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Topic Subject:ELO (extra characters to bypass the limit)
posted 12-04-07 07:16 PM EDT (US)         
I thought I understood how the ELO system worked, but I was looking at my rating and I noticed that there was 7 different rankings, most of them seeming to be repeated. Here is a list of all the different ELO ratings:

* Overall
* 1 vs 1
* 2 vs 2
* Team
* Allround
* Clans
* PowerRating

What is the difference between overall and allround? They seem to be exactly the same things, but allround has less players. Also, what counts as a clan game? And last, how can I avoid noob bashing? I am on TWC playing people of my power rank, but they are almost invariably 150 points below me on ELO. I have a cuetech of 1835, but a power rank of 19, so it's rare that I have a match with someone of equal skill.

posted 12-05-07 08:13 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Ask their ELO, If they dont know even what is about their elo, theyre most propably under 1800
posted 12-05-07 12:08 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
allround is a combination team and 1v1. team is based only on people's team ELO rating. someone can be a 2200+ in 1v1, and overall, but in team they might be 1600. the 2v2 is based on you and a partner.

i have an overall higher than my team rate, although i only play team. this is because people play 1v1 and it increases their overall rate. so overall and allround are similar.
posted 12-05-07 03:12 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
IIRC allaround is basically an average of team and 1v1. Overall is just a separate rate that is effected in all game types, based on the opponent's overall rate.

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