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Topic Subject:The Rise of Amsterdam: A guide to the Dutch
posted 05-05-07 03:03 PM EDT (US)         

We've had guides of Ottoman and German, and I thought: Lets write one for the Dutch! I'm not a very good player and I haven't got too much experience with 1 vs 1s, but almost all were with Dutch. And anyway, you dont have to be a pro to collect some strats

Ok. The first and most common Dutch Strat:
The 3 Bank FF

This strat is very effective in 1v1, and has few weaknesses. You will mainly want to use this strat against people who are likely to stay in colonial like British, Aztec and Sioux, or against Iroqouis, Portuguese (at least on non-water maps), Germans, Spanish and sometimes Ottomans, Russians and French, but against French ONLY if they FF. As you can see, viable in almost every situation. We will come to mirrors, Ports on water maps and French if they not FF later.

The Build Order

Part 1
*Send 4 vills to mine gold, let the rest unpack crates
*build one or two houses depending on how much wood you got in crates
*send all vills to food, all new vills to food as well
*send 3 Villagers
*age with 17 villagers, with Quartermaster (400 wood)
*during age up, distribute your vills like this: 10 - 3 - 4 and cueue a vill

NOTE: From here you can still switch to other strats if you for instance found out that your French opponent is not FFing. There are several other points in this BO where it is still possible to switch or delay your FF a bit if your not sure.

Part 2
*first card should be 700 wood
*collect the wood from your age up with your wood villagers, cueue another villager
*build a bank, the first villager of age 2 should arrive now, set him to wood
*when 700 wood arrives, use your now 4 wood gatherers/builders and your new vill to gather it. Make two vills, put them to food

Again a point where you can switch to another strat

Part 3
*build another bank and a barrack
*ship Bank Wagon
*sometimes you have time to make 1 more vill while you gather food for age up, sometimes not. Click age up when you can but do not cancel a villager if its still being made. Age up with The Exiled Prince (fast age up)
*During Transition, your division should look like this: 12-6-4

Again, you can switch to another strat here

Part 4
*Ship Stadhouder or save up your shipment for age 3
*cueue as many skirms as you can and a few villagers
*depending on what your opponent is doing, ship either 8 halbs or 8 skirms
*You should aim at 15-18 skirms and 10-13 halbs(depending on what you shipped)
*If you havent been attacked yet, move forward and harras your enemy a bit
*ship 8 skirms/8 halbs, depending on what you havent shipped yet, and in the case of skirms, make 5 halbs and when its halbs make 5 skirms
*build another barrack and eventually an artillery foundry while you keep up making vills
*go after your enemy with your 20-23 skirms and 15-18 halbs. It could be that he is also in fortress now, but you have a superior economy. Keep reinforcing your army if you are managing, otherwise retreat
*build 2-4 falconets and 2 culverins
*kill your enemy

This strat can be adapted at a lot of points, for instance you could decide to build an artillery foundry during the ageup to age 3 and make falcs as soon as you arrive, or go for a stable with hussars/ruyters. You will, however, need a barrack pretty quickly in age 3.

For strat number 2: The Hussar/Skirm Semi-FF

This strat works best in mirrors and against French FFs. Can also work against German and to a lesser extend Portuguese. You use Part 1 and 2 of the previous strat.

*build a stable
*cueue 5 hussars
*build a barrack
*ship bank wagon and cue skirms untill you have 5
*raid with your hussars
*build your 3rd bank when you have the resources
*if your raid is going well, make 3 more hussars. If you are facing pikes/musks, use your 5 skirms, or if they cant manage make 5 more
*age up when you can with The Exiled Prince
*make your hussars veteran
*ship halbs if your skirms survived, otherwise ship skirms and make 5 halbs
*attack with your infantry and 4 hussars, let your other 4 hussars raid him from the back while you attack at the front. You should have, ideally, 18 skirms, 5 halbardiers and 8 hussars with 5 halbardiers and 5 hussars on the way. You will have less military later then in the last strat, but you will have hurt your opponent and maybe even lured him in cancelling his ff. Your hussars also force him to make anti cav which your vet. skirms kill very easily.

The 2 times Stadhouder FI
This strat is best done against defensive player, ports for instance. You follow Part 1 to 3.

