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Topic Subject:The Native Colony's back!
posted 12-05-07 02:26 AM EDT (US)         
AT LAST........IT'S HERE. On this Saturday, we will see the original AOE3 fansite return! The site has a heap of new pages, and still more will be coming in the next few months! The new SNAZZY' forums are here, and this set won't LAG like the last lot, which we had heaps of complaints on being too slow. You'll notice the pages have snow flakes falling from them because it's Christmas time. So, please enjoy the new site. You can sign up for the newsletter which is on the front page. So, let the cound down begin!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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posted 12-05-07 02:15 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
*cough* advertisement *cough*

*coughs in closed thread*


Q: How do I get veteran skirms as the dutch?
- you have to buy the upgrade in the the barracks lol it should be under the skimiser logo. -you have to be in age3 to get veteran and age 4 to get guard.
After realizing they get automatically upgraded:
- o right i play brits so i just guessed.....thats slighly embarrasing lol

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posted 12-05-07 02:49 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Yes, we'd appreciate you asking for permission to advertise here on our forums. I already replied to your friend's email about this - creating hype about this is totally unnecessary since there's no site even up yet.

Thread closed.

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