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Topic Subject:Russian no villie age up
posted 11-06-08 08:58 AM EDT (US)         

I'm sure this has been done before (because I can't possibly have thought of something new ).

I've just started playing as Russians to learn the civ. I'm PR30 so no newb, but have restricted my playing to only a few civs, and wanted to learn Russia.

I got a game against a noob (no, don;t have a go for noob bashing, it was purely as a fun game to learn the civ) and the map was randomly chosen as Hispaniola.

Basically, I aged up with only the starting villies cos the starting crates were 800+food. I plonked a blockhouse as close to his TC as I could while aging, and as soon as I aged I made 10 strelets and shipped 13. I was at his base with these ages before he aged up.

My question is, on these food heavy maps how on Earth would you defend this? He was Brits, so he didn't have gold for minutemen, and he could only send 6 musketeer card, which got owned. He also aged with tower and also sent 2 more towers, but these were just destroyed before they were built. In the meantime I'd got muskets made and cossacks shipped for a little more siege and slowly took the TC down.

I know the siege attack is hopeless in this scenario, but who cares when the only fire you have is his TC fire.

What could he have done?

It's such a stupid strat and so boring I'll never do it again, but it would be handy to know what to do if someone does it to me!

BTW, his villagers were all garrisoned as I'd scouted and made sure he hadn't got any out getting resources. If they were they'd had been mopped up anyway by the cossacks.

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Marneus Calgar
Veteran Musketeer (Content Contributor)
posted 11-06-08 09:44 AM EDT (US)     1 / 10       
TC fire + villies > pure strelets. Heck, even TC fire > Pure strelets, and it takes about 20 strels to one shot a vill so they can just keep gathering res. Since your siege is terrible, they can go and put up a rax/stable right under your nose, and you will be helpless. The guy you played should have shipped a unit shipment. 2 towers? What was he a conscript? Longbows and you are dead. Then out come the muskets/minutemen to deal with cossacks.

Try shipping 5 cossack first, then 700 wood/food. Then have one strelet batch, 5 cossack and queued muskets.

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posted 11-06-08 03:53 PM EDT (US)     2 / 10       
TC fire will defeat strelets, but with nothing else attacking them they can siege a TC easily, as they just get replenished every minute or so.

I attacked with 23 strelet which will allow one shot kill as soon as I arrive. Following shortly afterwards is 5 cossack shipped and then 5 locally made musket.

Assuming he has both musket and lbow in deck then all he can ship is 6 bows and 6 muskets. He can;t build a stable as his villies would get beaten by the sheer number of russian army.

The key is to ensure all his villies have been rounded up into the TC, which needs scouting just before the attack, but assuming they're in the TC I'm not sure you'd ever get chance to get a stable or rax up.
posted 11-06-08 04:19 PM EDT (US)     3 / 10       
I have done no vill age up or only 11 or 8 vill age up and it works if you are playing a sarge or corporal or lower I assume because they arent as good players and you can get in there base and freak them out before they can repel you lol.
posted 11-06-08 04:49 PM EDT (US)     4 / 10       
Wall up the chokepoint asap and send CM first card
Arcane Ranger
posted 11-06-08 06:03 PM EDT (US)     5 / 10       
He won't send CM as the first card, he's already sent his first card and isn't expecting that fast of a rush (usually). This usually doesn't work at the higher level civilizations, your economy just becomes too low to produce anything further.

He should've sent a unit shipment, and got a rax up. Could you get that rax down if it's basically right behind the tc? The tc will be one shot killing a strelet, or 2 shotting a strelet. Strelet siege is 6. Musketeer and cossack siege isn't much better. You'll get maybe 200 siege per throw max with that type of army, and that's not even considering the fact of casualties. Also, he could use his market to trade res for minutemen.
posted 11-06-08 06:07 PM EDT (US)     6 / 10       
I sucessfully did it once, as I was playing against an asian civ, and I sent 5 cossacks as soon as I aged up. I just kept raiding their vills so they couldn't build their wonder and spammed sterlets until I won.

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posted 11-07-08 08:35 AM EDT (US)     7 / 10       
The market idea won't work because he won't have a market! Do people really build markets this quick in to the game? Mine don't normally go up until halfway through aging. I aged at 1:59, and the blockhouse was already up by then.

The crucial thing is to scout and ensure all villies are rounded up in the TC, or killed. If they are in the TC he can;t get a rax or market up.

The point I'm getting at with this is that it doesn't matter how rubbish your siege attack is because you've got him contained. As long as you've got at least 10 strelets there all the time you're ok, as these will pick off villies as they try and escape to build a rax.

I must confess, I got a huge advantage by having a 240 wood treasure right next to the TC, so this provided my starting wood.
posted 11-07-08 11:37 AM EDT (US)     8 / 10       
The blockhouse being built before age 2 is what helps Russia actually compete. He who strikes first and keeps the pressure on usually wins this game. Some civs are simply at a disadvantage in this area. There is the odd native trade post that is handy, but not usually. It is frustrating when you have 10 military opponents in your base just as you finish building your barracks because that is as fast as your civ could reach colonial.
Arcane Ranger
posted 11-07-08 09:09 PM EDT (US)     9 / 10       
Yes... except that if you age with under 14 villagers, you'll have a weak economy, unable to produce at a good rate. If you age with 14-17 villagers, you should have the military in their base by the time they get something out.

It'll only work against noobs imho.
AoE3H Seraph
(id: fred_ernie)
posted 11-07-08 09:42 PM EDT (US)     10 / 10       
I have used this tactic once or twice pre that latest patch, it works well against people that aren't expecting it, but if they fend your attack off you will suffer due to a poor economy.

Possible has an advantage against Ottoman if you can take down a villie or two.

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