*Ship Stadhouder once you have clicked age up. Your devision should be: 9-9-4
*Build 2 TCs with your explorer once you have the wood. If you are attacked, send Colonial Militia otherwise, send 1000 food. Keep making vills and make another bank. Age up when you can with Whatever his name is (1000 gold). Ship Religious Freedom
*you will need to gather 1000 gold during age up, but this shouldnt be too hard. If you can gather 2000, even better. *Once you are age IV and have collected your gold, send Stadhouders from the Church. Also send waargelders if you can.
*Send 14 Skirmishers followed by 2 Heavy Cannon

Kill your enemy

---------I Have to Go Now, I Will Finish it Tomorrow With the 4 Bank FF and Pike Rush

posted 05-05-07 03:17 PM EDT (US)     1 / 9       
I think it's tottaly ligget.

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posted 05-05-07 03:37 PM EDT (US)     2 / 9       
Age up when you can with Whatever his name is


Looks pretty good, although I don't play Dutch to know what could be improved.

PS: Next person to make a guide called Rise of <Civ capital> will be shot.

My grandmother slaps harder than the Agra Fort shoots. And she's dead. ~ Ender_Ward

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posted 05-05-07 03:43 PM EDT (US)     3 / 9       
If you want to go for 3 tcs in age3 better ship stadhouder (sp?) as your first card imo.
posted 05-05-07 04:19 PM EDT (US)     4 / 9       
before you start an ambitious project like this - a guide to *any civ*, you really should be an expert of that civ first, then you should actually test these strats.

from a strategy writing point of view, your readers either want to know an efficient build order, in which case you need to provide times, or they want to know the strength , which you need to explain and possibly demonstrate with a recorded game. writing a bunch of x vils on y res for z minutes dont really give enough information to make readers want to try your stuff.

Regarding your actual guide, the 3 TC FF is used against aggrasive civs, not defensive - you use 3 CM TC to beat powerful FF like spanish and iro. and the explorer cards should be send first, second cars should be somthing like 700G or bank wagon - something help you get age3 faster.

3 bank FF is pretty weak compared to 4bank and 2 bank FF, 4 bank marginally slower (or not slower at all) but a lot better eco, 2 bank has significantly faster fortress time gives you better preparation against FF attack. thats why you dont really see any dutch expert use 3 bank FF.

I hope you dont take my words the wrong way, they are really just advices.

posted 05-05-07 05:29 PM EDT (US)     5 / 9       
Yeah 4 Bank FF is much better.
posted 05-05-07 06:12 PM EDT (US)     6 / 9       
change the name...

be original

posted 05-05-07 06:32 PM EDT (US)     7 / 9       
oh well, i was going to comment on the name and the 3 bank ff, but i guess above posters beat me to it

honestly though, i love these guides, but "the rise of (civ city): A guide to (civ)" is getting pretty old.

"he will have a hard getting banks up"

"I accidently drop kicked someone once"

posted 05-05-07 08:02 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9       
Hey. think original names, here i have soem ideas for you:

- Nassau revange
- Golden Holand
- Stadhoulders strikes

well, im a Dutch Player.
And i have basically 2 strategies (for non water maps):

The 4 Bank FF. (i use it against non-heavy rushers, FF and boomers)

simply Rush
i make barrak , ship troops make skrims, defend from the ruhs, maybe a counter attak, and the go to Foretress
(use against heavy rushes)

I almost never finish the game in colonial (1v1)
if i attak in colonial, i killl some buildigns and maybe villagers, but 80% of the time i go to foretress and kill him there.

(id: micky_t)
posted 05-06-07 04:44 AM EDT (US)     9 / 9       
Rise of <Civ capital> will be shot.

I won't call my Ports guide "Rise of Lisbon", don't worry.

"Stadhoulders strikes" - Stadhouder Surprise was much better imo, but then, I'm biased.

armyballer - Another 3v3, this time my team is winning, (about an hour into it). One of the other team players admits defeat and resigns, then out of no where I get OOS message. I'm pissed, I again log onto agecommunity and see I have been given a LOSE. How did this happen?

AceOfKings - ender_ward hacked into your game and made it go OOS

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