As a tip that hasn't been mentioned yet, the thing I did in AOE3 and even TWC () for the longest time ever was to not build more than 20 settlers. You want to have your Town Center almost constantly producing settlers until you reach 99. Also, don't max out your army before attacking. Attack throughout the game and play aggressively in order to win. Yes, there are turtling strategies, but it's best not to start out with those as they will teach you to be too pacified and timid of attacking.

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