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Topic Subject:Hotkeys
posted 08-27-11 10:31 PM EDT (US)         
Two questions for discussion:

1) Does nilla have hotkeys for melee and ranged mode?
2) How often does everyone use hotkeys? I talked with pramit about rarely using them, aside from [for me] attack move, asd for foundry, stable and barracks, and f for explorer.

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posted 08-28-11 04:50 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I've never used hotkeys much but i use

/ for explorer
T for Town centre
V for villager creating
shift clicking to que orders / train batches of 5
e to build houses
command groups for different things - such as scouts, raiders, fb builders etc.

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posted 08-28-11 05:12 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I use about every single hotkey in the game (mainly because thats the only way for me to be as fast as majors, since im just not fast enough as a person).

Obviously T-V, I use Q for eject unit, I use T-G to ring the townbell,I use shift, I use hotkeys 1-7 (1 = skirms 2 = ruyters 3 = huss 4 = pikes 5 = rax 6= stable 7 = artillery foundry), I remapped the producing hotkeys for the Dutch units to asd for both barracks units and stable units. Im gonna do the same with the artillery units soon. I use attack move, but also xcv for melee, cover mode/staggermode (same hotkey) and v for volley mode, I use hotkeys w for find explorer, e for find idle militairy, h for homecity, space for find idle villager, alt to see unit hp, and for every building I build I use the hotkeys, I even know that factory ="y" and cherry ochard = "q".
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