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Topic Subject:Changing your avatar/icon
posted 12-18-12 08:35 PM EDT (US)         
Hey guys!

Is there a way to change your avatar/icon in skirmish? Y'know, when you're chatting in SP. (aka. the chatbox)

Apparently, after taking a long-long break from the game (and I do mean a LONG-LONG break), I can't change that icon of that old native american (the default one). Before I left the game, the original one, I knew you could've change that icon using the multiplayer.
So, after reinstalling the game, done the updates and so on, the change doesn't occur like before. (I think this was in v.12)

Now, I found out that you can't change it anymore and I need a mod to do so.

Sooo... is there a mod like this to help me change that geezer? It's bothersome foe the eye, in my case. I'd prefer the icon/avatar of 'The Cavalry Marshal'.

Thank you!

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