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Topic Subject:N3O Fan Patch
posted 01-28-13 02:25 PM EDT (US)         
Hi all!

I started this project with some clanmates in N3O as merely a Fan Patch, but now it has evolved into a Fan Patch with good single player, LAN and ESO online capabilities.

The main thing people complain about of a Fan Patch is that it separates communites. Granted, it does, if you play online. But we have a dilemma, then, if we have to fight that junky computer player. That's why:

I've added a seriously-overhauled Computer Artificial Intelligence, based on the Draugur AI, which builds civ-specific units (such as humans would for the corresponding civ), ship Cards such as Refrigeration, Royal Mint, Infantry Combat, etc., some civ-specific cards, better economic management with less wood cutters, sometimes the AI builds walls, etc. They also fish boom heavily; but I'm still working on improving them because they are far from perfect. Nonetheless, they are very fun to play against in a 2v2 on a land map; plus you can play Single Player, LAN, and should be able to play Online if your friend also has it installed.

AI development log:

Firstly, this belongs in the General discussion because it is a patch made by players who, although they may not be the best in the game, have at least some experience in both Supremacy, Deathmatch and No rush games.

Secondly, this patch is tested, but not "properly tested" by dozens of supremacy players or whatnot.

Download Link, rating and discussion:

Some of the Playtesters:

- [N3O] Jerom, PR 28+
- [N3O] Sporting_Lisbon (ex PR 32)
- [N3O] murdilator (aka Justus_Pacifica now), ex-PR 27 supremacy, ex-PR 33 Treaty
- [N3O] Lazy_Tuga ex-PR 28 (earlier)

- Some people at home, who played single player with me when I couldn't play online, allowing me to test over 150 games against the Computer player (and I have screenshots from every one of these games, showing the Patch development),

People who brought ideas, either directly or abstractly:

- [N3O] 36Drew, ex-PR 32+
- [N3O] Aaryn_GenD
- [N3O] Joe4Holly
- age3rcm
- [N3O] Bart331 (if he still is in N3O)
- [N3O] etrips888
- Other members of the N3O Clan

- Many random miscellaneous ideas from the ESO community, which never got notice or were ever implemented in other Fan Patches

- People who made Teh Fun Patch
- [Skwiz] D***IT (I saw his suggestion for Grenadiers and tested it out, but later replaced it with something more favourable).
- Goodspeed (gave me critism on the patch)

- Lots of other suggestions from ESO, Age Sanctuary, etc.
- rubric of Nethery_C's AI
- ideas from the Improvement Mod by Mando Rex
- ideas from Napoleonic Era mod
- ideas from The War of the Triple Alliance patch notes

Basically, I, as the coder and one of the main testers, took Age Sanctuary 1.2 Fan Patch (which I hope doesn't offend anyone), fixed the remaining bugs in the game, added some final supremacy balance, fixed Deathmatch Bugs and added some moderate mid-game and No Rush balance. Other balance issues, such as Water Combat, useless and overpriced units were also addressed.

So there you go! This is a sort of our clan "continuation" of FP1.2, since we thought that some civs, such as India, didn't have an easy transition to lategame; nor the Iroquois, that they had an easy lategame either. Other lategame "OP" civs, such as France and Russia, received only slight nerfs. I know not everything is perfect, and that maybe I should have kept some lategame things as they were in Vanilla TAD 1.03, but I hope that this gives anyone who tries it an enjoyable game experience.

However, I will also say that this patch is seriously underrated; in some ways, there may be a thing or two I should change back to the original game, but recently, I have tried to keep the original TAD feel as much as possible. The Patch notes on the Post should also be up to date.



murdilator & the N3O Clan
posted 02-01-13 06:16 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
This stuff rocks

SUNIL IS NUB!!! (227)
posted 02-02-13 02:59 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks Bart! I really hope you can enjoy it as much as I do! I just wished I could have included others better, as I had often failed to do properly.

I'll think about sharing it on moddb and other gamewebsites.

Cheers everyone!
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