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Topic Subject:Advantage of upgrade resource collecting cards
posted 12-03-07 09:11 AM EDT (US)         

I'm just wondering:
Are the upgrade of resource collecting cards usefull? I mean, I always seem to ignore them, since there are plenty of better cards. Or am I just not knowing what the advantage is of such cards?

I understand that maybe it's specific per HC, but I ask this question in general.

PS: I'm really talking about cards like "villagers gather coin faster" etc.
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posted 12-03-07 10:45 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
They're good for long games when you need a superior eco to outpace your opponent all other things being equal.

Two of the best are royal mint and refrigeration, they cover all gathering, including fishing boats I think.

The more specific they are, the less useful. For instance, mining bonus is less useful because after your nearby mines are depleted, you switch to plantations and the benefit is lost.

They are good for short games, when you know you will be rushing.

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posted 12-03-07 11:50 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
Generally, you'd play them after your normal cards (res crates, units, schooners, etc), because early in the game, you need those resources to power your econ and mil.

The other reason is that the more villies you have, the quicker those gather upgrade cards pay off respective to what else you could have sent (like res crates).

It makes sense that if you have 40 vills on coin (late fort), the +25% coin gather you get for sending royal mint will collect the 1000C equivalent value faster than if you only had 10 or 20 (early fort). So if you had to make the choice between 1000C res shipment or royal mint, you'd send the crates before you sent royal mint. With alot of vills on coin, royal mint pays off relatively quickly, and after that, it's gravy.

Btw, refrigeration and royal mint only target villie-type res sources, so it doesn't help with boats.



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posted 12-03-07 02:37 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
In short games, how many villager seconds would Refrigeration/Royal Mint be worth? Let's say a short game of 10 minutes-15 minutes. What about 20 minutes?

(Basically, is it worth sending them at all when you could send resource crates or units?)
posted 12-03-07 04:48 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
In 1v1 keep royal mint and refrigeration but only use them as the last cards to send. In team games just get a deck full of them

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posted 12-03-07 07:41 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7       
I always compared them to vills not crates.25% meansit equalls 2 and a half vills for every ten vills so 40 vills on mines would produce the resources of 49 vills.
posted 12-03-07 08:08 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
Assuming those vils were on mines for the whole 10 minute game period? :O

Thanks for the advice, Sporting Lisbon. I still remember our FFA defeat on Honshu, lol. Orangutans! Mysterious fort locale! XD
posted 12-03-07 09:20 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7       
The value of the 25% for Royal Mint is relative to the base rate. So if you've got placer mines (+10%) and almagamation (+20%), then the card is actually a bonus of 19%, or +1.9 more vils on coin for every 10 miners (if you look at it like Humility).

A villie with the +30% market ups will collect 1000C from a mine in about 21:20. The 1000C shipment is worth that much minus the 2:05 it takes to collect; so it's worth around 19:15 villie-minutes.

Royal Mint's additional +25% will allow 1 vil to collect an additional 1000C in around 111 minutes.

If you have 10 vils on coin, Royal Mint begins to pay off in about 11 minutes. If you have 20 vils, it's about 5:30, and for 30 vils, it's around 3:45.

That's why it's better to send gather rate upgrade cards when you have more villies, since it pays off faster the more villies you have gathering. If you're talking about a 20 minute game, you're hitting pop around then, and you probably have 30+ villies on coin, so Royal Mint pays off pretty fast vs a crate or unit shipment.


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