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Topic Subject:Aoe3? Is it like Aoe2?
posted 06-25-17 11:49 PM EDT (US)         
Hello friends. I am a new player, who wants to find out the best civ for me. i've played Aoe2 and my favorite civ were The Mayans. statistically, i have to have good Trash Archers, IT IS A MUST(no joke. If i have bad skirms, or the equvivilant of skirms in this game is, I will cry). I also prefer light seige over heavy tanky seige (I.e i would much rather use scorpions, rather than Onagers). I like a good late game navy. I really don't care much for infantry. I like light Cavalry. I would much prefer a gathering bonus, rather than a unit discount. and also my favorite unit from Aoe2 is the Italian Genoese Crossbow. I've heard that the French is a good civ for beginners, but i've already had some experience with Aoe2. If you guys need more information to efficiently answer my questions, feel free to ask.

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Hmmmm, well...

This game is not actually as focused on trash as the previous games: If I am not mistaken, most civilizations lack trash units altogether. However, on this game, it is easier for you to gather "gold"( Or Coin as it is called around here ), namelly through the Plantations, which are like farms, minus for gold and lasting forever. So, "trash wars", just arent much of a thing here.

The main "light siege" unit here, the Culverin, is actually not that good as a siege unit. It is mostly a siege unit that counters siege units. Just something for you to know since now. However, the Iroquois get Light Cannons as their main siege unit, a mid-term between the Heavy Cannon and the Culverin. It is actually a really versatile siege weapon: It is good against units, buildings, and even other siege weapons alike, although it is still vulnerable to Culverins, and just flat-out rather frail. BUT, the Iroquois( And Native Americans in general ) have terrible late game navy, so I dont know if they would be quite your thing.

The French are great for those who want heavy cavalry( As in the original game ), but I consider the Spanish a bit better for someone who just got into the game. Like the Byzantines of the original game, they can do just about everything at least reasonably well. Unlike the Byzantines, though, they have somewhat lackluster defenses. Not sure if that is a problem for you.
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