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Topic Subject:Battle of the Forums
Angel Walker
(id: Just a player)
posted 02-12-08 12:07 PM EDT (US)         

Battle of the Forums

Due to the protests started by some of our GD Forummers (Click!) - I'm creating a copy of the Battle of the Forums thread in General Discussions.

To learn what's this Battle of Forums, read the rest of the thread. Now, remember: NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN THIS THREAD. This one shall be used to promote and discuss the event in the General Discussions Forums only. To actually officially nominate someone, you will have to use the original version, located in The Saloon: Battle of the Forums - Nominations. This is to avoid the confusion of managing two threads at the same time, which can turn into a real mess when the voting round comes.

It was a lonely day. Inside the Cherub Wagon, Zen; the divine lord and God of Heavengames turned on his computer. Everything was going fine untill Zen realised something was missing. All the staff, as exemplary and *insert flattery here* as they were, were extremely predictable. This was also the case for the members. Zen then had a great idea to add variety to HG. He organised a giant party for a few members from each heaven, and sent in 3 of his most trusted staff with nice sharp kittens axes.

His plan was to assassinate the members, while he sat back and ate some popcorn. As the members realised this, they quickly gathered up their pointy sticks. The stage was set, and Zen ordered the killing to be conducted in a turn based civilised manner. What forum has the most cunning warriors? We're about to find out...

How do I nominate someone?

    1. First, go to the original thread in The Saloon: THIS ONE!
    2. Read the rules presented in the thread.
    3. Absolutely never nominate somone HERE. See the first rule.
    4. To discuss the plan to take over the competition, check Eicho's thread.

All the information you need about the game: Click!

ESO - Walker

>> Napoleonic Era --> Visit their Homepage!
"Holy *****" > Thunder (Ensemble Studios)

Retired from AoE3. But I do play AoK HD in Steam now and then.

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posted 02-12-08 12:37 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Wohoo! Walker listened to us!

Okay people, in order to win the civil war (General Discussions vs The Saloon, to see who gets it's people to play in BotF), we need to be organized.
Read the link in the first post, enter "Eicho's Thread" there you'll find all the information you want.

First, we will all decide who of us 3 will participate, then, we will all vote for those 3 people in the official nominations thread, so we have much greater chances of them winning and representing us in BotF, and we win the civil war

Go to my thread to nominate who you want, and as many as you want, the only thign we need is 3 people in Feb 14 that want to participate and are fron GD, not from that spammer community called Salooon.

Thanks Walker

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